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Monday, August 13, 2018

Feeling better after a Bad Day

Bad days happen to all of us. Sometimes the bad day can start the minute we wake up and sometimes it comes later in a unforeseen circumstance. Chileeee I know this feeling. One of my biggest internal battles is harboring on negativity. If someone disrupts my mood I struggle with shaking it sometimes. But as I grow spiritually and mentally I am proactively doing things that will help me turn my bad day into an amazing day. 

I'm happy to share with you all some of my favorite ways to feel better after a bad day:

1. Remember God's presence and give Him thanks
When my day can spiral out of control I close my eyes, be still and look for God's presence. Give Him thanks for your current circumstance and give Him thanks for another day. It can really humble you and like that, whatever happened to you, disappears from your mind. 

2. Acknowledge those feelings and allow yourself to feel so you can move on
I tend to sweep things under the rug and what happens is things fester in me and tend to come back later. If your angry or need a good cry let it out. You will be surprised what a relieve it is to let out a quick shout or cry. 

3. Meditate on positive affirmations
I will have a good day! Today will be a good day! Fill your mind with positive affirmations for your day. I even have sticky notes all over my desk of positive affirmations to bring me back and help me correct my mood.

4. Make yourself a cup of tea
I love a nice warm cup of tea when I'm stressed. Currently anything lavender is my favorite and calming to my soul!

5. Go out for a walk and get outside
I find that nature really distracts me and calms my spirit. I love either going for a walk or a nice bike ride with my husband. Looking around at nature makes me forget whatever happened to me before that. 

6. Put on a face mask 
This can go hand and hand with your cup of tea. I love a nice calming mask. I prefer a 10-15 minute long face mask that allows me to really sit and just enjoy my tea. 

7. Take a nap
Sometimes you have to just sleep off those feelings and wake up brand new!

8. Distract yourself with something positive and uplifting
Listen to a good podcast, put on your favorite movie or Netflix show or put on some music to distract your mind and allow yourself to be filled with entertainment for a nice distraction from your bad day.

9. Read a book
I  love to just pick up and book and give into that world so then my worries are forgotten and I am now engulfed in the world of my book! I just finished When life gives you Lululemons and it was such a good read that toke my mind of some stresses of my day. 

10. Take a bath or a shower
Sit in the tub and just relax. Sitting still is helpful to relaxing your mind and body.

11. Create a quite space and talk to God
 Tell him about your day and all your feelings. Sometimes when I feel myself losing control of my day I ask God to hover over me and give me strength. Anytime I talk to God I always feel instantly better!

12. Give your body a nice time of stretching
I have been told by my primary doctor, massage therapist and physical therapist that I tend to hold stressful tension on my shoulders and neck. So stretch out your body and give yourself a quick rub with your hands to relieve your tension and relax your muscles. 

13. Get your journal and write down what your thankful for
When you think about all that is good in your life and how lucky you are these small things that may have happened that put you in  bad mood will begin to feel small and unimportant

14. Light a candle
I like to light candles. Something about that small action could make me so happy! Anytime I smell anything vanilla it brings a smile to my face. 

15. Dive into something you love
Whatever your hobby is do it after a bad day. I like to work on my blog or film a youtube video. I quickly distract myself when I am focused on something that makes me happy such as my blog or filming a youtube video. 

16. Turn to your loved ones or your pet! 
When my husband is out of town and I had a bad day at work I quickly pick up my dog and just cuddle with him. He gives me that unconditional love that always melts my heart.

I hope this random list of 16 things help you guys feel better after a rough day. I scrambled and jotted down everything that I can think of that I do but if you happen to have a suggestion that I didnt list please share it! I would love to see some things that you guys do to turn a bad day around! 

"Be still
and know 
I am God"
Psalm 46:10 


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