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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Here HE is!!! Sharing my Labor and Delivery Story!


I have to start this post by saying this " I can't believe I am a Mom"

I am so blessed and grateful to share with you all our baby, Mateo Andres. He was born at 11:51 a.m. weighing 7.8 lbs! I say this with surprise because while I was pregnant I had numerous ultra sounds done because my OB was concerned with his growth rate. When they told me that he was 7.8 lbs and 21 inches long I was shocked! Our supposedly little peanut was a big boy! 


Mateo was one week over his due date which means I was 41 weeks pregnant (being this pregnant was not comfortable at all!) At our 40 week appointment my OB advised me that if labor did not occur over the weekend then she would recommend to make an appointment at the hospital to get induced. Being a first time mom the word induced kinda scared me a little. All I kept thinking was that I was going to get poked with a sharp instrument to get my labor going (mind you I didn't take a labor class which would of helped!). Side note I regret not taking a labor class for informative purposes and totally recommend now!)

Another side note when the hospital called me to come in I was taken back when the young lady asked me if I could come in within the hour! I was quiet at first because for me that was too soon! I needed at least a couple hours to shave, wash my hair, finalize my luggage and get my mind right.. 

Okay back to my story...

We got to the hospital around 10:30 am and quickly was taken in a room and monitored for both contractions and the baby's heart beat. I see now that why they wanted me to come in early, the maternity ward was quiet. It was me and two other women in the labor and delivery unit. It was peaceful and in hindsight I am lucky to not have had the experience of having to wait in a waiting room to be admitted. 

A few hours in our labor room I was given an IV. A few hours passed and still no contractions. I was however also given penicillin because at 37 weeks I tested positive for Group B strep. 
Later on that afternoon I was given misoprostol to thin my cervix. To back track a little I was only 1 cm dilated for about three weeks at this point. At this point it was around 8 pm and stronger menstrual like cramps began. 

Around 4 am my water broke and I screamed! Like I literally screamed. I thought I pissed myself and then I realized that it was a lot of liquid coming out and at that moment a nurse was in my room and calmly said "hey your water broke" 😁

As soon as my water broke I felt so much pain! The pain was so bad that it was making me throw up at the same time. My husband though was so amazing. He would rub my back and hold my hand for support. Every couple of minutes he was softly whisper in my ear " I am so proud of you. I could never be this strong." Strength became the theme in my mind during this time. I needed to be strong for my family. 

Very soon after this two wonderful men entered my room and gave me the best thing ever: the epidural. I already knew in my head that I was going to get an epidural. I have a very low pain tolerance so going unmedicated during labor was not something I was even considering! Shout out to all you Moms out there that did! 

Around 8 am I was 8 cm dilated and around 10:30 I was 10! With the epidural though I didn't feel when any contractions were coming just only light pressure.  I have never had surgery before so this level of numbness was new to me. I couldn't believe how disfunctional my lower body was. Funny story: my sister and my husband were in the room at one point and I jokingly said to them if I pee I can't even feel it and my sister replied umm you did pee and I can see it! LOL! I can't believe they don't hide your catheter! LOL

The OB came in my room around 11 am and casually said to me "you are ready to go, you want to push a little and see how it goes?" I kid you not this is how casual this labor was. 
I replied "sure" because mind you I felt nothing except my empty stomach gurgling. This part was just like I envisioned. Legs were up in the air, I was instructed to grab the back of my knees and words of encouragement to push were spoken by everyone in the room. For the next 45 minutes of my life I would repeat the same steps: take a deep breath, push for 10 seconds, breath and repeat two more times. Funny thing is I never made it to a full push for 10 seconds.. I would make it about to 7 or 8. In this moment for some reason 10 seconds can feel like an eternity!

At 11:51 a.m. I heard the doctor say "there he is." After 41 weeks of waiting for him my sweet boy was here and in my arms. 

I held my breath until I heard his first cries.  Mateo didn't immediately cry and Mateo from my angle I only saw the back of his head so I waited nervously to hear something... It was like the biggest sigh of relief when he cried and then I cried...

My sweet boy.

I am your mother.
And you are my child.
I hope you will always see yourself through my eyes.
You are smart.
You are strong.
You are special.
You are a child of God

There is something so beautiful seeing your husband/partner hold his baby for the first time. I pictured some many sweet moments of seeing them together in the future. The way Mateo looks up at his Papi is so sweet.


