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Wednesday, August 16, 2023



Bench cushion are expensive! So I am sharing my no sew bench cushion to inspire you all to try to create one yourself and save money!
What I love about creating a bench cushion yourself is that you can customize it to any fabric you like and you can keep customize it! When your ready for a change just staple another fabric right over the existing one. 

This is a quick easy project that you can do in a couple hours. 
Fabric (similar one)
plywood (optional) 
Table saw
sander (optional)
bread knife 

You can make one without or with plywood underneath. I chose to use plywood because I happened to have some scrap and the more room we can make in our garage the better! 

I found my fabric at Hobby Lobby because they had a sale for 40% off. Since it was also my first time I didn't want to invest too much money on an expensive fabric in case I messed up! 

I first cut my plywood to the dimensions of my bench. Then I cut it with our table saw and sanded the edges a little bit. 
After that I measured and marked my foam. I used a ruler and a marker to create a guide of where I was going to cut. To cut my foam I read lots of tutorials that used a bread knife. After using it I personally wouldn't use it again. I found it hard to cut. 

Next I measured my fabric. I wanted it to have 6 inches of length on both sides more than the wood base. I wanted enough fabric to work with when wrapping it around my wood and foam. 
Once I had my fabric ready I used my staple gun to lock it in place. 

The corners were the last step and I decided to fold mine like a present. I toke the side pieces and folded it in and the middle pieces which formed a triangle shape I brought it to the top of the wood base. It worked for me and looked good. 

That's it! Looks so good and the whole project cost under $100! 

What do you think guys?


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