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Thursday, May 11, 2017

How to Overcome Fear & Pursue your Dreams | LifeStyle Thursday

How to overcome fear? It is a question I have asked myself since I was a little girl. I look back on multiple occasions in my life where I have allowed fear to win. I am now 31 and I still trying to figure out the answer to this question. I like security and safety. Spontaneity at times scares me because I need control and planning. All these things at times I used as excuses to not pursue something. My biggest battle is getting over fear to pursue my dreams. I love my blog and being creative. I want to do this full time but unfortunately at the moment I still work a 9 to 5. I dream of quitting and pursuing my blog full time but again that hating a%& fear comes around and creates doubt and worry in my mind. For me I need a plan! I told myself this year that I am doing this. I want to share with you guys my plan and hopefully this will resonate and help some of you as well. 

1. You need Perspective
Take some time out and really think about this passion that you have. Make sure that this is really what you want and what makes you happy. Think about the situation that your in right now and if you are really happy. 

2. Believe In Yourself
Trust in your vision, your talent and your abilities. Train your mind that you will work hard and make your dreams come true. And hey believe in yourself also that if it doesn't work out you will find another job! Have self confident and build up your strength and resiliency. 

3. Create a Plan
In order to just quit your 9 to 5 you need a plan and this calls for a financial one. To satisfy my crave for security I need to save money. Create a savings account if you don't have and start putting money aside for the day that you quit. I have read countless blog posts and how much to save and what is the appropriate amount etc. What I have gathered is this: write down all your monthly bills (bills, groceries, gas etc) and then times that by 3. Right there you have calculated how much money you might need a month and times that by 6 or 12. Blogging money is not always guaranteed. Some months are good and some are sloowwwww! To avoid panic or worse make sure you have enough money saved and this will help with you with worry, confidence and to have the time to pursue your dreams. 

4. No More Procrastination
Create your plan and do it! This goes for me too! You will always find an excuse to push your date further and further away. Set a date and make it happen. I can't wait for the day that I can announce that I finally did it! Lets not let fear or worry stop us!

I hope this post was helpful for you all because it is definitely helpful for me. I love reading stories from entrepreneurs that recant the moment of when they finally quit their job. I want to be in that same space and feel what that feels like. If you have done this please share below. Let this post be a positive one of motivating one another! 


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