As soon as we found out that we were having a boy the name Mateo kept coming to me. Both my husband and I are Puerto Rican so I knew we both wanted a Hispanic name for our son. I had no interest in inventing or creating a name either. I wanted a name that represented old world Spanish names. When I looked up the meaning of the name Mateo it was a done deal! 

Mateo means gift of God

That was it! You can't go back from that! LOL! 

One day one our way to church I happened to look over at the road on the drivers side (my husband was driving) and I saw a street named Mateo. Now this was weird because we have been going to our church for over 9 months and never did this street sign even stand out to me. I'm telling you to me God really wanted to imprint the name Mateo on my heart. 

His middle name actually was a name we liked from a pastor. A Hispanic pastor was visiting at our church and delivered a beautiful sermon one Sunday. When he introdcued himself and spoke his name, I quickly looked over at my husband and said I love the name Andres. It just felt strong and mighty. Especially if you pronounce it by rolling your tongue for the letter R. 


So a first and middle name was born! Mateo Andres. 

I love the way it just rolls off the tongue.

Thank you all for your sweet messages on social media! For the past two weeks you all have been so supportive and sending so many sweet messages. I have shared on Instagram some struggles I have had with breast feeding and my recovery. I look forward to sharing a blog post all about it. 

In the meantime I did upload on my Youtube channel a labor video. If you are interested in checking out my labor story here is the link:

I know it is cliche to say but I have never experienced a love this beautiful and sweet before. As soon as he was on my chest I quickly became protective and attached. The way he looks at me and holds my hand just melts my heart to pieces. 

Thank you again guys and I look forward to adding motherhood content to the site along with speaking more openly on postpartum, body changes, and getting back into fashion and beauty! 


Friday, October 18, 2019

Our Nursery Nook + Organization Ideas!

I truly love interior design and designing my first child's special little nest has been nothing but pure joy and love. I wanted his space to feel adventurous, fun and a bit masculine. I found a lot of inspiration from Pinterest with searches such as "boy nursery" "boho nursery" and "minimalist nursery". The first purchase I made for this room was the rug. I loved this boho inspired black and white rug and I decorated the rug around it. Since his nursery is placed in a corner in our master bedroom and only has one small window I needed to brighten it up. 

The first thing we did was paint the bedroom Snowbound by Sherwin Williams. Painting the room white brightened up this little corner and I noticed such a difference in lighting when the morning light enters the room. I also wanted to place some white furniture in the bedroom to keep the room airy and light. We didn't have a lot of room for a big dresser so this three drawer IKEA one worked perfectly in our space. The Delta Children mini crib was the most perfect size for the opposite wall. 

Functionality was a must in this space. So the dresser had to play the role of storing clothes and becoming a changing area. I bought a changing pad from Amazon and decorated it with a grey cover to match the grey knobs of the dresser. In the drawers my husband picked up the SKUBB drawer organizers from IKEA. If you have an IKEA near you I highly suggest picking these up. Each package comes with 6 different sized organizers and it only costs $5.99! Best price I have seen around. His clothes, accessories, diapers and etc fit perfectly in each drawer and I just love how organized the drawers look! Organization brings me a lot of peace. 

After we got all the big furniture small details were next. This is personally my favorite part. I love adding the smaller accent pieces to really bring a room together. I received a lot of books for the baby at our baby shower. Since space is limited I had to utilize the walls. We picked up these spice racks from IKEA and all his books fit perfectly in it. They were the perfect size as well for the available wall space. 

My favorite part of the room is the triangle decal. I found this decal off of Amazon and for such a good price! it really added a fun art element above his crib and played off really well with his desert vibe frames. To match the wall I found a black and white arrow print mattress cover from Target. 

I truly love my son's space and every time I look over at it I get teary eyed. It's so sweet to know that soon he will be sleeping in that crib and I will be rocking him in the glider...My heart just melts. 

I hope you guys enjoy this post and links with be posted down below if you guys want to check out any products featured in our nursery. 


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

5 Must Have Practical Fall Staples In Your Wardrobe

September is a tricky month because of the occasional heat waves that come and go.

One of my favorite fashion seasons is fall. I tend to declutter my closet late summer and get ready for new pieces in September. Every year there are so many different trends being thrown at us from prints to florals to pastel colors in the fall! I wanted to share with you guys a post of practical pieces that will serve you every year. Also I added some great new pieces that are available now online! 

