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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ways to not waste time in your career

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When I toke this picture I envisioned this photo centering around a post about fashion but as I uploaded the photo onto my website I changed my mind. When I see the watch all I think of is the word time.

Since I met my husband he has always been a person who despises wasting time. He always says phrases like "those are hours that I will never get back" or "I want to be happy and not waste my time being unhappy." So I want to focus this post on: Ways to Not Waste Time in Our Careers

The first step is to realize what are those things that are holding you back or distracting you from productivity. My phone for me is my biggest distraction. When I am trying to work on a blog post or edit a youtube video I have to have my phone out of my sight because any notification alert or text message will throw me off course and the next thing you know I am knee deep in social media browsing and an hour has went by. We need to find out how we spend our work days so we can find those little time wasters and eliminate them. 

Don't be on Social Media

Face it millennials social media is our achilles tendon. I swear I tell myself sometimes "only a quick glance" and its never is a quick glance. Being on social media can throw off your thought process or make you lose an idea. We have to control how much time we are on social media and schedule it after your work hours. You can limit your time but setting an alarm or like I do flip my phone over so I can't see it light up! Use social media as part of your lunch or pick me up break. 

Create a plan

I find that when I create a plan on what I am working on that day I can get my task done efficiently and I am not stressed out and unorganized. If your a blogger, create a social media post calendar and plan out your shoots and content for the month or a few weeks. This way you have your plan and from there you can create a schedule. 

Creating a schedule

Since I work a full time job and my blog is my side hustle I have to create a schedule so 1.) I get enough sleep and 2.) I am focused and disciplined to get a certain task done by a certain time.  Make sure to keep to your schedule. If your blog is not your main source of income it is easy to blow tasks off or become less motivated to finish it. Discipline is key and once you train your mind to think that way you will be more productive and less stressed. 

Time is precious especially if you are chasing after your dreams and time is not on your side. Don't waste your time with negative thoughts or doubts in your career either. I started my blog 4 years ago and I am still not where I want to be. I still work a full time job and I have days where I feel like there is never enough time to accomplish all that I want to do. But I have to tell myself that God works in HIS timing and I must have faith. If I work on a few things such as creating a plan for myself and focusing on the task at hand I can be productive and continue to work on my career. Hopefully some day I will be writing a blog post titled: How I quit my full time JOB! LOL!

*This watch was gifted to me however this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are 100% mine and from the heart*


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