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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Living a minimal(ish) lifestyle

Living a minimalist lifestyle


Since becoming a mom and owning our first home I am all about balance. Its necessary for me to avoid feeling overwhelmed and chaotic. 

When I first looked up how to live a minimalist lifestyle I was completely overwhelmed. Some true minimalist have truly stripped away a lot of materialistic objects in their life and just possess what they feel they need. 

I personally didn't want to go alllll the way there. I was just searching for living with less and implementing productivity in my day to day. I wanted to adopt this different lifestyle because I don't want my stress of having to clean up and have a tidy home take me away from being present with my son. Sometimes when we get overwhelmed with picking up toys, cleaning dishes, feeling anxious to live up to the high standard of being good stewards to our home, can paint a picture to our loved ones that they are the problem.

This comes from my upbringing. My mother takes stewarding her house with great pride and mission. Her home has to be tidy all day. Floors cleaned and mopped. Rugs vacuumed. Blinds and furniture dusted. Laundry completed and bathroom cleaned. However her concentration on these things did take her attention away from being present in her home. She was made to raise her siblings at a young age so I know this role was ingrained in her at a very young age. 

Once we bought our home this year, I set out what my intentions will be in our home. I initially started to set out with the same to do lists of maintaining a clean home, keeping the baby away from certain furniture etc and I noticed that this was not the healthiest perspective. 

Minimalism started with a shift in my perspective. 

I first asked myself what is it that is overwhelming me? This can be a lot of things and even external things. Is it your schedule? Your work life? Your home? Clutter? 

Gratitude is the theme of it all. 


Leaning into this so that my eyes can see what is already in front of me. I want to make space for what really matters. 

What really matters? This is a great question to ask ourselves. What matters and do I really need this item? Is this action bringing out the worst in me? Are these things taking too much of my time and taking me away from what brings me joy?

Sometimes the more you have, the more it takes up your time. If your kids have a lot of toys, when cleaning it up, is it taking a lot of your time and causing you to lash out?

I want to be proactive rather than reactive.

Practical ways to implement minimalism(ish) in our home:


1. De-clutter (This is with physical clutter)

  •  Start somewhere simple or small to not overwhelm yourself. Try a junk drawer and ask yourself: how often do I use this item? Is it frequently? Is it taking up too much space? This will help you evaluate whether you will keep it or toss it. 

  • Is this item meaningful to you? Does it bring joy (like Marie Kondo says)

  • Do you plan to use this in the near future? With the key in mind, does your home have the space to store it?


2. Block out time to dispose of your stuff

  • Perfectionism and procrastination can self deprecate all your efforts and this process. It will convince you to delay finalizing your efforts and the next thing you know you have garbage bags upon bags of stuff to get rid of sitting in your garage, basement, attic, closet etc.

  • Go on Google Calendar, ical, or your planner and block out time in your day or week to plan out how to donate your items.

  • Part of the planning process is researching where to take it. Make sure to make time for this step and write it all down so you can have a plan of action! This will help with your motivation to get this  done. 

3. Make room for the things that matter 

  • Once you de-clutter your home it's very tempting to want to buy more to fill the fresh new open space again. Part of this lifestyle is quality over quantity. 

  • When I am looking to decorate our home, I look for items that:

- Will last for many years

- Can be multi-functional

- Is it necessary for our home


Remember this process is not to overwhelm you. If you start to feel overwhelmed take a pause and re-evaluate your why. Why are you doing this? Who or whom are you doing it for?

Ask yourself: What do I want in life? What am I creating space for? What values do I want in my home?

Give yourself grace.

This can be a long process and you are capable of amiga! 