Here are some must have fall practical pieces for your fall closet:
1.       Blazer – I love layering everything with a blazer. You can find a fall colored blazer or opt for a classic neutral color. Either way blazers are a great staple to have in your closet and to add fall fashion to your wardrobe this year! Here are some blazers that I am loving right now!

2.       Parka – I am literally on the shopping hunt for a parka this fall season! Parkas are a great item to have in your fall closet. They are cozy and warm for those September lower temperature windy fall days. Parkas look great with skinny jeans and ankle boots.

3.       Ankle Boots – I love a good black ankle boot. Its one of my favorite pieces because it just goes with everything and they polish your look.

4.       Cozy sweaters – There’s nothing better than a cozy sweater. So stock up this fall on soft fuzzy knits. There are many different styles so that’s up to you but I love an oversized boyfriend sweater. Sweaters can be layered over dresses and jumpsuits. Great piece for layering and pairing with a good thick pair of leggings.

5.       Denim jeans – Blazers and denim jeans are my closet obsessions! I love a good length jean for fall. Last year I loved mom jeans and I’m sure I am really going to live in them post baby. But there are so many different styles from classic skinny jeans to straight leg jeans.


Friday, September 27, 2019


Congratulations and Felicidades girl you got that email in your inbox you've been waiting for..

A brand has reached out to you for a collaboration! Now let's talk about what to do next!

 I remember the first time a brand reached out to me to work with them I was estatic! You have worked hard creating your website/blog, building up your brand, creating your social media community. Its a lot of work and it feels gratifying to know that your work has been seen and will be rewarded. However now that you are at this point I want to guide you to not just rush into a brand collaboration if it is not in your brand's best interest. 

When I first got my first brand email it was for product exchange. I was so excited that I instantly emailed them back YES and later signed a contract. The contract required so much work and deliverables that looking back I wish I had negotiated. I want to make sure you guys don't make the same mistakes I did. 

Here are some tips of what you can do when a brand first reaches out to you for a collaboration:

Step 1: Make sure that the email is legitimate
I say this first because of the rise in spam/scam accounts using brand name in their emails and reaching out to influencer/bloggers for "brand collaborations".  The email will ask for you to fill out a form with all your personal information. If the email looks slightly sketchy go with your gut! If your not sure contact the brand privately on Twitter or Instagram and communicate with them the situation.

Step 2: Does this brand align with my brand
You have worked so hard to get to this point and you don't want to jeopardize your messaging, feed or audience with your first inauthentic sponsored post. 
Ask yourself the following questions:
Do you know this brand?
Would you or do you purchase their products?
Would this brand be useful to your audience?
Do you 100% support this brand?

Step 3: Ask the brand what is it that they are looking for in this collaboration
If you get a vague email inquiry from a brand make sure to follow up and ask what it is that they are looking for. What are the deliverables for this collaboration. Collaborations differ. Some are just for social media posts and other want a blog post and social media promotion(s). It's important that you communicate and understand what the brand is looking for and feel comfortable that you can deliver these deliverables. 

Step 4: What are the brands goals
Brands have different end results goals for each collaboration. Some want to drive sales. Others look to drive traffic to their site. Sometimes they want to use a collaboration to spread new product awareness. Once you are informed on what they need know you can begin creating your content strategy and planning. 

Step 5: What is their timeline
I tend to say no to quick turnaround timelines. I don't like to be put in tight timelines that cause me anxiety. I prefer 30 day timelines. Remember to keep in mind that it takes time to schedule a photo shoot, book a photographer, edit your photos, draft content and publish your completed work. Your work is valuable and they reached out to you because they know that as well. Don't be afraid to explain your creative process and a quick turnaround of 1 week is unreasonable. 

Step 6: Know your worth and then add tax
Don't be afraid to ask the brand for payment. I know this is earlier said then done but I have been there and have allowed brands to pay me little to no money for some incredible work. When a brand reaches out to you its because they like your work and see an opportunity. 
There are many formulas out there for who to charge. I like to look at my follower count + engagement rate and start there with a base. Then I add tax. How many hours will this collaboration take between each step. Don't forget to add in your price a photographer fee, props and location space rental and any other add on in order to complete this collaboration. 

Now several things can happen after this:
1) the brand can say no
2.) the brand replies that they don't have the budget for paid collaborations at this time
3) The brand say YES!

