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Thursday, April 8, 2021

My Simple and Minimal Cleaning Routine + Products

  *This post has been sponsored by ®Art of Green. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 
 I like to keep my lifestyle minimal and simple and the same goes for my cleaning supplies. Like I mentioned in my previous post, my kitchen is small so I have to preserve cabinet space and it will not go to an overflow of cleaning supplies. 
 In this post I want to share some of my cleaning supplies and how I incorporate them to my daily cleaning routine. 

 Here are some of supplies: 
  • Art of Green multipurpose cleaning spray - I truly do love an all purpose cleaner. I like to be able to use one product if possible in as many areas as I can. I can use this spray on my kitchen countertop, my stove top, sink area, floor, and refrigerator. It makes the process of cleaning so easy because all I do is grab my spray, my cleaning cloths, and start cleaning. It also smells nice! The spray is infused with a plant based scent of citrus and white flowers. Art of Green cleaning wipes - I love these wipes for really getting into nooks and small places. I like to use these for cleaning inside of drawers, fridge trays and drawers, shelves, floors, surface areas and more. They are great for a quick wipe down. 
  • Cleaning towels - I am frugal at the moment okay! So I love Dollar Tree microfiber cleaning towels. I use these towels for everything; windows, counters, tables, floors,toilets, glass you name it! I use separate towels for each room so I am not passing dirt and grime around to other areas! 
  • Rubber gloves - Due to the amount of washing my hands and sanitizing hands and surface areas because of the pandemic my hands have taken a beating and they feel rough and dry. I now incorporate rubber gloves into my routine to keep my hands protected. I like to buy them from the Dollar Tree as well! 
  • Vacuum - With a one year old running around crumbs are inevitable I have learned. I vacuum every other day in our living room rug because it's a light color and crumbs are very visible on it. I also use this to clean baseboards, couch, and our floors. 
 I try to stay on top of cleaning our home but also keeping it simple and quick. I don't want to spend too much time doing it but I like to get it done. My advice is to find multi purpose cleaning products to make your routine simple and efficient. 
Check out and learn more about The Art of Green products here: 
You can also use the following link as a store locator: CLICK HERE


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Spring Cleaning with eco friendly and safe products around my toddler


*This post has been sponsored by ®Art Of Green. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Hello Spring! Hola Primavera! 


Since having our first baby and buying our first home, my mission in this season: living simply and intentionally. I look forward to many things during the spring months:

  • longer days
  • blooms blossoming
  • opening the windows and feel the cool spring air 
  • spring cleaning the house

 There's nothing like cleaning our home with the windows open and feeling the spring breeze entering our homes. Finally a little bit of the outside is coming in! 

For me spring deep cleaning usually involves:  

  • carpets
  • blinds
  • window treatment
  • wipe down walls
  • fridge and oven


 To avoid being overwhelmed with all the spring deep cleaning I like to stay on top of my daily routine. The kitchen is the most used room in our home and probably in most people's homes. I cook for my family three times a day so we got a lot of foot traffic and messes happening in this one small space. 


I have a small kitchen so I don't like to pile up tons of cleaning products.I prefer products that are nonfunctional (they do all the things!). Since the kitchen is my number one room I love the ®Art of Green multipurpose cleaner spray. It is tough on dirt, grease and grime. I feel secure using it around my toddler because its ingredients are 98% naturally derived, non-toxic, and its free of parabens, phtalates, glycol solvents, artificial colors or phosphates.

I like my kitchen counter cleaned, dished cleaned and put away either in dishwasher or cabinets, toys picked up off the floor and kitchen floors swept.

I do this because when I wake up early in the morning I want to have some time to myself and I don't want to have to clean up a dirty kitchen from the night before. It just doesn't start my day right for me. 


Here is a run down of my home making routine once our little one goes down for the day:

  • I quickly head the kitchen to clean up
  • I first start with my counter tops. They get a lot of small crumbs on them from eating over them and cutting up food. I use the Art of Green spray with a damp cloth to wipe down the counter tops.
  • Then I wipe down the stove and after that clean all the food stains from our kitchen table
  • After dishes are done I use the Art of Green spray for one final wipe down around the faucet and fridge handle.

 In writing it may sound like a lot but I have it down to a quick 5-10 minute routine. To make this routine more enjoyable are the smells of the Art of Green spray while using it. It is infused with a plant based scent of citrus and white flowers. It is enjoyable every time I use it to end my day. 


What room/item in your home are you most excited about spring cleaning?


