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Thursday, March 6, 2014

SJP: Sarah Jessica Parker Shoe Line

Sarah Jessica Parker has been working hard these past two weeks promoting her new shoe line called: SJP. Of all the celebrities to have a shoe line I can't think of a better celebrity than her. I mean Carrie Bradshaw taught most of us about fashion. I didn't even know what Manolo Blahnik was before SATC! (embarrassed to admit but hey I was young)

She teamed up with Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malkemus III and it was a dream for both of them they said. SJP said she has been approached by many different people to design a shoe line but nothing worked out because she was looking for the right partner. 

And oh is it so RIGHT! The line is classic going back to old age shoe design where shoes were made in Italy. They are a single sole heel that range in beautiful colors and can be found at Nordstrom. 
The shoes range from the $300 to $400 mark, which aren't cheap so save your pennies shoe lovers. 

Check out some of my favorites from the line. 

This red heel called "The Lady"is my favorite. Its classic, chic and a beautiful color. It can easily be worn from day to night. I have to have this one! <3

What do you guys think of the line? Let me know in the comment box down below....

"Men I may not know, but SHOES, shoes I know"

~ Carrie Bradshaw




  1. Love this post and love the shoes!

    xo Angie

  2. I think I know what my next shoe purchase will be ! Loving the camel colored lace ups ;)

    1. They look so chic!!! If you get them I wanna see!!!! :)
      I can't wait to try to go to Nordstrom this weekend and try some on.



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