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Friday, July 5, 2019

Two Trimesters down and What I've learned on getting dressed

Is dressing a growing baby bump challenging? I am not going to lie to you guys and say its not because it can be at times. My body has been through more changes than it ever has in its 33 years. But even though my entire body is changing (and now my feet!) that doesn't mean I still can't incorporate my personal style during this time. I want to share with you guys a style journal from my two trimesters and how both you and I can stay true to our personal style despite the body growth changes and challenges.

Early Stages of Pregnancy (First Trimester)

I know this stage is different for everyone. I didn't even know I was pregnant until I was already 6-8 weeks in. I didn't have any morning sickness or nausea so I thought I was just experiencing a late period since I was under a lot of stress at the time. I started to show around the 3-4 month period and I still fit in a lot of my old clothes. Although I still fit in my clothes I was too tired to get dressed. Tiredness was my biggest challenge and getting dressed up was the last thing I wanted to do. I remember having to shoot some looks with my husband for the blog around this time and I was so tired afterwards that I just slept the day away. 

However when I found out that I was pregnant I instinctively wanted to purge my closet. I wanted to go through and eliminate any old trendy clothes that I had hung on to. I guess in a weird sort of way I wanted to have a fresh perspective on how I wanted to present myself as a newly pregnant woman. 

The one thing that did grow on my body was my boobs. I have for as long as I can remember been a 36B and at a rapid pace my boobs grew and were coming out of my bra giving me a more voluptuous look. Not to mention my nipples becoming un flatter ably noticeable in all my tops. Big boobs are harder to dress than I thought. I was hired to do on camera work for a private company and I had to wear a collared button up. My boobs are busting out of that blouse that I looked like I was promoting an intro to a sexy video rather than talking about health benefits! 

Before these new boobs I could basically wear anything confidently and comfortably. I wore a lot of low v tops and blouses, trendy bodysuits and casually unbuttoned blouses. My clothes had a laid back and loungy feel. But during pregnancy my basics had a suggestive feel and I felt uncomfortable. I give all my ladies with bigger busts applauses and credit because it is not easy to be busty and still manage to look chic. You ladies are the real MVP! 

During this time it was winter and where I live it is still very cold. I wore a lot of my oversized sweaters with my jeans and knee high boots. I wore a lot of blazers to cover up my bump until I was ready to tell my family and accessorized with a belt around my waist. It really worked! My parents and mother in law had no idea I was pregnant. Towards the end my high waisted mom jeans started to feel a little snug and I had to resort to leggings. I am not a leggings kind of girl. I am a jeans kind of girl. I remember having a moment of silence and disbelief when no longer any of my jeans fit me...

Second Trimester Challenges

I finally announced my pregnancy on social media when I was entering my second trimester. Things felt freeing when I was able to share it and I could now move on to the fun part, styling! My baby was growing and my bump was finally showing so I could now style around the bump as the focal point instead of hiding it. I had to get a little creative in the bottoms department. I relied on pleated skirts and body con dresses. Honestly guys before being pregnant I owed just one body con dress. I never was a fan of them but when your pregnant there's nothing more flattering than a body con dress. It hugs your baby bump in all your flattering areas. You also don't have to go up a size with body con dresses. I am still wearing a size small in some dresses. Another plus, you don't have to break the bank when purchasing a few body con dresses for your maternity wardrobe. I have found some cute basic ones on Forever 21 and ASOS. A helpful tip stick to mostly neutral colors. Its easier to keep re styling your dress.

Other Tips: 

1. Don't quickly discount your old clothes. I found that a lot of my summer dresses still fit me and accentuated my growing body perfectly. Try them on and you might be surprised what will still fit you at least throughout your first and second trimester. 

2. Bras. I think the most challenging item in my closet to figure out is my bra collection. When my boobs began to grow my skin also got sensitive and especially to certain bras. I found that my           B Temptd and Wacoal bras have both fit me nicely and hasn't irritated my breasts. Sports bra are my new best friend. They are just so comfortable and really support my breasts throughout the day.  But when in doubt and your just around the house go bra less! LOL!

Being blessed with the opportunity to carry your baby is a gift. I hope you guys enjoy this post and I look forward to sharing more pregnancy type journey posts as this one.  


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