Monday, December 21, 2020


Here we are, the week of Christmas. I have had mixed feelings when I think of Christmas this year. Some days I lack on loving this Christmas. This Christmas. I have placed an specific, glamorous identity onto Christmas based on my experiences and desires. The thought of dismantling it, is sad. 
And friends, this week take time to feel. It matters. Jesus says come to me all that are weary and its been that kind of year right?! Where we are vulnerable, tired, at our weakest point it is there in that space that Jesus is longing to comfort us. It is where we find Him. 
It happened for me. This year I had my first child and experienced postpartum. Emotionally and hormonally I was all over the place. When sadness overwhelmed me I couldn't defeat it. When anxiety stirred up I couldn't shake it. While I was slowly working on improving my mental health, COVID lock downs began and I felt like I was thrown back again. I was scared, anxious, paranoid, distrusting, and consumed with protecting my family members. When my mental health started to effect my physical health is when I received my intervention. I called to Jesus. I gave Him all my worries and concerns. I prayed to Him. I told Him that I will do my part to be responsible and vigilant but my worries I bring to Him and ask Him to cover us. I gave Him control. 
As the days went by I slowly did less and let go of trying to aggressively control the situation. As long as we do our best, God's got the rest. As corny as that sounds, it brought my mind so much peace. I felt the Spirit shift my focus back to nurturing my spirit. Fruit was beginning to blossom from this root of nurturing; patience, kindness, peace and self control. 

We are entering a week of longing for a big, grand and traditional Christmas. And yes I feel you friends. I do have moments of missing my family. Past Christmases. Thoughts of what could this Christmas could of looked like.... Jesus won't condemn you for feeling these things. However like I do with myself, don't allow those thoughts to negatively consume you.

Let's together step into loving this Christmas. 
Love as a noun is defined as an intense feeling or deep affection, a great interest and pleasure in something. On Christmas day entered into the world the Savior was born in Bethlehem, in the city of David. Why did God give the world his one and only son? Love.
God so loved the world. US.

So as all of our Christmas traditions, festivities, shopping, travels, and general doing has been stripped from many of us let's settle into love. Love comes in many tangible forms. Showing gratitude for what we still have. Displaying affection to the family members and people right in front of us. To take a quiet moment and sit in God's presence to feel His love. Shift our focus from crossing off our To Do lists and focusing on enjoying this season.

I've learned that it is not healthy for me to focus on what I do not have and/or can not have. It stirs up resentment, jealousy and depressive thoughts. Instead I want to focus on the gifts that are all around me and how God has shown me love throughout my life and this year. 

The Christmas story is an act of love from our Father. It is a celebration and we all love to celebrate it. But its an act of love planned out and put into action by our Father to redeem us and give us the gift of eternal life! Thank you Jesus! 

I pray my friends that this post blesses your heart. I pray that it was comforting and helpful to anyone that is having a hard time preparing for Christmas this week. I am with you. I hope that this approach this Christmas season settles your anxious hearts a bit and provides a sliver of hope for you to implement into your day to day this week.


Monday, December 14, 2020

Preparing our Homes this Christmas - Finding Joy


 Last post we talked about preparing our hearts for the Christmas season. This week I want to touch on preparing our homes. This year many of us will be celebrating Christmas in our homes in a quieter setting and less family members. 

This moment will be a time that we will look back on. I've been thinking about this and intentionally including this thought as I am prepping for Christmas. 

When I look back at this year's Christmas, what do I want to feel? 

This week as I prepare a holiday meal plan and some DIY Christmas gifts for family and friends, I want to be intentionally in these decisions. 

 What are my intentions for Christmas this year? 

For me is JOY. 

I want joy to fill our home and hearts. I want to look back and remember that with little or less than we leaned into joyful celebration for the birth of Christ. I will miss some wonderful family traditions and celebration however I want to push through and look forward to new traditions and finding joy in new and simplier Christmas elements such as DIY decorations, homemade Christmas gifts, enjoying seasonal treats and savoring less hectic moments.

Do It Yourself Decorations

I have been enjoying the creativity and money saving elements of DIY decorating. My eyes have been opened from seeing such inventive and earthy ideas of how to decorate your home using natural elements. 