Check out and learn more about the Art of Green products here:
You can also use the following link as a store locator:



Thursday, March 4, 2021

DIY House Shelf


"Make it your goal to live a quiet life, 
minding your own business and
working with your hands, just as we
instructed you before. Then people
who are not believers will respect the
way you live, and you will not need to
depend on others."
1 Thessalonians 4:11-12 (NLT)

One room that has brought my heart so much joy to bring to life in our new home is my son's. In my creative mind I wanted the room to be both playful and peaceful. The right paint color can give a room a specific mood or feeling. I knew I wanted some sort of shade of green so we had a few different choices from Sherwin Williams and the one that one both in my mind and on Instagram (thank you everyone that voted!) was the color Coastal Plain. This happy neutral color made the room feel youthful and cozy. 

Once the paint was complete I was looking online for toy organization furniture. I wanted it to be of wood material and look minimal. Every piece that I liked cost way too much money! We are on a budget and that type of furniture was not worth an investment. After weeks of not finding anything I came across a blog post that had a house shelf in a playroom and right there I saw what I wanted! 

Once my mind is set on something.... I have to get it done and so we began measuring and sketching out our measurements for our house shelf! 
Because of where we wanted to place the shelf our measurements were the following:
4 ft tall (not including roof) / 30 " wide / 16" depth (shelves) 

After we finalized our measurements it was time to pick up our materials:
1. 2 x 2 x 8 lumber  (8-9 pieces of wood) (click here for reference)
2. 4 pieces of plywood for the shelves 
3. miter saw, table saw, nail gun, wood glue, drill, pocket jig, pocket hole screws, sander

If you want to see footage of our progress and how we put the shelves together, head on over to my Instagram page and click on the highlight "House Shelf." 

My husband and I just figured it out section by section. It is not a beginner's project I will add that disclaimer. I am a beginner and I needed his help on the pocket screw portion of the project. 
The shelves were the trickiest part. You can could the shelf to the measurements of the frame and place them on top of your frame and nail down. I personally wanted the shelf to nailed to the frame not on top but inside of it (if that makes sense). 
A great reference to this project is one that we found online and used it as a guide to sketch out ours is by The Ever Co (here). We didn't use their exact measurements, because our space is smaller, but again it was a great guide to start out your plans.

If you have questions please feel free to comment below :)


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Ways to steward all things for busy Moms

Attempting to steward all things well in 2021....

We as women live such full lives! 

We manage the day to day tasks, up keep and set the tone in our home, nurture and care for our children, a partner and encourager to our spouse, work hard outside the home either starting or running a business or in a career, planning investments and managing finances for the future of our family and there's so much more… am I right ladies?!!!

And as we individually enter different seasons of our life we have to see and recognize that certain ones will have its limitations. Productivity may look different. Old ways of getting things done no longer serve you well. But all seasons can still be beautiful in its own way. 

I want to create a space this year for women who are searching to create a legacy of starting a business and being a homemaker. 

We can incorporate our passions into our family life with a little bit of flexibility and some creativity.

Be mindful that to pursue our passions and experience success doesn’t have to be defined as you need to go hard, increase ambition, sell more, create more, push harder, build higher, rest less... 

I was reminded this week that It all belongs to God because life is a gift. Everything you got going on... you got this mama! Why? Because He already wrote your story!!! 

He has equipped you with the skills and the ability required to steward all things of God!


Before I give you some practical tips lets answer what is the definition of stewardship. 


It means to manage something on someone's behalf. The word "steward" is rooted in the Greek word "oikonomos", which means "the manager of a household."

Here are some practical ways to steward your everyday life: 

Recognize what season you are in. This will define for us what limitations are in this season.


Use your time well. Time is a resource and should be spent wisely and purposefully. Well spent time is best spent when we invest into things that have eternal impact on ourselves and others. What you are investing your time in will determine whether or not you reap a good or bad harvest.


 Planning. Planning makes a huge difference in making your current situation work for you and your family’s needs. This includes: weekly meal prep, blocking out time in your day for tasks, maintaining a manageable morning routine, and clocking out of work/social media etc for family time. 

Be present. If you are at the office be present. If your home with the kids be present. If you are on date night with your spouse be present. This provides balance and prevents feeling overwhelmed. 


Bless others. If we are stewarding all things well, then we are in a position to help and give back to others. God calls us to be cheerful givers, to give back to those in need. So when we can let's give back to not only our church but also others. If you aren't sure where to begin or to who, seek the Lord's counsel.

This is a loving reminder to myself and you mama that you and I can steward ALL THE THINGS and ITS OKAY if it looks a little different and slower paced than others because we aren’t choosing between our home + passions. 


Thursday, December 31, 2020

Living a minimal(ish) lifestyle

Living a minimalist lifestyle


Since becoming a mom and owning our first home I am all about balance. Its necessary for me to avoid feeling overwhelmed and chaotic. 

When I first looked up how to live a minimalist lifestyle I was completely overwhelmed. Some true minimalist have truly stripped away a lot of materialistic objects in their life and just possess what they feel they need. 

