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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Girl Chat: 50 Shades of Grey Movie

Hello Loves <3

Now this post is strictly spontaneous and definitely meant for some girl chat!! The web is buzzing about the recent news of who has been casted to play both Anastasia and Christian in the film adaptation for 50 Shades of Grey. The news was released yesterday when the book's author E.L. James announced on Twitter that they have casted for Anastasia Actress Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam as the handsome Christian Grey. Not only was the internet going wild (literally) but tons of backlash began pouring in as many people disagreed with the casting. 
Now I am definitely going to put in my two cents on this one. I read all 3 books in the beginning of the year and I was like everyone else hooked and mesmerized by Christian Grey. When I heard there was going to be a movie I had my personal picks on who should play Christian. 

One of my top choices was Matt Bomer. He is not only good looking but his eyes, hair, body, and height to me screamed Mr. Grey.

I also liked actress Lily Collins to play Anastasia. She is young, beautiful and to me looks like Anastasia. She is also a great actress and def my top pick.  But hey they have spoken and frankly we all have to deal with it. 

Meet Christian and Anastasia Ladies and Gents!!!!

Now if I have to be honest I'm not crazy about who they have chosen but its not all that bad if you analyze it. I quickly searched and googled Charlie Hunnam and he is not that bad looking. I think he has potential. Clean him up, a little makeup, put him in a suit and I think he would look rather sexy. Dakota Johnson however I am a ehhhh about not because of her physical appearance but her age. Anastasia in the beginning of the series is 21 and Dakota looks a lot older to me. 
I just really hope these two have some hot and heavy sexual tensions between them because their acting is really going to have to carry this movie to win over these hard core 50 shades fan. I almost feel like Im reliving the Twilight casting announcements all over again. I was definitely not thrilled about Kristen Stewart being Bella. O-o

How do you guys feel about who's been casted for 50 Shades of Grey??! Do you agree or disagree? Let me know your thoughts guys...


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