I asked my mother to bring me a bunch of pine cones that are near her job and have used them all around my home for winter decor. You can take cedar or spruce that you either have in your backyard or a nearby park and incorporate them in your home. If you live in a city where parks are not an option, places like Trader Joe's has beautiful bundles of fresh greenery for an affordable price.

One new decor idea I got last week from Pinterest is using dried oranges and tying them as garland! It adds a pop of color to your home. I am so looking forward to giving this a try this week and adding it to our fireplace. 

Pictured here: The two tree stocking holders were repurposed from thrifting. Both were .99 cents!


DIY snow globe from faux trees found at Dollar Tree and an old glass jar I already had. 

Home made Christmas gifts 

My immediate family has grown so much the past year, lots of nephews so us adults have decided to just focus on gifts for the kids. I do however want to gift them with a simple yet personalized gift. So I am having fun planning out home made items for each of them. Its not luxurious or glamorous but I think edible gifts are perfect for anyone! It adds a personal touch to your gift and may find special. 


Here are some ideas:

- Home made candle
- hand made soap
- dessert baking jar + recipe
- assorted Christmas cookies
- homemade granola or nut butter
- if your Latino, a beautiful bottle of coquito! 
 Seasonal Treats 
The smell of Christmas baking brings me so much joy. The aromas of sugar cookies, ginger bread and hot chocolate makes me smile and warms my heart. There is a joy and calm that comes with baking. Baking a is a wonderful way to share food and relive memorable traditions with alive and deceased loved ones.
You can begin your baking early and freeze your dough! I know! I just learned that this was possible. You can store the dough in the freezer as dough balls ready to bake or in a small batch container. 

Bringing Joy to Others
There will be many lonely and in need this Christmas in our local communities. Let our hearts turn towards gratitude and serving others. Many have endured loss, change and financial burdens and are looking for a light of hope. Let's be that thrill of hope for others. 
Check with your local church for volunteers needed or food/clothing drop offs
Find a local toys for tots drop off location or donate online here 
Adopt a local family through your local organizations/non profits
Donate food or your time at your local food banks
Give a charitable donation to a local organizations
Deliver a Christmas meal to someone who you know is alone or in need
“At this Christmas when Christ comes, will He find a warm heart? Mark the season of Advent by loving and serving the others with God’s own love and concern.”
Mother Teresa





Monday, December 7, 2020



For the past two years my husband and I changed our financial lifestyles. We scaled back on excessive buying, planned and maintained spending limits, kept track of our spending habits and created an financial roadmap to hit our goal to buy our first home! 

Since implementing these changes I started to slowly enjoy living a more minimalist lifestyle. Seeing our debt disappear, money rising in our savings account and realizing all that we accomplished on a tight budget was motivating for both of us. It toke planning and most importantly discipline! 

This Christmas, as excited as we are to celebrate our first Christmas in a new home ever(!) I wanted to make sure we continue our good financial habits and don't go overboard on spending. With Covid cases rising in our state, the future is uncertain and I want to plan for an unexpected circumstances.

So for Christmas this year I have found some ways to save money but also to scale back and still enjoy the holidays my way! The great thing about this post is that you can use these tips all year round guys as well!


1. Cut out cable. Ya'll just let it go! Its so expensive. Last year we cut out cable and each month we were spending over $100 and we barely watched TV. Most of us enjoy Netflix more or any other subscription more which are a lot more affordable. We didn't need that crazy bill and annually we saved over $1200.

2. Sell unused personal items online. I have earned some moneyyy from selling a lot of items that I had stored away and wasn't using for years. Believe it or not friends, selling some stuff here and there can slowly add up to a decent amount of cash! All you got to do is snatch a picture of your item, type a description and post it online. I like to use Poshmark for my fashion pieces and FB marketplace for home decor and furniture items.

