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Friday, November 22, 2013

Girl Chat: Scandal "Vermont is for Lovers Too"

Lawd Scandal just keeps getting better and better. The last two minutes of that show are literally a roller coaster ride of emotions that usually having me feeling like falling on the floor screaming (Lol).
Alright so let's do a quick recap of tonight's episode: Olivia and her gladiators are trying to crisis manage Josie Marcus campaign. Mama Pope literally pulls a walking dead moment, eats her own flesh and gets put into a high security hospital bed, gets shown news paper clippings of her daughter from Papa Pope and then escapes. Quinn is pretty much in deep s&$% (excuse my french). Fitz summons Olivia, gets her on a helicopter, shows her "their house," they have sex /bless the house (cue the amazing song track at this point). 
Josie Marcus pulls out of the Democratic race because of her sister/daughter failed "water gate"type stunt. Cyrus manipulates his husband to "interview" (blackmail) the Vice President Sally's husband. 
And to wrap it all up with a big white bow Olivia's mom is hiding in a dark corner, calls Olivia name and mother and daughter are met face to face. The end. 
Wheeewwww!! Just writing this is exhilarating. The preview for the mid season finale looks so good that I can't even deal. So kids what did we learn from tonight's episode: We learned that in order to get your way you need to try a little tenderness to temporarily get your way. ;) 
Now we have to wait 2 weeks for the next episode and I might need some Pope red wine to get through it. Lol.

So what did you guys think of the episode? You ready for the mid season finale? Let me know if you like these Girl Chat post? I feel like they come random but it feels organic when its something that Im passionate or literally have to type about :) lol. 



  1. I loved it! I had to walk out of the room during that "Walking Dead" moment though. Gross!

    1. LOL me too I was covering my eyes and then peeking and screaming NOOOO!!!!

  2. That episode left me with chills and tears in my eyes! The tears weren't out of sadness but pure shock and excitement. First off, I knew Huck knew it was Quinn who killed the security guy, I was just waiting for him to comfront her. Second, Syrus had what he got coming for quite some time. The whole time his husband is trying to make them a happy family, Syrus was being underhanded and sneaky and to use your own spouse as a pawn to sabotage someone else is low! Third, I can't wait for more of the story line on Olivia's mom to unfold. And fourth, I can do without the steamy love scenes with Olivia and Fitz, the show has evolved passed it and I roll my eyes whenever I see her with that distraught miserable look on her face. Can't we just focus on all the other apsect of this incredibly juicy plot and pant over Olivia's incredible wardrobe?!

    1. I totally agree with you girl. Cyrus def at his coming and I did not feel sorry for him. I am so curious to see what will happen with Huck and Quinn. Is he really going to murder her? and Olivia Mom storyline is the best yet!!! I can't wait til that unfolds. As for Miss Pope wardrobe I mean can I have all her coats, handbags and shoes please!!! She is so damn chic!

    2. I think that Olivia will have her mom stay in the house Fitz built for them. That just came to me! I don't think Huck is going to murder Quinn but I definitley think he'll mess with her head some lol.

    3. OMG that would be crazy if Fitz did that!! LOL and yeah I agree with you with Quinn. I can't see Huck murdering her!!! But I am counting down the days girl <3


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