If it is a brand that you truly love and working with them would be a dream of a lifetime then I would consider accepting the campaign for no compensation just to begin a relationship with this brand. Sometimes this pays off and sometimes it doesn't. You could also negotiate cross promotion. If the brand can't or won't pay you, you could ask them to repost your work on their social media accounts. This can be a win win for you! You have worked with your favorite brand and have received huge platform to be seen on their social media accounts. 

Step 7: Let the brand know how you plan on serving them
Brand collaborations are a two way relationship. Even if the brand reached out to you, you also want to show the brand that you are serious in servicing them as well. This is how you can score a long lasting relationship with them. Send them any ideas or concepts you have for the collaboration. Go on their website and do some research on the brand. Brands really appreciate when you come prepared and have done your research. You come across as professional. 

I like to send over a mood board to brands to give them a visual of my concept. I have found that this helps a lot! Never be afraid to ask questions. You want to make sure that all your questions have been answered and you understand what the brand's goals are. 

I hope this post helped you guys going forward with any brand collaborations! Again congratulations! I am so happy for you! Share down below any other tips you may have on this topic. 


Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Walmart Baby Event + Baby Shopping Guide!

37 weeks pregnant! Wow! 

In this final month so many things are happening! My husband and I completed a maternity tour at our delivery hospital and I am quickly coming to grips with the reality of giving birth for the first time. My body has changed so much and my feet are officially a whole size up. 

These last few weeks until our baby boy arrives are all about picking up last minute nursery and baby items. All the big items have been purchased and now we have been shopping around for the smaller and last minute items.
My husband and I recently went to Walmart to pick up some clothing items for our precious boy and other must haves such as a thermometer, bottle warmers, car seat mirror etc. 
Walmart is having their semi-annual baby event  with over 700 savings and roll backs items online! It feels like a mini Black Friday guys! 

The semi annual baby event has featured so many top notch brands and must have baby items. They range from all different categories to fulfill all your baby's needs. I found items from nursery furniture to car seats to children's clothing. The car seat that we previously purchased for our baby is one of the items included ( I posted it below for you guys) it's the Chico Key Fit car seat.  

Get to shopping online before the event ends! Take a look at some of the items that I picked out are some of the best items below!

This post is in collaboration with Walmart and RewardStyle. However as always, all opinions are MY OWN and 100% honest! 


I have to be honest with you guys! I was a little surprised that Walmart had so many cute baby clothes. I went crazy shopping for 0-3 and 3-6 months old clothes. I even found the cutest Halloween onesie for him! The pieces posted in this photo above are linked below for you guys. I can not wait for him to be here and see him in these cute clothes! 


Walmart has top rated car seats and strollers available on their website that are part of the semi annual baby event. Car seats are an expensive item needed for your baby so if and when you find a saving you take advantage of it. 


There are so many baby accessory items that it can be overwhelming. I have felt overwhelmed in many stores and shopping online when trying to figure out what's important and what's needed. But at the moment I have a bassinet, crib, dresser, glider and pack and play. Any items you guys recommend leave them below!



Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Explaing to your Spouse your Pregnancy Hormones

Pregnancy hormones...

Oh WOW there is alot to unpack here. Most men think that pregnancy hormones are just a myth and they love to try to debunk it. But the facts are on our side fellas... Sorry.

There are alot of physical changes we share in regards to pregnancy: bigger boobs, longer hair, better nails, swollen feet, glowy skin etc. But rarely do we dive into the changes that can happen in a relationship. My husband and I have experienced some good and not so good moments during our first pregnancy journey together. Hormones have played a huge role! It's been a roller coaster ride in the sense that one minute my husband and I are extremely close and the next I am feeling completely sad and abondoned by him. In the beginning I didn't know how to manage these feelings. My husband was so frustrated with me because he didn't understand where I was coming from. I didn't even have a reasonable explanation for it! So we were not on the same page at times. 

For example, the other day my husband and I got into a really big fight. That day I was hawkishly watching him and having conversations in my head about him that were all negative. My mind was hyping me up to basically be mad at him. I asked him a question and he responded and his response was not what I wanted to hear so I got super emotional. I was both angry and crying. He was so confused and frustrated so he did what alot of guys do and that's walk away and ignore me. That was the wrong move. I in turn ignored him and started to do things around the house by myself but in his face to make some self righteous point that I don't need you and see what a jerk you are being right now! 

This silent treatment continued and I wanted to win this battle so I made the dumb decision to sleep downstairs because I just didn't want to be anywhere near him. The next morning he had an early morning flight out for work and I woke up so overwhelemd with sadness that I just cried my eyes out. I had no self control over myself. I toke a shower and googled searched pregnancy hormones and educated myself on what is going on with me. 