3. Cancel subscriptions. There are subscriptions services in almost every niche out there. If you aren't vigilant to your checking account purchases you can be spending a lot of money on recurring subscriptions that you either aren't using or weren't aware of. If your like me you signed up for something for a trial period that was FREE and then forget to cancel it before it ended and are paying an annual fee that you totally forget! This has happened to me with Audible. Now I love books and listening to them its such an amazing invention but it get expensive. So now I use Libby. It is an app where I get free e-books and audible books via my local libraries.

4. Make your coffee at home. I have gotten a lot better at making coffee at home and I truly enjoy it so much now. Starbucks alone costs about $5 a latte (more if you need diary free milk!). If you grab coffee everyday for work you could be spending $25 a week = $1300 a year! When I realized on my spending habits tracker how much I spent last year on buying coffee out I decided to use the equipment I had at home and make it here. I pinned tons of recipes on Pinterest to make it fun and try some yummy flavors. In time I got pretty good at making yummy coffee at home.

5. Use cash back apps. I just joined apps like Rakuten this year and I love seeing the cash back I am getting on my purchases. Now you are not going to see a lot of money, unless your spending a lot, which defeats the purpose of the post but some extra cash is always good right?! If you have planned to make an online purchase, open up the app that you chose and select the retailer you are going to make your purchase with. The app will take you to their site and when you finalize your purchase you will earn cash back on a certain percentage. Be on the lookout for cash back bonuses such as 15% or 10%! That amount can earn you up to $10 - $20 a purchase depending on the price. I warn you friends DON'T BUY THINGS JUST TO COLLECT POINTS OR CASH BACK THAT YOU DON'T NEED!

6. DIY Christmas decorations. Get on Pinterest or Instagram and save some ideas of crafts or other thriving influencers that will give you DIY Christmas inspiration. I have found some cute new holiday decor items at places like Savers and Goodwill for cheap and gave them some new life once I repurposed them. There are also some great Youtube craft videos for items found at the Dollar Store!

7. Make homemade gifts. There's something so intimate and special of a homemade gift from someone. There are many ideas out there on Pinterest and Youtube. I love to bake an assortment of cookies and place them in a pretty tin and hand those out for Christmas. It's a delicious treat for everyone to enjoy and think of you.

8. Cut back on expensive Christmas traditions. Some of these type of traditions are: buying multiple trees for our homes,  gift wrapping service, new Christmas outfits, competitive outside light display, overnight shipping. If you can cut back or cut out some of these expensive traditions you will not only have had saved more money but may have given yourself less anxiety and stress.

9. Scale back Christmas cards. Now I love Christmas cards and sending out family photo ones but gosh friends they can add up to expensive. The year we got married I wanted to send out Christmas cards with our wedding photo in them and it added up to almost $70! Yes they were pretty but every year...naw. After that I have opted for buying a pack at either Marshalls or Home Goods and sending a warm note out to close family and friends.

10. Chose time over money. Remember that old saying friends "it's the thought that counts" well you can make it apply here! I think with the year 2020 has been, now more than ever spending intentional quality time with our loved ones is better than gifting a physical gift. You can save money by being intentional with ways that you and your loved ones can be together. More Face time calls, Zoom calls, sending each other plates of food or baked goods. These type of moment carry more weight and joy than a monetary item.

BONUS: Make more money. Now I say this with caution and responsibly with COVID and your health. But if you are able to, make some extra money to cover the costs of Christmas spending. Take on a side hustle. Create a digital product. Jump on working for Lyft, Uber, Doordash, a seasonal job, house sitting, or online virtual teaching. You can offer a service on your neighborhood Facebook community page or appropriate forums or your social media account. 

Take time this holiday season my dear friends and be intentional this holiday season. Focus on joy and not stress. Don't put pressure on yourself to spend if you can't. It's not worth the stress of what comes after doing this. Look forward to simple enjoyments like hot cocoa with a Christmas classic, baking some cookies, listening to music or driving around your city/town and enjoy other homes light displays. De clutter commercialism from our traditions and let's implement healthy ones for our hearts and mental health this year!


