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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Over the Knee Boots for Fall

Now that the temperature is cooling down one its time to turn our attention to one of fall's best fashion pieces: over the knee boots. Fall boots are my favorite pieces to invest in. A great pair of boots can pull your whole look together or dress it up. From velvet to suede or even leather there are so many different styles of boots to choose from. 



Over the knee boots a few different ways. They can be worn with a flowy skirt or dress or worn over your skinny jeans/leggings. Boots look best when your jeans are skinny and form fitting. You don't want them to be slouchy or long around your ankles. Depending on the color of your boots you can pair over the knee boots with any colored jean: denim blue, black or even white.  

Thick leggings are another great item to wear your boots with along with a cozy cardigan. Leggings are great because of their natural tight fitting wear and allow for perfect access into your over the knee boots. Its a great look for fun fall outings such as pumpkin picking or a farmer's market day.

Over the knee boots allow you to wear into the fall skirts and dresses. The tall silhouette under your skirt or dress brings warmth and protect you from the cold weather elements such as snow and rain.  If you love sweater dresses like me throw on your over the knee boots and you look amazing and polished. Going on a fun night out? Wear that cute mini skirt with over the knee boots and your fashion forward and feeling a little bit warmer. 


Get those boots out of your closet and start pairing them with some fun cute fall looks. If your just starting to look to invest in a pair I picked out some beautiful boots for you loves. 

If you liked this kind of fashion post let me know in the comment box down below and I will definitely create another post all about a different style boot. Perhaps ankle boots?!   


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