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Monday, June 24, 2013

Thrift Store Treasures

Happy Monday love bugs :) Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! It was so HOT and beautiful out this weekend I loved it! Also I always get so excited for Sunday nights because True Blood is on. I love the TV series and although I have not read the books (which I heard is way better) I still enjoy the shows and the actors that play each character. I have to say Sookie's brother Jason is one of my favorites. Not only is he handsome but his character cracks me up with his naive southern antics. 

Okay so enough about True Blood LOL I want to talk to you guys about thrift store shopping. I started getting into thrift store shopping about 2 years and I was def one of those girls that was like "eww gross I would never" but my opinion has changed drastically. I find some many cool pieces there and although sometimes its hit or miss when it is HIT it is a HIT!

These awesome dark green high waisted shorts are from a thrift store and its pieces like that when you see them you just have to use your imagination. Right when I saw them I said "score". I already envisioned them with a crop top on. 

Hope you guys enjoy the pics and let me know of any thrift pieces you were lucky enough to find.

Outfit Details:
Shorts- Thrift Store
Belt- Thrift Store
                                Crop Top- H&M ( I like this one better )
         Shoes- Zara <-- Click Here

"Never judge a book or in this case a thrift store treasure by its cover"



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