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Thursday, October 6, 2016

How to fill your creativity tank

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Whether your a blogger or not if your job entails using your right side of the brain (creative side) you have experienced creative block. As a blogger there are many times where I feel uninspired and have a lack of creative ideas. 
It varies in different aspects such as fashion inspiration, blog posts ideas, flat lay frustrations and etc. The blogging industry is a fast paced environment. People are posting new content quickly and daily and its hard to catch up when your a one woman show. 
In my life blogging is my ambition and passion. It is what I most look forward to when my work day is over. I am currently working a full time and trying to balance time to work on my blog full time as well. My days are super long and usually go to bed around 12 am to wake up at 6 for work. My weekends are for shooting content and youtube videos so to sum it all up....
 I have no life! LOL
But when life is going fast and your mind is constantly in overdrive its easy at times to feel flat and uninspired. I wanted to share with you guys some tips on how to stimulate your creativity:

1. Stop what your doing and change scenery
When your feeling stuck or in a creative block you have to learn to give in and get out. Take a walk outside, grab a cup of coffee or take some time to read a book. This can stimulate your brain and get those creative juices flowing.

2. Keep a notepad or journal
If your like me creative ideas come in spurts and spontaneously and if I don't write them down they can be gone and gone forever. Carry a notebook or journal with you and constantly write down your ideas or thoughts. Keeping track of your thoughts can help you in the future to develop a bigger idea or plan!

3. Create an inspiration wall
If you are a visual person like myself it can be helpful to cut out magazines pictures and create an inspiration wall. If your a technical person create a iphoto folder in either your phone or iPad and save online photos that inspire you. When you feel your creative tank is low tap into these options for a quick creative remedy.

4. Unplug from your phone
For me my iPhone is completely distracting when I am trying to think and search for an idea. The worst thing for me to do is to pick up my phone and check out my social media accounts. It is the wrong kind of break and it provides me with no inspiration and only puts me more off track.

5. Get more sleep
This is one I have to work on but articles say that lack of sleep can affect your thought process. So try to get more sleep and re-energize your brain. Give yourself some rest and know when to quit. Start the next day positive and a with a fresh start!

I hope you guys enjoyed this week's lifestyle post! I really miss doing these! 
Let me know down below your tips when you feel the creativity block!



  1. Such great tips! They're classic, but the reminders are ALWAYS needed and loved!

    xx, Ashleigh ⎢

    1. Thank you so much doll!!!! Thank you for visiting and leaving love xo

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  3. Great article, Alana!

    #2 is definitely my favorite. I am constantly adding stuff to my notepad and it surely avoids the "blank page" issue :)

    Matt |


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