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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Blogging Tips: Choosing a Blog Name

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Choosing your blog name

One of the hardest parts of beginning your blog journey is creating a name. Names would float around my brain even when I was sleeping because I found it so stressful. FYI I am a Libra so decision making is not my strong suit. 
Last month I finally found a name that I love and have chosen to be mine. 

I wanted to share my tips with you guys to help:

1.) Grab a piece of paper, a notebook, a blank word document or whatever and just jot down names like crazy. I mean I have pages and pages of names jotted down when I was trying to come up with a name. 
  • Jot down things that you like, things that you see, sayings, nicknames, your name anything that is relevant to your life and would have a meaning to you. You want to pick a name that means something to you. It has to be something that you will love years down the line and repeatedly saying over and over again.
2.) Take a look at other top bloggers websites. Some people say don’t do this but I feel differently. I toke a look at some top bloggers name and how they came up with that name. It may spark a new idea or inspiration in your process.
  • There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from others as long as its inspiration and not           replicating. 
3.) Do your research. One of the things that I did when I was having a mental block day was watch the Devil wears Prada. I put on movies that were relevant to what I was looking for and would inspire me. Or read a magazine. You can find inspiration everywhere if you just open your eyes, ears and mind to other possibilities. 

4.) Keep it short. If you look at popular fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogs there domain names are short. I suggest you keep your name short. I would have preferred: StyleBrunch but that was taken so I had to add the word “the”. 
  • You want people to be able to remember your name and say it in a short phrase. The shorter the better. I like the formula of marrying two words together. 
  • If that’s not available don’t give up on it just add “the” “my” “xo” “a”. 
5.) Family and Friends are free Critics. Use your family and friends and run by them your top 3 choices and ask them to pick one or what do they think. 
  • When I came up with a name I asked my baby sister and my fiancĂ©. Both of them have very straight to the point personalities and I look up to their opinions. It helped because they both picked “TheStyleBrunch” and it was the boost of confidence that I needed. 
6.) Be aware of already taken names. Like I told you guys I originally wanted “StyleBrunch” but when I went to to purchase the rights to my disappointment that name was already taken. (side note: I did whine for about 1 hour..not my proudest moment)
  • When you’re ready with your top 3 go to domain sites and see if the name is available and if it’s not have a Plan B and C! 
I wish you all the best of luck in your journey to become bloggers. Remember to choose a name that you’re passionate about, its meaningful to you and makes a blog statement in a saturated community. 

If you guys ever need help please let me know and I would love to lend a hand! I plan on continue a Blogging Tip series and posting a new topic at least once (1) a week. 

Please let me know below any topics you guys would love to read about!



  1. That’s what I was looking for.
    Very well said.

    But Domains on your name make you popular. Don’t you think they are effective as your personal name promotion on the web?

    1. Hey thank you for visiting and checking out my article! Yes I think domain names based on your own name are widely popular however for me I didnt want my readers to feel that my site was mainly about me and it is evolves I want to create more content for lifestyle and have guest writers/bloggers.



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