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Sunday, October 16, 2016

My Favorite Instagram Photo Editing Apps

Photo: AMB Photography

Although I am no master of Instagram.. I have found a great routine of editing apps for my photos. For me Instagram is my main social media platform to promote my blog. A single photo can say so much more than a tweet or a Facebook post. A photo can tell a story or express an emotion way better than words.. well at least in my opinion :) 
The social media app is a platform that motivates me to create quality content for my followers and readers. To edit my photos I love using photo editing apps. On my laptop I only edit my pictures using iPhoto and I am not too crazy about it. 
I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite Instagram editing apps:


1. VSCOcam
This is my first step in editing my photos. VSCO offers amazing high quality filters that will help you  achieve a cohesive feed. Its by far one of my favorites! Some of my favorites filters are: HB1 / A5/ A9 / F2 /  VSCOcam allows you to adjust the intensity of your filters and use basic editing tools. 


2. Facetune
After I choose a filter I then enter my photo into Facetune. Usually in Facetune I use detail to intensify the details of certain photo elements such as a purse, belt or shoes. I also use the whiten to brighten up any white backgrounds or items. This is helpful when I shot a flat lay to brighten up my white rug or white background.

3. Instagram
When Instagram updated its application and added editing tools it was over! This is usually my finally step in editing my photos. I love their brightness feature along with contrast and sharpen. I don't use their filters too much but occasionally and in the past I used Clarendon / Juno / Valencia.


4. Boomerang
This is a new app for me and so far I really like it! This app allotters users to create GIF like videos. Boomerang takes a burst of about 10 photos and then loops them into an HD video! Its the coolest thing and I have used it a few times and posted my pictures on Instagram but I am still trying to get more creative with it. 


5. Picframe
Before Instagram updated its app where you couldn't adjust your photo I used Picframe to fit my photo and create a mirror effect for my ootd(s). Once in a while if one of my photos don't fit well into the Instagram frame I will go back to my Picframe days and create a mirror effect to display my look. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this kind of post. 

My next one will be on editing Instagram makeup photos!


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