Monday, November 30, 2020

Preparing Our Hearts This Christmas: Week 1

“Let every heart prepare Him room”


The busyness leading up to Christmas can be quite loud and weary on us. Everything is crowded. Even before December begins the roads are crowded, parking lots, stores, our schedules, our minds and our hearts. Most of us feel overwhelmed with all that we have planned and desperation to get it all done even before December 1st.

It's interesting because the inns that night Mary and Joseph set out to Bethlehem were crowded as well. I sit and imagine the look on those inn keepers faces or face when they heard who was knocking on their door that night and they didn't make room…

The Prince of Peace, the King of Kings came into the world in unsanitary, uncomfortable, dusty conditions. He didn't lay on a plush blanket, or was wrapped in a soft swaddle in a cozy onesie. Instead he was laid to rest on a manger which is aka a feeding trough.

Ponder on the humility of Almighty God, Creator of the Universe who's sovereign plan was to be born in a stable and laid down in a manger on a bed of hay!

Friends before the holiday festivities begin with hanging up our lights, decorating the tree, wrapping gifts, watching Christmas classics, baking cookies and all the amazing Christmas traditions. Let's pause just for a moment close our eyes and remember to leave room for HIM in the middle of this all.

While we are writing down our To Do Lists, make sure to write down spend time with Jesus. 

When we are listening to Christmas music let's lift up our voices to also worship HIM.

When we calculate our Christmas budget, are we leaving funds to contribute to those less fortunate? 

While we are joyfully wrapping gifts for our loved ones, let’s rejoice and give thanks to the greatest gift of all!

He’s knocking on the doors of our home, our minds and most importantly our hearts. Let's not be like the inn keepers and respond with “there’s just no room available”.

My dear friends let's open the door, welcome him in and make room for Him this Christmas season.


As the innkeeper of our own hearts is there space for Jesus this Christmas? Is there a seat made for him for his own celebration in our home?


You who bring good news to Zion,
    go up on a high mountain.
You who bring good news to Jerusalem,[c]
    lift up your voice with a shout,
lift it up, do not be afraid;
    say to the towns of Judah,
    “Here is your God!”
10 See, the Sovereign Lord comes with power,
    and he rules with a mighty arm.
See, his reward is with him,
    and his recompense accompanies him.
11 He tends his flock like a shepherd:
    He gathers the lambs in his arms
and carries them close to his heart;
    he gently leads those that have young.

               Isaiah 40:9-11


Let's do this together friends this Christmas!

Let’s read a few verses this week from one of the gospels to enjoy the story of the birth of Christ. Prepare this moment with holiday favorites; hot cocoa, a warm cookie or a nice scented candle and give into His Christmas story.


Thursday, September 24, 2020

How to Become an Instagram Influencer 2020

How to be an influencer: A post for Beginners

Are you interested in becoming a social media influencer? 8 years ago when I started the title influencer wasnt even used. We were all known as bloggers. We used social media to promote and push our blog content. Now according to there are 500,000 active influencers on Instagram!
According to sponsored posts can pay anywhere from $50 to more than $50,000.

If you are looking for ways to build a side hustle, work hard at it and make some money here is your guide!

What is an influencer?

An social media influencer is someone who is able to sway the decisions of potential buyers. 
They have the power to impact purchasing decisions. 
There are all kinds of influencers in different niches on social media. 

Depending on your niche and skills will determine what platform(s) you will launch on. You don't only have to be in Instagram even though this article will concentrate on Instagram but I do want to present other ones such as Tik Tok, Pinterest, Youtube and Facebook. 
I do recommend that you try to at least be on 2 platforms. I say this because some of these platforms may not be around in 5 years ( ex: Vine) so be thoughtful and strategic on which platform works best for your skill set and content. 
Here are 5 ways to become an Instagram Influencer:
1. Just start!
This is the first step obvi! Set up your Instagram profile. 
When setting it up at the beginning focus on content around a niche. This can be fashion, beauty, wellness, fitness, and lifestyle. 
Once you find your broad umbrella niche, try to narrow it down to a specific niche.
 I say this now in 2020 because there are so many fashion and beauty infuencers, so you have to come in with a specific need and point of view.  
Once you create your account switch it from Personal  > > Business 
  •  you gain access to Instagram insights. This is beyond helpful when strategizing and scheduling your content, discovering more who your audience is, where they are located, demographics etc etc! 
  • Access to contact information in your profile bio. This will make for quick access for brands to get in contact with you

