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Monday, March 16, 2020

How I am keeping myself sane during the Coronavirus

It is Monday and it is officially (for me) Day 1 of the first week of Self Quarantine...

I am going to be honest and tell you that this is already challenging my mental health. On Saturday I went down a rabbit hole of research information about the COVID-19 virus. I was reading article after article about Italy, Spain, South Korea, our country, my local county etc. I was obsessed but not in a healthy way. It caused friction between my husband and I. He is more of a optimistic person and I am the opposite. I was angry that he wasn't ready or researching as much as I was so for me that equals = "your not taking this SERIOUS!" 

So Sunday I toke it easy. I only read one hour of updates for the entire day. I spent the day spending time with the baby and doing things to keep me occupied. 

Well now its Monday and the brand new start to a brand new week and I am yearning to go outside. To make this situation worse the weather has been cold in upstate NY. I watch with envy as people on my IG stories are walking outside to get out of their homes for a bit and breath fresh air. This virus couldn't have come at a worse seasonal time for us in the Northeast. 

I already worked from home so my situation wasn't new but since the virus spread in our local county and to the advise of our federal government it feels somber. Both my sisters have a compromised immune system so visiting family is out... So what is a new mom supposed to do??

Check off that "it takes too long" To Do List!

Most have a litany of things that we want to do but for us we have put it in the "it takes too long" category in our heads. Well now is a perfect time to do it. Declutter your closet. Start a Poshmark account and sell your gently or unused clothes and accessories (hence passive income!). Read those books that you have been hoarding for a while but haven't finished or opened one of them ( I am definitely guilty of this). 

Deep clean your place


If there was a time you were looking for a reason to make you deep clean your place, GIRL THIS IS IT! Turn some music on, put your hair in a top knot bun and have fun cleaning! Once you get started it is very hard to stop and there is no better feeling then when you are all done and your place smells and looks so clean and tidy! 

Go through your makeup drawers

Dont deny it...we all have some sketchy old makeup in our drawers! Check out this page and see what are the recommended guidelines for makeup expiration dates. Maybe its time to let go of that one year old mascara! 

Streaming services and Chill

There are so many of them that the term "Netflix and Chill"doesn't trend anymore. Lately I have been loving Hulu and Disney Plus. On Netflix I finished Gentefied and on Hulu I watched the Hilary Clinton docuseries. There are so many great shows right now to binge on. If you have kids Disney Plus has rereleased early Frozen 2! So thoughtful for the little ones with canceled school this week. 

At home workouts

I love working out at home. 
1) I don't have to worry about my workout outfit matching or looking cute 
2) I can do it quickly and to my convenience. 
3) I love seeing Mateo watch being from his bouncer. Its so cute!
Press the save button on any work out videos you see on Instagram or create a folder on Youtube and start working out! 


This is my favorite thing to do when I am anxious or bored. I love baking paleo recipes. Last week I made sweet potato brownies. This weekend I made a walnut banana bread and a maple pecan banana bread. Its fun, satisfying and delicious! You probably have so many of the ingredients already in your pantry so bake girl! If you have kids old enough incorporate them to help! It can be a fun experience and a distraction to this scary time. 

Start that dream or goal you always wanted to do!

Start that blog that you always wanted to start. Start that youtube channel. Open a Instagram account and promote your business. This might be a great time to get you going on your goals or dreams. It will be a great distraction and a huge motivator for you to begin. It can't hurt! 


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