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Monday, April 18, 2016

How to Make Time for Friends

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I am continuing my series of making time for yourself and talk about making time for friends. This is my second hardest thing to do. Whether you’re juggling working full time, kids and/or husband, and household duties it’s hard to have time for friends. 
But it is so necessary for one’s own sanity and mental health. You need to have girl time, adult conversation and time away to relax and have a good time.
Remember that you deserve that! 

Here are a few ways you can find time for friends:

1.      Set a date and don’t break it. This is the first step in making time for friends. Make a date. Plan around your calendar and contact your friends. Set up a few dates that might work for everyone and work on an agreeable one. Then don’t break it! Make sure to put it in your calendar, phone, alarm, post it note whatever and wherever way you can so you don’t forget or are a no show.

2.      Make it a regular schedule. In order to continue making time for your friends try to make it into a regular thing. Maybe take up your friend’s offer of going to that Pilates or spin class, or make a regular scheduled lunch date. If you make it a regular scheduled date then it because routine and you no longer have to worry about not making time for friends.

3.      Girls Night In! This is a considerate option because not everyone has the money to go out so host a Girl’s Night In! You can make it a theme or just a simple night. Have each one of your girlfriends bring something small so the burden is not all on you or order in. You can simply eat, drink and enjoy good conversation and wear your cute onesies. (I think I’m going to this with my girls ASAP!)

4.      No More Group Chat! I am not a fan of group chat or keeping up with my closest friends on social media. I think its interpersonal and a lazy way of convincing yourself that you’re making time for your friends. Don’t Facebook your friend on their birthday! This bad habit can become a ritual routine in your life and friendships. So if you’re doing it then stop right now missy! You’ll thank me later! 


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