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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

DIY: How To Get Smooth Soft Skin & Help Treat Eczema

Hey Guys,

Transitioning from jeans to shorts can be scary at first. But if you get your skin ready for the move it will be easier. We all have different skin issues that may make us insecure, and while it’s easy to hide them in the winter, there is no hiding them in the summer. Here’s my story on how Lavender oil helped with my skin insecurities!

I usually don’t share my personal issues, but it’s the only way I can explain how amazing this next skin care tip is. I have very dry skin, and as if that wasn’t enough, I also recently got something called Atopic Dermatitis. This is another form of eczema that includes itchiness and red dots in areas such as my legs and wrists. Sexy right? Not at all! I became really insecure and began wearing sweaters to cover my wrists while continuing to wear jeans. (Luckily, my job is always cold so I didn’t look too crazy!) Then one day my mother came home with Lavender oil because she read that it helps with arthritis pain. As an oil enthusiast, I looked into it to learn more, and I learned that lavender oil is great for fighting acne, wrinkles, anxiety, insomnia, and sensitive or dry skin. I thought what do I have to lose by trying this on my own skin?  I began mixing lavender and almond oil and putting it on my skin after every shower (didn't touch any other moisturizer). In a week and a half my legs were the clearest I’ve ever seen them! The rashes were gone, I didn’t itch anymore and all the random bumps I used to get were gone. I now use this as my lotion and it has been amazing!

What you need:
Lavender oil= the pure oil or the aromatherapy kind that is already saturated with other oils. I use the aromatherapy kind because that’s what I had at home.
Almond oil=(Get it at Trader Joes or any grocery store)

**If you get pure lavender oil, make sure you mix it with the almond oil. Do not put it on your skin without mixing it**

A little goes a long way. I make a small amount.
½ tsp of almond oil
¼ tsp of Lavender oil
Even though this was a positive experience for me, we all have different kinds of skin. I would recommend trying a spot on your skin first—just to see how your skin will react.

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