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Monday, April 4, 2016

How to Find Time for Yourself

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This has been a constant struggle for me these days. While working a full time job, trying to blog part time and work on my Youtube channel I feel like Im constantly working and not doing things for myself. This is T.M.I (but we are all girls right!) I get so caught up in working that I don't even wash my hair for days. Lately I've been living in a top knot bun! 
I know gross please don't judge me... 

I am learning that making time for myself is important for both my mind and body. It's such a mental thing. Most of us tend to put ourselves last. I am working on this and I hope my post helps you guys that struggle with this as well. 
Let's learn together!


This is Number 1 for me! I waste about 4-5 hours a day on the internet and that includes Instagram  Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube and online shopping. 1/2 the time I am looking at nothing and I am zombified by the internet. Turn off your devices for a little and let your mind rest and relax. Even if  it's for an hour or less. It will help your sanity and honestly your not going to miss anything that important.


I don't mean spend a lot of money or go out to a spa to do this. You can do the simplest things at home. Take a little longer in the shower and indulge in making yourself look and smell good. Shave your legs with your favorite shaving cream, try out a leave in hair treatment or take a nice long bath.
I love to do a simple face mask and take care of my skin. One of my favorites is Freeman's Charcoal and Black Sugar Mask. 


Okay I am a procrastinator when it comes to working out. I find any reason to convince myself not to go and trust me it doesn't take much. However by doing this I feel sluggish and down on myself. Motivate yourself to work out just a little even at home. 
I am motivating myself to do a small workout everyday at home consisting of: 
10x3 push ups, 1 min 3x planks, 12x3 squats and 10x3 jumping squats.
I feel good afterwards and my body is fueled with energy and motivation. 


You know that book you purchased months ago and still haven't started reading or how about that recipe you've wanted to try. DO IT! I have purchased numerous books and they have sat somewhere in my apartment unopened and unread and it bothers me. When I am reading my mind is at ease and I am relaxed. Whatever you have put off because of your busy schedule, make time for it. I try to read a couple times a week at least for an hour. Whether its at my lunch time or before I go to bed. 
Its something for me and thats whats important!


If you do not take care for yourself no one else will. Your work and your job can wait and you need to find time for yourself. Don't feel bad whether your single, a mom, or a wife. Your loved ones will understand and honestly you are a better version of yourself when your healthy and happy. Don't wait until your having a bad day to take care of yourself. Try to make it a schedule or a routine in your daily life. Making yourself happy should be a priority.

Do you guys have any tips or comments? 

Please leave them down below. Sharing is caring <3


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