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Monday, July 17, 2023

DIY board and batten

Board and batten and wood peg rack is a great beginner DIY project! 

Its cost effective and adds value and organization to your home. It's a satisfying sight to see spaces in your house come together to become your home. 

Our home had nothing in this space. In fact it was actually a darker purple color on the walls. We painted all the walls Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. 


I knew quickly I wanted to add a design feature in this narrow space. Its not our main entrance but it leads to our front yard small steps area and I like to keep the door open for light and fresh air. I also had in mind of creating a Montesorri get ready area for my little guy in this space. 

Board and batten 


measuring tape


Hart brad nail gun

Lattice pine wood

3 x 1/2 wood (for wood peg board)

Top shelf I used  3/4 x 1 1/2 (scrap wood I found) 

wood filler


Primer + Paint


1st step is to measure your space. The height is yours to customize. For reference mine height is 55 1/2 inches. 

Next was how far apart would the vertical battens be. For reference mine are from center to center 12 inches apart. Mark each space with a pencil. 

Making your cuts

I didnt want to rip out the molding so I grabbed pine lattice wood from Home Depot to place above the crown mounding and use for our vertical wood placement. Its thin enough that it wont come out too much and appears cleaner as if it was all one design. 

I then installed the the 3 x 1/2 board. Level it before installing. This helped me with the installation of the vertical batten to be even and flushed against it. You want to make sure that your vertical battens are level.

Each vertical batten will not be the same height due to my floor being uneven. Once they were all added to the wall I began to caulk. Caulk helps you fill in any gaps shown and will result in a seamless final look.

After the caulk I covered the nails with wood filler. Follow the directions on your wood filler. Once dried I sanded with a sanding block for a smooth look. 

Final step was to cut and nail down my top shelf. Ensure that your brad nailer is angled to ensure your nails connect both the top shelf to your peg board piece. 


Prime and Paint  

I primed my space with honestly whatever I had left over and painted with Shoji White by Sherwin Williams. 

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