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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wellness / Health Journey

Happy Wednesday friends! I have been drafting ways for a while to incorporate wellness and health style posts for the blog. When I turned 30 I decided to start a wellness journey! I was motivated to look and feel healthy before the wedding and it was really exciting.  I was hungry for new information and to learn and research as much as I can about food and its benefits to my body. When I start something I go all in and I can deep!!! I played around with different wellness lifestyle but the one that I enjoyed was Paleo. Going on the Paleo diet opened my palette to introducing me to new vegetables and dishes. I am coordinating a favorites Paleo recipes soon for you guys. Let me know in the comment section if you would be interested!!! 

I concentrated so much on what I was putting into my body that I naively ignored the other categories involved in wellness. In October I started to experience uncomfortable chest pains. It was a pain that hurt when I toke a deep breath and would affect my shoulders and elbows. I grew anxious and concerned about this foreign pain and I went the doctors. After months of continuous pain, EKG tests, ultra sounds and mammograms I found out today that I have chondrocostal junction syndrome. It is basically inflammation in the costal cartilages. 

I realized that I ignored my physical body and my mental health. When I stress I can very tense and anxious. I don't handle emotional stress too well and using up all this unnecessary energy has taken a toll on my body physically. As I am typing this post I have a notebook with ways that I plan to take better care of myself and implement self care. 

With this new series on the blog called Wellness journey I want to talk about wellness and incorporate eight (8) categories: Body / Mind / Career / Spiritual / Emotion / Social / Financial / Environment 

My next post will be about the Body and ways that I am trying to care for my body physically such as exercise, sleep and eating habits. I want you guys to do this wellness journey with me! I am no gym rat and I am not in love with the gym but I want to use this opportunity to encourage each other to just be great and live our best lives! 

Whether you have a family at home or your single you cant be your best for others if you are not taking care of yourself. I just saw a video tonight on twitter of a woman who has had her whole life cystic fibrosis and after surgery her fiancĂ© recorded her taking her first breath with her new lungs for the first time! Someone that we take for granted everyday! I hope you guys join me and we motivate each other because I am definitely someone that needs to be pushed and challenged! Lets use the hashtag #TSBSelfCareChallenge or comment below and let me know if you want to join. Also share any of your self care tips as well! 

Thanks guys <3


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