I personally didn't want to go alllll the way there. I was just searching for living with less and implementing productivity in my day to day. I wanted to adopt this different lifestyle because I don't want my stress of having to clean up and have a tidy home take me away from being present with my son. Sometimes when we get overwhelmed with picking up toys, cleaning dishes, feeling anxious to live up to the high standard of being good stewards to our home, can paint a picture to our loved ones that they are the problem.

This comes from my upbringing. My mother takes stewarding her house with great pride and mission. Her home has to be tidy all day. Floors cleaned and mopped. Rugs vacuumed. Blinds and furniture dusted. Laundry completed and bathroom cleaned. However her concentration on these things did take her attention away from being present in her home. She was made to raise her siblings at a young age so I know this role was ingrained in her at a very young age. 

Once we bought our home this year, I set out what my intentions will be in our home. I initially started to set out with the same to do lists of maintaining a clean home, keeping the baby away from certain furniture etc and I noticed that this was not the healthiest perspective. 

Minimalism started with a shift in my perspective. 

I first asked myself what is it that is overwhelming me? This can be a lot of things and even external things. Is it your schedule? Your work life? Your home? Clutter? 

Gratitude is the theme of it all. 


Leaning into this so that my eyes can see what is already in front of me. I want to make space for what really matters. 

What really matters? This is a great question to ask ourselves. What matters and do I really need this item? Is this action bringing out the worst in me? Are these things taking too much of my time and taking me away from what brings me joy?

Sometimes the more you have, the more it takes up your time. If your kids have a lot of toys, when cleaning it up, is it taking a lot of your time and causing you to lash out?

I want to be proactive rather than reactive.

Practical ways to implement minimalism(ish) in our home:


1. De-clutter (This is with physical clutter)

  •  Start somewhere simple or small to not overwhelm yourself. Try a junk drawer and ask yourself: how often do I use this item? Is it frequently? Is it taking up too much space? This will help you evaluate whether you will keep it or toss it. 

  • Is this item meaningful to you? Does it bring joy (like Marie Kondo says)

  • Do you plan to use this in the near future? With the key in mind, does your home have the space to store it?


2. Block out time to dispose of your stuff

  • Perfectionism and procrastination can self deprecate all your efforts and this process. It will convince you to delay finalizing your efforts and the next thing you know you have garbage bags upon bags of stuff to get rid of sitting in your garage, basement, attic, closet etc.

  • Go on Google Calendar, ical, or your planner and block out time in your day or week to plan out how to donate your items.

  • Part of the planning process is researching where to take it. Make sure to make time for this step and write it all down so you can have a plan of action! This will help with your motivation to get this  done. 

3. Make room for the things that matter 

  • Once you de-clutter your home it's very tempting to want to buy more to fill the fresh new open space again. Part of this lifestyle is quality over quantity. 

  • When I am looking to decorate our home, I look for items that:

- Will last for many years

- Can be multi-functional

- Is it necessary for our home


Remember this process is not to overwhelm you. If you start to feel overwhelmed take a pause and re-evaluate your why. Why are you doing this? Who or whom are you doing it for?

Ask yourself: What do I want in life? What am I creating space for? What values do I want in my home?

Give yourself grace.

This can be a long process and you are capable of amiga! 


Monday, December 21, 2020


Here we are, the week of Christmas. I have had mixed feelings when I think of Christmas this year. Some days I lack on loving this Christmas. This Christmas. I have placed an specific, glamorous identity onto Christmas based on my experiences and desires. The thought of dismantling it, is sad. 
And friends, this week take time to feel. It matters. Jesus says come to me all that are weary and its been that kind of year right?! Where we are vulnerable, tired, at our weakest point it is there in that space that Jesus is longing to comfort us. It is where we find Him. 
It happened for me. This year I had my first child and experienced postpartum. Emotionally and hormonally I was all over the place. When sadness overwhelmed me I couldn't defeat it. When anxiety stirred up I couldn't shake it. While I was slowly working on improving my mental health, COVID lock downs began and I felt like I was thrown back again. I was scared, anxious, paranoid, distrusting, and consumed with protecting my family members. When my mental health started to effect my physical health is when I received my intervention. I called to Jesus. I gave Him all my worries and concerns. I prayed to Him. I told Him that I will do my part to be responsible and vigilant but my worries I bring to Him and ask Him to cover us. I gave Him control. 
As the days went by I slowly did less and let go of trying to aggressively control the situation. As long as we do our best, God's got the rest. As corny as that sounds, it brought my mind so much peace. I felt the Spirit shift my focus back to nurturing my spirit. Fruit was beginning to blossom from this root of nurturing; patience, kindness, peace and self control. 

We are entering a week of longing for a big, grand and traditional Christmas. And yes I feel you friends. I do have moments of missing my family. Past Christmases. Thoughts of what could this Christmas could of looked like.... Jesus won't condemn you for feeling these things. However like I do with myself, don't allow those thoughts to negatively consume you.

