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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

My 2018 Goals as a Micro Influencer

According to a article 2018 will be the year of the micro-influencer! According to the article, brands will be focusing on the kind of return that will get and not on the followers of an influencer. According to an article Millennial lifestyle expert Chelsea Krost states "We've gotten more savvy to really understand that you can have 100,000 followers and not really generate , but then someone can have 10,000 followers and generate phenomenal engagement" said Krost. "So the power isn't necessarily so much behind follower count anymore, it's really how much engagement and how much traction can you really get in the social media landscape."

Micro-influencers seem to have various different definitions. Some state that anyone under the follower count of 50,000 is a micro-influencer. Last year I made the common mistake of comparing myself to other influencers and focusing on numbers. However my mind was changed after listening to some great podcasts and having supportive friends that my perspective shifted. 

This year (2018) I have a new outlook and a new set of goals. I want to share my goals with you guys as a resource of encouragement. There has already been a lot of buzz in the influencer space of your worth based on follower number. This space has no blueprint or clear cut path to success. I have listened to many different podcasts with influencers and you tubers as guests and every single person's story is different. There is no x, y and z and da da your successful formula. This space doesn't work that way and brands and marketers are in the same boat as US! They too are trying to figure out this space and what works and doesn't. 

Our social media handle is our brand along with our blog and youtube etc. I am shifting my mind to a business and marketing stand point and focusing on the behind the scene numbers and where my influence packs a powerful punch as oppose to just the number that you see next to my main profile picture that I change by the way every other month :) 

Here are my Three (3) Goals this year:

1. Engagement
This is my top priority. I am not worrying about numbers too much but I can't say I never will because that will be a lie! Lol! I plan on really working on establishing an engagement rate of 3% and over. My main social media platform is Instagram and Instagram has a baseline engagement rate of 3%-6%. Instagram has done a lot of the heavy lifting for us because they installed the Analytics section on business accounts. This is the best tool you have and at the moment (crossing my fingers IG never changes it) it is FREE! 
How you calculate your engagement rate: 
Take the number of likes and the number of comments your post received and add those two numbers together.
Then you take that number and divide it by your number of followers and times that by 100. 
This is your engagement rate! 
I want to build this rate to over 3% because it gives me strong data to bring to a brand and say look my followers love this product and this was the engagement rate. BAM! 

2. Trust
Trust is earned in any relationship and the same philosophy goes with social media. It takes time and has to be nurtured. I know its cliche but it is incredibly true in influence and blogging, you must be AUTHENTIC! Authenticity builds like-ability which then develops into liking a person/brand and blossoms into trust. I want to open myself up more to you guys and push out valuable meaningful call to action content. This requires more ,interaction, IG stories, IG LIVE and more. This in turn in the long run will build a genuine relationship with you guys where we connect on a intimate level and not a surface one. I alwayssss have told my friends that when I die I want to be known for the girl that was kind, thoughtful and compassionate and not for my looks or outward compliments.

3. Long Lasting Brand Relationships
This year brands will be looking more to establish long lasting relationships with influencers than ever before. Brands are catching on to the trends of fake follower numbers, spam/bot accounts, and fake comments on posts. They are becoming more savvy and will be focusing on accounts that can increase a brand's presence online and effectiveness. Last year I dropped the ball on this and would work with a great brand on a campaign and then not follow up. Its almost like I went on a great date and never called or texted the guy back! I am going to focus on strategizing ways to promote a brand that I love by telling a unique story that is my own. I love being creative and I want to tap into that more this year and try to deliver content that is different, personal and that will set me apart. 

These are my three goals that I have written down in my 2018 planner and now my blog for you all. But I really like to share these kinds of posts with you all to share that we are all trying to figure out this space. There are so many areas to learn and everyday its trial and error and experimenting with what works and what doesn't but thats what drives me so much to this world. I love that its like a rubik cube that I can't figure out. I hope that by opening this conversation that we can share ideas and help each other in areas that we need it. 

I open this post as a space that you leave a comment below of what your blogging struggles are. I hope that we can answer and help each other out. This is the year of the WOMAN huni and we all need to stick together and no longer look at each other as competition but as sisters! 



  1. Great post! We have some of the same goals. I know my main focus is engagement. On and offline. And connecting with brands and creating high quality content that I love and therefore others will too.

    My only struggle is finding my aesthetic and style. Sometimes I feel edgy then other times I feel minimalist. I’m it sure why it matters I’m sure I can be both right lol. But my aesthetic dictates what type of brand and following I have. Still trying to figure it all out.

    1. Thank you so much for leaving me a comment love! My style changes too! Sometimes I feel Tom boyish and other times I feel feminine. I think it’s authentic to dress according to how you feel and when you post it on Instagram express that in your caption! Engagement is a great marketing point to make to brands. I really think that’s what they are going to start looking at this year! Much success to you hun!

  2. All I can say is WOW! beautifully written and I am so glad that you wrote this post! when I am feeling down or need an extra motivation I will definitely look back at this post, especially your three goals! I never doubted when I hit that follow button. I can relate to you on the goals that you have for yourself. But I also have my own struggle as a new blogger, I know that having a "niche" is big and I feel that my blog lacks to have a "niche", I think thats where I want to focus and also being consistent with my posts for my followers. Thank you for your advice and support, I love your IG stories and live so continue! YOU are amazing!

    1. Thank you so much huni! I am so happy that you like the post and that you find it helpful! We are all trying to figure out this space. Let me know of any other topics you would like me to touch on! I wish you so much luck in your blogging journey hun! xoxo


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