2. Content Strategy

Before you grow your content I want to present this step first because I feel that value leads to longevity that implementing quick growth hacks and no tangible information to your community. You need to bring people value because value is GOLD! 

Become the go to person. 

The Authority person in the niche that you have created and strategize the content that you plan on delivering. If you are passionate about your content, you will be less likely to get bored and impatient with the process and quit. 

Passionate people see the bigger people, enjoy what they are doing and serve from a genuine place.

The goal is to create IMPACT! 


3. Establish your branding

Many people would disagree but I think you should have some sort of  branding attached to your Instagram and brand. This is displayed by having a cohesive feed. 
A cohesive feed means when you look at someone's feed it all flows well in either color pallete, style or mood. 
It doesn't have to be a cohesive feed of all beautifully curated DSLR camera photos because some influencers are successful with iphone photos. But I think its helpful to have a look whether its certain editing style, specific pre set used to edit your photos, particular fonts or graphics used in your Stories. 
If you need some inspiration for this Pinterest is the place to GO! Pinterest is a great source for anything and everything inspiration. Here you can find your brand's style. 
Just take some time, 1 hour or less, and start pining everything that you are drawn to when it comes to your brand.  Collect photos from multiple sources and this will help you come up with a unique and personal look to your brand. 
This will be your guide to your brand's cohesive style.

Some apps to use to create this feed are:
  • Over
  • Adobe Lightroom App
  • Presets (free or purchased via Etsy or on Instagram)
Create a pattern 
 This is helpful when to create and follow a content calendar. It helps your grid look consistent and cool. 
You can do this scheduling the following: quotes, photos of your yourself, photos of family, flat lay, and blog post. 
This builds a easy content calendar. You can use Unum or Planoly to plan out your grid ahead of time. 

4. Grow your account

I want to express to focus on growing your account organically! Don't start off on buying followers or cheating just to develop quick growth. It won't deliver any results because brands have gotten smarter and diligent on organic growth. 
Don't TRIP on how many followers you have! You want people to build an engaging community and followers you have build trust with and have cultivated a relationship with them.  This will convert higher than a non organic followers.

Use hashtags

Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement! It gives your post an opportunity to reach a huge pool of new eyes an potentially new followers. 

Tip: When entering your hashtag chose ones with a smaller usage number. This will help you have a greate chance of being seen. 

Be strategic with your hashtags and not use random ones that are not related to your posts. You can run into being flagged by Instagram for doing this. 

Follow people in your niche 
Search for people in your niche, follow them and engage in their feed. 
Please don't follow them and then follow. Its bad in taste and people notice. 
Use IG Stories  
 IG stories has become so popular since its launch. Many people prefer to view stories than feeds. 
Use this feature to share an insight of your life and who you are. Just share what you are comfortable with sharing. 
Posts of value

Posts that are delivering information or tips or how tos get shared and saved. When someone shares your posts to their Stories you know have a whole pool of new eyes seeing your posts and could bring them to check out your profile! 

5. Package your Influence

Now you want to monetize! 
If you want to work with brands you can start organizing your pitching materials:
  •  media kit
  • rate card
  • proposal template 
  • email templates
 You can reach out to brands:
  • directly via their social media page
  • join an influencer agency
  •  tag brands in your posts and bring them in to reach out to you 

This is the end of our post! 
I hope this was helpful to anyone that is interested in dipping their toes into the influencer marketing world! 
It is hard work but if you are passionate about it and stick with it, it can manifest it to an endless amount of opportunities. 


