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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Christmas tree tassel Tutorial


"When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy."🎄
Matthew 2:10 
Hello friends! Happy December! 

I wanted to share on here some fun festive crafts that I have been creating this Christmas season for not only just my home but making some to share with others. Lately I really been into the neutral and nostalgic look of Christmas decor. I love dainty items that feel warm and cozy. 
These little Christmas tree garlands are just the cutest. They are unique and would love great in your kiddo's room or any area in your home. 

I hope you enjoy this quick tutorial to make these at home for your family. If you aren't into making them but would like to purchase them follow me on my Instagram and send me a dm. I am selling a couple for those interested this holiday season. 

Hoping to open an ETSY shop soon! AHHHH! I am so nervous even typing it! 

Alright let's get to the tutorial!


  • green yarn (can be found at Hobby Lobby/Michael's/Walmart)
  • Leftover cardboard
  • fabric scissors
  • needle
  • hot glue gun / glue sticks
  • white pom poms (found mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • wooden stars (found a big pack via Amazon)
  • jute twine or any string of choice to hang your garland
Note: It takes 3 parts to make 1 tree. So before you start cut your twine to your desired length and decide how many Christmas tree you want and then multiply that number by 3. This will tell you how many tassels you will need to make for your garland. 
For example: I decided to make my garland with 7 Christmas trees so I had to make 21 tassels.
Warning when you see this number you first reaction might be to freak and not even attempt to do this project! I speak this from experience! HA! However it happens so quickly that you don't even notice how many you made until you finish. It is a easy and quick process. 
Tassel Instructions:
1.  With your leftover cardboard, you are going to cut out a 2x2 inch square. It doesn't have to be perfect but cut it around that measurement. If you want longer Christmas trees then you would make the cut size larger. 

2. At one end of the cardboard you want to make two small slits. This will help you keep in place your yarn as you are wrapping it around the cardboard.

3. Cut two 3-4 inch pieces of yarn. Take one of the pieces and line it up along the top edge of the square (the opposite end of where you made your slits).
4. Take your yarn and secure the end into your left cardboard slot. 
5. Hold the 4 inch piece of yarn long the top edge of the cardboard and start wrapping the rest of the yarn around the back and front of the cardboard. I wrapped mine around 15 times. You can do it 10,15, or even 20 times. It depends on your desired thickness and your yarn of choice. 
6. Use this first attempt as your test to see how many times you want to wrap around your cardboard and write it down if needed.
7. When you are done wrapping the secure the yarn in the right cardboard slit and cut. 
8. Double knot the 4 inch piece of yarn on top very tightly.
9. Cut the wrapped strings on the opposite side and then remove the secured ends from their slits. 
10. To hide your knot you will flip the tassel so that the top bends in the opposite direction and with your last piece of yarn. use it to tie a double knot to create what will look like a little head. 
11. Turn the tassel over and trim the ends for a clean look. 
Note: For the top head of my tassels I leave the top knot showing. But you dont have to do that. Its just a look that I prefer. 
Repeat these steps and you will have completed your trees. 

Garland Instructions:
1. Separate all your tassels into sets of threes. 

2. Fill your middle tassel upside down and flatten the yarn. Add some hot glue to the center of the inside and attach it the head of the bottom tassel. Adjust the yarn so that it hides the head of the bottom tassel.

3. Then do the same step to the top tassel to the middle tassel's head.

4. Once all your trees are glued together now is the fun decorating part. I like to add white pom poms to my trees. Each one I added about 7-8 pom poms. Use your hot glue to add each pom pom to your tree.

5. Then to top the tree I used wooden stars that you can find in Hobby Lobby (10 pack) or you can buy a larger pack via Amazon.

6. Once your done decorating, take your needle and thread your twine through it. 
Note: You can add wood beads in between each tree if you like that look. 

7. Use your needle and put it through the top head of your Christmas tree and thread it to your desired spot on your twine. 

Repeat this step until your garland is complete.

Viola! I hope you love the garland! 

If you want to see this tutorial check out my Pinterest page for a quick video. 



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