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Saturday, October 26, 2013

DIY Celine & YSL T-Shirt

This is my first DIY tutorial and I am beyond excited to show you guys!!!! I have always wanted a Celine or YSL Tshirt but unfortunately they are out of my budget :/ I have seen on eBay knock offs but I figured that I might ass well make it myself.
You can buy a Tshirt anyway you like to wear them. I bought mine at H&M and got them in a size bigger than I normally would. I wanted it a little big baggy. 

Celine Shirt:
Black Acrylic Paint ( bought it at michaels) 
Scotch Tape
Scissors ( use better scissors than mine)
Foam brushes ( michaels)
Pointy paint brush
Celine logo printed out 
Card board or hard surface 

First cut out the letters in your Celine Logo paper. You probably want to use better scissors than I used. This will take some time so put on some music or a good movie :)

Put your shirt into or on top of a hard surface. I found a old cardboard and put my shirt in it. 

Place your Celine paper in the center or your shirt then take your scotch tape and place tape around the corners. 

Dip your foam brush into your paint and carefully cover each letter with the paint. Then for the "Paris" logo I drew it on myself. This is the part where you can personalize this part.
Place wax paper over the shirt and iron over the letters on low heat. Once your down and it cools down you are ready to style/wear your shirt :) 
I didnt take any pictures of the YSL tutorial but it is in the youtube tutorial. 
Fabric Paper (got it from Walmart)
White Shirt (H&M again)
YSL logo
Check out my step by step youtube tutorial:




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