I found out that while you are pregnant women are subjected to high levels of hormones. 

The main hormones include: 

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)
This hormone is produced by what eventually becomes the placenta. 

Estrogen helps to stimulate hormone production in the fetus's adrenal gland, it stimulates growth of the adrenal gland, and it enhances the mother's uterus, enabling it to respond to oxytocin.

Progesterone relaxes all smooth muscles in the body. It keeps the uterus muscle relaxed and help's the body immune system tolerate foreign DNA.

Relaxin loosens the ligaments that hold the pelvic bones together and for relaxing the uterine muscle. This prepares your body for baby’s passage through the birth canal. 

Prolactin prepares breast tissues for lactation and the release of milk.

Oxytocin is also the hormone that stretches the cervix and stimulates the nipples to produce milk.

Here are some of the emotions I have felt while I have been pregnant and I hope this helps you guys:

I am super clingy!

Hormonal changes during pregnancy may affect the chemicals in your brain. During my second trimester I started to develop feelings of abandonment and panic. I would at times feel like my husband is not being there for me enough and then panicking because I felt like he will leave me. When he is away on his work trips, I panic that something will happen to him. I have even gone so far as to watch hawkishly on our Find Friends app to reassure myself that he made it to his destination okay and to his hotel. One trip his location was unavailable and I was in such a panic that I was frantic and figiddy all day until I finally heard from him later that night and I broke out in tears. If you are feeling this way the best thing to do is to communicate what you are feeling to your husband. I didn't do that in the beginning and I internalized alot of these emotions. But when I did start to share with him where my mind was going he gave me what I needed, comfort and love. 

Why doesn't he understand what I am going through

I used to say this in my mind so many times when I felt  like he just didn't get it but in all actuality of course he doesnt'! He's never been pregnant before! He doesn't know what physical symptoms I am going through. I read an article where some men don't feel like fathers until they actually hold their baby for the first time. Obviously for us the minute we feel that first kick or movement it all becomes so real! I have learned to back off and realize that I am more emotionally connected to our baby because he is part of me. But once he comes into the world, my husband will feel that same love that I do! 

Obsessive behavior

I have never been so obsessively compulsive about cleanliness in my life like I have since getting pregnant. I have found myself looking for crumbs left on the kitchen table just to find a reason to be upset with people. I want the house to be so perfectly clean for the baby because I start to imagine him getting sick from something being unsanitiary in the house. When I think like this I feel a overwhelming sense of guilt and anger towards others who are not doing their part. This has taken a toll on me because physically I can't keep cleaning the way that I used to because my body can't handle to labor. Finding peace in these moments have been a struggle for me but I learned in church one day that we need to find contentment in whatever current season that we are in. I can't just only have faith when things are well and abundant but more importantly I need to have faith in seasons of struggle and scarcity. 

The first step I learned navigating these issues is acknowledging your feelings and educating yourself. When I first caught myself behaving differently I opened up my laptop and started googling pregnancy mood changes. 

Secondly communication with your partner is key and can bridge the gap in fulfilling both of your needs. When I started to share with my husband thoughts and emotions I was feeling in the moment he appreciated me communicating and providing him with an explanation of my behavior. 

Lastly we made sure to schedule romantic dates with one another. Motto: Remember that you are a couple first and parents to be second! 

I hope sharing my experience may offer some comfort that you are not alone. I hope my story can help anyone that has been struggling with emotional and mental issues with your spouse/partner during pregnancy. I know for me it was extremely therapeutic to type these feelings down and share it. 

Thank you guys for your time and support and see you in my next one! 


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

How to Prepare your business for Maternity Leave + Tips!

I am so thankful for God's timing. Our pregnancy was unpredictable and the Lord is good in his timing. I do have to be honest though it toke some adjustment at first. My husband and I had just moved from Providence, Rhode Island to Rochester, NY. We didn't have a home yet and I didn't have a job lined up because I was focused on pushing my blog/youtube full time and building a business. Well like I said God is good in his timing. 

We moved in December 2018 and I got pregnant in January! We weren't really focused on trying because our lives were hectic from moving back and settling in. 

To be more honest we didn't have much alone time together so you could imagine to my surprise when I started to feel a little funny in that first month of pregnancy. I didn't realize I was pregnant until towards the end of February and I was both in shock and pure joy! 

