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Hi mi amores my name is Alana Rodriguez. Welcome and Bienvenido's to my Fashion Beauty and Life blog. I have always had a curiosity for makeup but grew up a little tomboy. I was a softball player and playing sports was embedded in me by my father at an early age. I didn't even understand the word "fashion" until I hit puberty. Yes puberty! Ill never forget the first time I opened up a fashion magazine and just in awe of how many girly things were out there.Even then I was struggling to find myself and what style I liked. I think we all kind of go through that, and in a way still are. Ever evolving and ever changing.
When I began to love fashion, colors, patterns, and textures I really explored and feel in love. My style started out very girly and matchy matchy. I was the girl who had a pink shirt on with pink shorts and to not go too off the pink white sneakers. But I went through years (and I mean years) of fashion "OMG" and "EWWW" and even "Girl what were you THINKING". 
But once I became a young adult I become more sophisticated and it was all about less is more in my closet. Having staple pieces in my wardrobe rather than just a whole bunch of clothes. 
I am a older sister to two younger sisters and now that I have gotten older I realized the importance of being a role model and inspiring them to Dream. Believe. Be a Good Person. 
I want to do that to you all! I love to inspire, make others smile and feel good about themselves. Thank you for coming on this journey with me and I hope to inspire some of you :) 

SN: Please don't be shy to email me, tweet me, instagram or any other way to contact me. I love to talk and type (lol) to others about everything and anything. :)


Alana Marie 


  1. Nice to meet you Alana ... I have just discovered your blog from the lucky bloggers community !!!!

    1. Hey Kala! Nice to meet you as well doll. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :) xo


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