Let's together step into loving this Christmas. 
Love as a noun is defined as an intense feeling or deep affection, a great interest and pleasure in something. On Christmas day entered into the world the Savior was born in Bethlehem, in the city of David. Why did God give the world his one and only son? Love.
God so loved the world. US.

So as all of our Christmas traditions, festivities, shopping, travels, and general doing has been stripped from many of us let's settle into love. Love comes in many tangible forms. Showing gratitude for what we still have. Displaying affection to the family members and people right in front of us. To take a quiet moment and sit in God's presence to feel His love. Shift our focus from crossing off our To Do lists and focusing on enjoying this season.

I've learned that it is not healthy for me to focus on what I do not have and/or can not have. It stirs up resentment, jealousy and depressive thoughts. Instead I want to focus on the gifts that are all around me and how God has shown me love throughout my life and this year. 

The Christmas story is an act of love from our Father. It is a celebration and we all love to celebrate it. But its an act of love planned out and put into action by our Father to redeem us and give us the gift of eternal life! Thank you Jesus! 

I pray my friends that this post blesses your heart. I pray that it was comforting and helpful to anyone that is having a hard time preparing for Christmas this week. I am with you. I hope that this approach this Christmas season settles your anxious hearts a bit and provides a sliver of hope for you to implement into your day to day this week.


Monday, December 14, 2020

Preparing our Homes this Christmas - Finding Joy


 Last post we talked about preparing our hearts for the Christmas season. This week I want to touch on preparing our homes. This year many of us will be celebrating Christmas in our homes in a quieter setting and less family members. 

This moment will be a time that we will look back on. I've been thinking about this and intentionally including this thought as I am prepping for Christmas. 

When I look back at this year's Christmas, what do I want to feel? 

This week as I prepare a holiday meal plan and some DIY Christmas gifts for family and friends, I want to be intentionally in these decisions. 

 What are my intentions for Christmas this year? 

For me is JOY. 

I want joy to fill our home and hearts. I want to look back and remember that with little or less than we leaned into joyful celebration for the birth of Christ. I will miss some wonderful family traditions and celebration however I want to push through and look forward to new traditions and finding joy in new and simplier Christmas elements such as DIY decorations, homemade Christmas gifts, enjoying seasonal treats and savoring less hectic moments.

Do It Yourself Decorations

I have been enjoying the creativity and money saving elements of DIY decorating. My eyes have been opened from seeing such inventive and earthy ideas of how to decorate your home using natural elements. 

I asked my mother to bring me a bunch of pine cones that are near her job and have used them all around my home for winter decor. You can take cedar or spruce that you either have in your backyard or a nearby park and incorporate them in your home. If you live in a city where parks are not an option, places like Trader Joe's has beautiful bundles of fresh greenery for an affordable price.

One new decor idea I got last week from Pinterest is using dried oranges and tying them as garland! It adds a pop of color to your home. I am so looking forward to giving this a try this week and adding it to our fireplace. 

Pictured here: The two tree stocking holders were repurposed from thrifting. Both were .99 cents!


DIY snow globe from faux trees found at Dollar Tree and an old glass jar I already had. 

Home made Christmas gifts 

My immediate family has grown so much the past year, lots of nephews so us adults have decided to just focus on gifts for the kids. I do however want to gift them with a simple yet personalized gift. So I am having fun planning out home made items for each of them. Its not luxurious or glamorous but I think edible gifts are perfect for anyone! It adds a personal touch to your gift and may find special. 


Here are some ideas:

- Home made candle
- hand made soap
- dessert baking jar + recipe
- assorted Christmas cookies
- homemade granola or nut butter
- if your Latino, a beautiful bottle of coquito! 
 Seasonal Treats 
The smell of Christmas baking brings me so much joy. The aromas of sugar cookies, ginger bread and hot chocolate makes me smile and warms my heart. There is a joy and calm that comes with baking. Baking a is a wonderful way to share food and relive memorable traditions with alive and deceased loved ones.
You can begin your baking early and freeze your dough! I know! I just learned that this was possible. You can store the dough in the freezer as dough balls ready to bake or in a small batch container. 

Bringing Joy to Others
There will be many lonely and in need this Christmas in our local communities. Let our hearts turn towards gratitude and serving others. Many have endured loss, change and financial burdens and are looking for a light of hope. Let's be that thrill of hope for others. 
Check with your local church for volunteers needed or food/clothing drop offs
Find a local toys for tots drop off location or donate online here 
Adopt a local family through your local organizations/non profits
Donate food or your time at your local food banks
Give a charitable donation to a local organizations
Deliver a Christmas meal to someone who you know is alone or in need
“At this Christmas when Christ comes, will He find a warm heart? Mark the season of Advent by loving and serving the others with God’s own love and concern.”
Mother Teresa




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