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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Controlling your Sweet Tooth Cravings

Before the wedding I went on a very strict diet of no carbs or processed sugars such as cakes, cookies, doughnuts etc. I lost 7 pounds, toned up and felt amazing. However after the wedding I celebrated, had some fun and have eaten properly lately. My husband and I have sweet tooths. We love sweets and I have been researching ways to control my cravings and find healthier alternatives. So far I am loving making healthier desserts and snacks that give me my craving but don't make me feel lousy and tired after a few hours. 

Make At Home Snacks
One of my favorites to make at home is an acai bowl. I found some packets at both Trader Joes and Whole Foods. I mix the acai with half a banana, chia seeds and water. For my toppings I don't want to add too much sugar so I add organic granola, unsweetened coconut flakes and almond butter or blue berries. Right now its one of my favorite summer snacks to make and I always feel refreshed and energized afterwards.

Natural Sweeteners
Adding honey to my coffee was a big change for me. I was for the longest time using brown sugar however to cut back I purchased organic are honey and add very little unsweetened coconut milk and a dash of cinnamon on it. I found that it taste so yummy and my stomach is agitated a few hours afterwards. I am also cutting back on my coffee intake though. Every other day I try to drink green tea and I find that I am not obsessively craving coffee as much. Not gonna lie though on the weekends it is coffee all day! 

Drink Agua!
Drinking 6-8 glasses of water is so important to cut back on unhealthy cravings. I find that when I think that I am hungry I drink a glass of water and I'm actually dehydrated. Drinking water has decreased the un wanting craving feeling and plus my skin looks so much better :)

Grab a cookbook
I went to Barnes and Nobles the other day and find in their sale section a Paleo diet book. There were so many healthier dessert recipes that I am so excited to try it. Expand your palette and knowledge and do research on healthier food recipes. I saw one on a health banana bread recipe that I am dying to try out! I love banana bread!!! So yummy. If you don't want to spend the money create a Pinterest Board and save some health snack recipes. You will feel so inspired by some of these recipes out here that you will gain more motivation to eat healthy.

Treat yourself once a week
I don't want to live a militant diet. So once in a while I treat myself and eat a piece of dark chocolate or have one cookie. It is all about moderation and self control. When you treat reduce your portion size and maybe skip the sugary drink with your treat and have a glass of water with it or grab your favorite frappaccino but skip the whipped cream on top :) Don't be too hard on yourself and enjoy good times with your loved ones.

What are some of your tips and or secrets to control your sweet tooth? please share your knowledge or what works for you down below :) 


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