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

3 Ways to Grow your Blog in 2020


Is blogging dead in 2020?? I've been seeing this headline going around all year long. In my opinion definitely not. One thing 2020 has unveiled is that corporate 9-5 jobs are not steady incomes and we all need to start finding multiple streams of income via the digital world. 

Whether you are in the beginning stages of embarking on a blogging journey or already have one but are struggling to gain traffic, amiga this post is for you! Based on many case studies I read on how bloggers have made blogging their full time jobs along with learning from live workshops and trainings, I have narrowed it down to 3 key strategies I think will help you grow your blogging audience and increase your blog traffic going forward.

This post is here to help you experiment and implement some of these strategies into your own blog and grow your traffic and community in a quick amount of time!

Amiga, if you are interested in growing your blog, keep on reading! xoxo


1. Approach your content strategically

When I first started my blog it was filled with posts all about my personal journey. The posts were random and honestly all over the place. I didn't particularly focus on providing much value to my audience nor did I even understand how to maximize my impact on my site. As I have grown, my vision has shifted. I treat every post with intention and mission driven content. You want every post to attract new people to your site that are interested in a specific topic. You want to treat every post from a place of service and also invite them to take ACTION!  

We live in an Information Age. With an average of 3.5 million Google searches a day, people are looking for information and answers to their problems or how we like to call them in marketing "pain points."

There is room and space for your expertise, gifts and talents in blogging. There is a need for your expertise, personal knowledge, your story and the voice and writing style in which you deliver your information. 

No matter what your topic or topics are, strategize your content with intention and deliver it jam packed with value that will drive results that will drive growth into your bigger goals. 

Here are some tips on how to strategize your content:

  • Establish your core topics. You can start around 3-5 but this number is up to you and your interests. When coming up with the core topics you want to write about, make sure they are topics that you are passionate about. Topics that excite you or make you angry. 
  •  What are people looking for. Do some market research and a deep dive on Pinterest on some of your core topics. Research what other people are talking about. Type in the search bar in Pinterest and type in a topic and see what automates after it. 
  • Content Calendar. Look at the bigger picture when strategically planning out your content. A content calendar can help you plan out so far in advance that you can plan out 6 months in advance. This helps you organize and schedule your blog shoots, batch writing your content, editing, post dates and social media promotional posts. 

Here is a post that might help with this topic:

2.  Utilize Pinterest

I learned this year why Pinterest is better than social media for growing your blog traffic and audience. If you are not familiar with Pinterest, it is a search engine and it is not controlled by algorithms. 

On Pinterest keywords and descriptions help people find your content and click through to your site to get questions answered. Pinterest can also still drive traffic to your site from a post that is years old. It can extend your post's life cycle. Pinterest algorithm prioritizes newly added content which means that new graphics and titles count as new content no matter how old you blog post link is! This is amazing!  

3. Invest in Blogging Education 

Since lock down started this year I have used this slow down time to really invest both my money and time into webinars and online courses. Learning strategies and information on how to grow my blog, business and so much more. This business is a huge umbrella of information and no one is in expert in all things involved in blogging. 

Take courses and free webinars, watch YouTube videos and talk with other people in your niche and retain as much valuable information as possible to then put back into your blog. Like any business you don't stop growing and nurturing your business. You have to keep building on to it and its the same with blogging. 

Now it can get overwhelming because there are so many ways to grow your blog into a business and monetize it so I suggest take one topic at a time. If I could suggest one that you haven't mastered yet;  building your email list.  

Investing in your education is never wasted time and always a win win! Learning new information helps you develop and/or refine skills that you can now implement and apply into the growth of your blog to get you closer to your bigger business vision!  

Did you enjoy this post amiga!? 

I hope it was informational and helpful. Remember the world needs the God given gifts, talents, and potential that are planted inside of you!  You are LOADED! 

"For I know the plan I have for you," says the Lord...  
Jeremiah 29:11 

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