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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Neutrogena Sun Up SunDown

This is a sponsored post with Neutrogena and Latina Bloggers Connect. However all opinions/stories are 100% my own.

 Tanning beds are safe because they don’t use the burning rays of the sun.”

It takes years to see the effects of sun damage on my skin.”

Darker skin makes Latinas (or anyone of color) less susceptible to skin cancer.”

These are myths that we’ve heard and have said ourselves to convince ourselves that we aren’t doing anything wrong when exposing our skin to sunlight. However, as I have learned through age and experience sun exposure is not good for you, your beautiful skin or your health.
When I was younger (true story btw) and I was cheerleading I would go to the tanning salon religiously. I would go everyday for the maximum time (20 minutes). I did this for 5 years straight until one day I found a dark spot on my right shoulder. I went to the doctors and he told me it was due to sun exposure and it was dangerous for me to expose my skin to so much UV radiation and I was increasing my risk of skin cancer.
Ever since then I completely stopped going to the tanning salon and to be honest my skin hasn’t looked better. My skin looks healthy and I have a glow from within. I do suffer from occasional back pimples and scarring but I would rather just deal with that then go back to tanning again.
I can’t stress enough how important it is for all of my beauties to protect themselves from too much sun exposure. If your going to the beach and want a little tan (which I do too sometimes) just apply Neutrogena Wet Skin sunscreen. It has an SPF 50 and will resist humidity, sweat and water. So you can jump into the water and not worry about your sun screen sliding off. This little guy will definitely be in my beach bag this summer. 

I would love to discuss with all of you more on this topic so please Join Me:
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