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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Its a New Year and one of my New Years Resolutions was to make a New Youtube channel. To give you a little back story on this I made my first original youtube channel in 2008. When I created my page I had no intentions on making videos at all. So I opened my page with the name: rocsfinestmami2. (I know your probably throwing me some shade) That name was my instant messenger name at the time and I always used it. 
When I started making videos instead of making a new channel like a smart person would I used my rocsfinestmami2 page and started uploading videos. After a while I was beginning to feel embarrassed by the name and I would tell myself to make a new page but I just never could commit. 
Well this year I did it!!! My new Youtube url name is: 

However my display name is AlanaMarieBeauty. I might change that I don't know yet. I might just make it my name: Alana Marie. I hope you follow me on my channel and SUBSCRIBE :) I have so many videos and DIYs that I am doing this year I think you all will enjoy. 

Thank you like always . I love you dolls :) 


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