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Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY Ombre Hair

Hey churlllsss!!!!!! 

I am been wanting to Ombre my hair for over a year now. I just love how it looks and how low maintenance it is. So I toke a dive into doing it myself DIY style baby!!! :)
So after research I decided to try the Loreal Ombre Kit. When I went to pick it up to my suprise it was on sale for $8.99 and it was buy 2 get a $5 Target gift card.... ummm who can pass that up! Not me 
So I picked up two boxes just in case because my hair is thick and long. The kit was very easy to follow and I thought the brush was a great tool to apply the ombre. 

Check out my video on the whole process on my youtube channel as well. :) Video down below....

Before Hair

The Kit I chose was for medium to dark hair 

While my hair was being ombre-fied!!! 

The Results

The kit did not ombre or lighten my hair the way I wanted it but I kind of expected that because of how dark my hair is. It came out to be a reddish caramel color but Im just kind of relieved its not orange. Although it did not work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for others. I actually suggest trying it. In a couple weeks I will try to lighten it again with the Revlon frost and glow kit. 
If you guys have tried to DIY your hair to ombre let me know. I would love to know what you used! 



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  1. That is a really good ombre you did at home. You should be proud.

    You have to keep in mind that when you lighten hair it is always a gradual process. Think about where you are starting from - take a look at a color chart, black, dark brown is the darkest so to go lighter it has to go through the color phases until it reaches the desired lightness (makes sense). For example, when you strip the hair of it's color it goes from the dark to burgundy to red to orange, and so on...
    It's very difficult to go from dark hair to blond in one shot -- your hair would be incredibly damaged. The stripping, or lifting of color has to be done gradually. Another factor to consider is that you're using box color not actual 10 vol or 20 vol bleach.

    I think with situations like these, leave it to the professionals. But if you insist keep in mind that you can actually use another box of the same color and apply it again in a few weeks to keep lightening. But I don't know how that would turn out since you randomly placed the color on your ends so when you reapply it will most likely come out uneven. But it could be worth a try.

    I say keep what you have now. Although subtle it actually looks really good.


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