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Saturday, August 10, 2019

A Cozy Master Bedroom Makeover with Raymour & Flanigan: Before and After Inspiration

I can't believe that baby boy is coming in 10 weeks! My alone time with him is just flying by. I have enjoyed so much the precious time of just being him and I. I love feeling his little kicks and sharing that little secret that only I can feel. I so look forward to his birth but there is still so much to do before hand. 

Next week is my baby shower so I am finalizing all last minute plans for that and once that is done it is the count down to getting the nursery ready and all his belongings in place. It still feels so unreal. I have dreamt of this moment for so long..

One of the major items on my list to prepare for our baby's arrival was to get our master bedroom ready. Our room is a giant L shape so we are creating a baby nook area in our room. I wanted the bedroom to feel calm and peaceful. Honestly guys I never had a bedroom set before. I have put together pieces but nothing that was complete. I cried when it all came together. It was a real humbling moment for me. It still needs a few decor items but overall I am so in love with our bedroom. 

I love how gender neutral the color and decor is. It gives me California dessert vibes. When I was deciding how I wanted to decorate the room I created three different mood boards using inspiration that I found on my Pinterest boards and pairing it with pieces that I found on Raymour and Flanigan's website. 

The bedroom before was painted yellow and it made the room feel dark. We didn't have a complete bed frame before. I just found a headboard from Target and paired that with a simple metal frame. Guys it was not a glamorous set up. The middle part of the metal frame was constantly coming off due to the weight of our new mattress and box spring. Before we got the carpet the wheels would move around and make so much noise when we got on the bed! I was ready for a room makeover and to finally climb into bed with no noise or movement. 

The first thing we needed to do to this room was paint it! After long deliberation I chose Snowbound my Sherwin Williams in a flat finish. It toke about two coats but when it was done it really brightened up the space. For the moulding around the windows and frames we did the Snowbound again but in a semi gloss finish. 

Next I wanted to create some mood boards to get an idea on what kind of design and feel fit our needs and wants for this room makeover. I used Canva to help me with this. It is a free account to sign up and I really love this website for creating mood boards but also Youtube thumbnails. 

Once I created my three mood boards I showed my husband and after long deliberation we decided on number 2. He loved the dark grey color of the head board and the wood end tables. With some soft rustic touches I liked the pick too! 

Once we had our mood board selected and our items picked out it was time to schedule a visit to the store. I am such a planner and there is no way I could go into a furniture store without a plan of attack. I highly suggest that you guys create a mood board or Pinterest board when planning to redecorate your rooms. It saves tons of stress and waste of time. 

We were met my one of the managers, Terrell Jackson and he was awesome! Such a joy to work with and made the experience enjoyable and informative. The bed unfortunately was not available in the store so I couldn't look at it in person but we ordered it anyways. I actually didn't end up liking the ones that I originally chose and with Terrell's help we went with these darker wood end tables. But the best part about this compared to my original choice is the USB in the back! It was the one simple thing that made my husband happy! 

I really appreciate the customer service provided by Raymour and Flanigan. We added the Platinum Protection Plan because since a newborn baby is on the way I am concerned with food or beverage stains or any other stains that could arise in the next five years with a child. The plan is valid for 5 years from the date of your delivery. It states that furniture covered under the plan requires stain removal or repair, they will attempt to resolve the problem by sending a cleaning kit or a Raymour and Flanigan Quality Service Technician for a scheduled service call at no charge ( and I like the term "at no charge"). 

Some of our pieces were not currently available at the warehouse near us so we had to wait until it arrived. Once we received notification that it was available for delivery, delivery schedule was quick. Delivery is guaranteed in 3 days or less. The day before the delivery a reminder call is made and the day of delivery the delivery driver will call to give a heads up of arrival time. 
Tip: make sure to have the area ready and clear to accommodate your new furniture. It makes the delivery process smooth and avoids chaos. 

I really like the wood finish of these night stands. It adds rustic gender neutral touches to the room and its functional for added storage. The drawer is deep enough for lots of storage space and it has a plug behind it for the convenience of charging our phones. 

I wanted to keep my husband's side of the room simple so I found a wooden box where he can put his change and watch in and it doesn't make the night stand look cluttered like it did before. 

I always wanted a place to sit down while getting ready in the morning in front of my bed and the Madeline accent stools are perfect. I needed to get two to put them side by side for it make room and it fit perfectly. 

I even found a basket to roll up extra fitted sheets and pillows cases under the stools. More storage ideas the better for us because the closet is not big enough. The stools tie in with the night stand and softens up the area. 

Choosing the perfect bed frame was the hardest decision. We chose the Bishop Queen bed and I am happy we went with a dark grey color instead of the cream. The grey headboard pops in our newly painted white room. Realistically it won't get as dirty as a light colored bed. Its also fun to play around and decorate around a grey colored bed. Since grey is a neutral color it can be paired with many different nuances and textures. This shade of grey has a soft nature and I thought it went well with warm tones such as the night stands and the rustic accent tables. 

But in the winter I can switch up the bedding and play around with different shades of grey or even black and white colors. My Pinterest board has been lately with different bedding ideas to have fun with this beautiful bed. 

We kept the curtains light and airy since the headboard is in front of the window and I didn't want to get heavy curtains that will block out the natural light even more. To tie in with some of the black touches in the room furniture I chose a black long curtain rod for a pop of color above the window. It makes the white curtains pop when your looking straight on into the room. 

I love adding pop of greenery into my home spaces so I added faux plants in different spots. It really adds color and texture to the room. To warm up the space some more I picked out these accent tables from Raymour & Flanigan. I am thinking of adding more plants in the room and placing them on top of these tables in the future but for now my husband loves to sit on them while he's getting ready for bed! LOL!

Our room is not perfect nor is it completely done but its cozy and makes me so happy! I love getting into bed at night and waking up in the morning in this room now. I want to thank Raymour & Flanigan for giving me the opportunity to collaborate with them and design the room of our dreams. 
Click here to check out Raymour & Flanigan's website.

If you want to see the entire transformation of our master bedroom I documented it and shared it on my YOUTUBE channel: 


If you guys have any questions feel free to contact me. I will love to answer any questions you guys might have just leave them down below!

Have a wonderful weekend guys and stay tuned for another post next week! 

*This post is in collaboration with Raymour and Flanigan. However all opinions and design choices are my own and are 100% authentic and my own*


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