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Monday, October 2, 2023

DIY Panel Moulding

Hello Friends!

We have another DIY project update to share with you all! This project toke many weeks to finish and it was a learning curve for me. However there was much growth and knowledge learned from this project so for that I am grateful. 

Our home has no custom moulding really anywhere. The walls are plain and cold feeling to me. We have a long plain wall in our living room that I envisioned some kind of moulding to upgrade the space. 
After much Pinning on Pinterest and back and forth I decided on a picture frame moulding look. I decided on this because I think it would look nice to have family photos hung on this wall and the picture frame moulding will compliment each other well. 

What is panel moulding
 It is an interior finish to a space to create the impression of panelled walls. It can come in a variety of shapes and styles. The beauty of it is the freedom and creativity to customize it to your space and aesthetic. 


The installation process is not difficult but it is time consuming. The prep is the longest part of the process. Deciding on the measurements toke me the longest time. 
- leveler
- sanding block 

Step 1: Calculate your measurements and plan

After you sketch or design your desired moulding then you can plan your measurements. Start by obtaining all the measurements of your walls. If you are looking for a formula to start with check out The Coastal Oak blog 
She did a great job to help me have a starting point and then customize my spacing according to my measurements and my space. 
Step 2: Cuts 
Once you have finalize your measurements you are ready for your cuts. Using a miter saw to help with your cuts. Take your pieces and  test them out on the floor to ensure that they all connect. 

Step 3: Installation

Using your laser leveler install your pieces one by one with a brad nail gun. We found installing the first top piece of your rectangle shaped helped us the most. Use your hand lever to ensure that your pieces are leveled BEFORE you nail them.
Once it is leveled then install with your nail gun. I liked to start the nailing in the center of my piece and then working my way out. We used about 8-10 nails in each piece. 
Then I installed each of the side pieces and make sure that they are leveled. 
Lastly you install your bottom piece. 
Once your pieces are installed, you can fill the nails with wood filler and ALL your edges with caulk. Sand your wood filler when dried. 


Step 4: Paint 
Since my PVC moulding is white I didn't have to prime. I painted the moulding the same color as the wall which is Sherwin Williams Alabaster. To apply I used one of my favorite paint brushes. 

I love the finish and look of moulding in your home. It is an affordable way to upgrade your home. It is a great project for beginners. There are tons of Youtube videos out there for more in depth instructions if you need more help and questions.


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