I have changed many ways during this pregnancy by focusing more on actionable steps in my business/brand, learning to plan better and learning grace. In the beginning it was a struggle. I was tired, had a hard time focusing and remembering things and being efficient. But i wanted to share all this with you guys to show you that this all takes time and its a process. My first trimester was a mess and my second trimester was a great learning curve and my third is where I am focused on preparing my blog/youtube for maternity leave. 

I wanted to break down each trimester to provide helpful tips for you:

Trimester ONE

This is a hard trimester because more than likely you are the most unproductive in this time than any of the other trimesters. You are dealing with morning sickness, tiredness and lots and lots of naps. But when you have some energy use those moments to start strategizing. 

Ask yourself some questions:

- Do you have any money saved?
- How are you going to pay yourself?
- Do you need to build up some cushion revenue?
- Can your business look into delegating some necessary tasks while you are on maternity    leave?

Once you answer all these questions and write them down, you can then create some goals:

1. Create a revenue goal for your maternity leave

2. You can reach out to others on how they prepared for maternity leave 

3. Can you prepare for long term content in your business so your followers are still receiving daily/weekly/or monthly regular content.

Trimester TWO

This trimester is the most productive one for me because my energy did a 180. It soared and I was the most productive. I had great energy, tiredness and nausea went away and I was feeling myself again. 

Here are some things you can do in this trimester:

1. Start journaling or brainstorming on content. For this I used the site called Trello but some people use Google Sheets or Asana. I created two categories: blog and youtube and would create cards on blog topics and map out my strategy. By doing this you can create a shooting and publishing schedule.

2. Start communicating with your followers on what is going. I like sharing with my readers and followers life updates so this is a good time to give them a heads up on your new adventure and what changes if any they can look forward to. This form of communication can be in a newsletter, email announcement or blog post. 

3. Map out your revenue goals. Look over the revenue goals you wrote down in Trimester One and start planning on how you are going to hit those goals. For me I calculated all my monthly bills total and used that number times three of a save number of the minimum I need to have in my account. From there I wrote down bigger goals and strategized different monetization avenues to get to that number. I even started going back to free lancing to make my revenue goals. I am no stranger to hustling guys! But do what works for you and your business. 

Aside from your business, sit down alone and really think about what you want your maternity leave to look like. Do you want to take a whole month out or two months. Really listen to your heart and feel at peace with your decision but also don't put too much pressure on yourself either. If you take a peek on instagram during leave do it. If you decide to share an impulsive blog post share it! If you pick up your Vlog camera and record some personal moments, upload it! This is your time! 

Trimester THREE

My current trimester and boy has it been a roller coaster of emotions and energy. Some days are better than others and I have been extremely hormonal. But this month I have been really trying to prepare content like crazy on this good days! 

Here are some tips for your last and final trimester:

1. Finalize your departure date. You want to pick out a final date from work. Pick a date and stick to it. You need to give yourself time to rest and really prepare yourself to finalize last minute items around the house before the baby comes. 

2. Set dates aside in your calendar and finalize your content. Schedule any photo shoots that need to get done, starting writing your blog posts and film those youtube videos. I find the most productive way is to set aside certain time slots in certain days a week to concentrate on content creating. I have found this way to be so productive. You can do this in Google calendar. 

3. Ask for help when needed. If you need to outsource some tasks and can financially afford it then do it! If you have a family member or friend that can help your business in some areas then ask them. Don't be afraid to ask for help! 

4. Clean up your office area. If your office is in your home (like mine) right before you are ready to finalize your date make sure to clean up your desk area, your drawers, files and anything else that will prepare you to disconnect. When your ready to get back to work you area will be clean and ready for a new start! 

5. Send out your departure announcement. Like I said before whether its a newsletter, blog post etc make sure to push that publish or send button. Your followers and readers will thank you for this and will send you well wishes! I will probably announce mine on both a blog post and IG post. Tip: In your announcement direct your followers to follow you somewhere to see live updates. 

I am only 5 weeks away and I am ready for the nesting phase soon! I am still working on finalizing my departure date and will be sharing that with you all very soon. The baby is due October 14! WOW it is really flying by! 

I hope you guys enjoyed these tips and ways that I have been preparing for my maternity leave. If you have any other tips on this topic please share them below. I would love to add some more to this post and will make sure to credit you. 

If you are pregnant, congratulations! This truly is a special time for new mommies and make sure that through all of this you take some time for yourself for self care! 

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