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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY: Holiday Sharpie Mugs

Hey dolls <3

I wanted to share with you guys this simple and easy DIY holiday gift idea I have seen on Pinterest. I have been on a DIY(ing) addiction lately and this year I wanted to give my fellow co-workers some cute personal gifts. 
I saw the sharpie mug idea on Pinterest and instantly feel in love. Its easy, affordable and personal. You can be creative and add a personal touch to it. Those are my favorite kind of gifts anyways. 
Here what you will need:
Sharpie (I used black but you can use different colors)
White mug (got mine at the Dollar store)
Optional: Cocoa or any kind of gift

Step 1: Pre heat your oven to 350 degrees. Fold your paper in half and draw half of a mustache. Its really easy to do. Use a pencil in case you mess up.

Step 2: Lay your cup down and put your mustache cut out on top. Make sure that you are putting the mustache on the front side of the cup. You can use a piece of tape to hold the mustache from moving. Then simply take your sharpie and trace it around the outside of the mustache. 

Step 3: Fill in the inside with your sharpie. This is the time to fix anything that you want fixing. Take your time don't rush. 

Step 4: You are done :) For the love mug I just made sure I found my center and wrote in the way I wanted "love" to look. I added the tea bag on the side because it looks so cute. Again you can personalize your mug anyway you want :)

Step 5: Place your mugs into your pre heated oven and leave for 30 minutes. This helps the marker to dry and stay put. 

Step 6: Now you can decorate your little mugs anyway you wish!!! Its a great inexpensive and thoughtful gift to someone.

 Please let me know if you try this gift out and tag me on IG if you take any pics #alanamariestyle. 

Love ya dolls <3



  1. Very cute idea! I did something similar last year with chalkboard paint and gave them out to my neighbors. The sharpie idea seems a lot easier and way less messy! Think, I'll give it a try. Thanks for sharing!


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