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Friday, January 13, 2017

Coffee x Date

Latte pic taken at Thinking Cup, NewBury St, Boston, MA

Hello my pretties! Last year was the first time that I opened up on my blog and began to share lifestyle posts that were both motivational and personal. However I struggled with what to call these kind of posts..... well since I love coffee (hence my recent coffee station post on Instagram) I wanted to title personal posts with a coffee tag and a coffee picture! 
Hence the title of this post being Coffee Date! 

I didn't start to drink coffee  until I turned 29. Its interesting because before that I thought coffee was disgusting and the appeal was non existent. My first cup of coffee was Starbucks (typical I know!) and it was a white chocolate mocha. From then on I was hooked and this year I expanded my love for coffee by purchasing a French Press. I am obsessed with my French Press by the way! 

Anyways for me a coffee date is an ideal night out. I know I am getting old! But it really is. I love the cool laid back vibe of coffee shops. I love that you can have both a great conversation with a yummy cup of coffee and you only had to spend less than $10! With coffee date posts I wanted to create a space where we can speak on a personal or intimate level about topics that we all can relate to. Whether its daily life battles or blogging tips/struggles or a good tv show review, lets just have a coffee date and chit chat!

I hope you guys join me and enjoy these kind of posts coming up for the blog. I love this blogging journey and I want to continue this relationship with you guys and becoming better "long distance" friends. If there is one thing I want you guys to confidently know about me is that I want to see others win in life! I want to talk positively and offer you guys words of encouragement. 

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. I am probably not doing much but I hope that I can catch Hidden Figures this weekend! Let me know what plans you guys have this weekend. I would love to know!


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