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Friday, March 27, 2020

Job Searching during the Coronavirus

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Happy Friday guys! I hope you are all well and hanging in there! 

As we continue to be on lockdown and many businesses closed I have been thinking of those that have been laid off or reduced hours or worried about their financial situation. I wanted to do a post to help anyone in this situation and I started to look for employment articles. 

I understand that it may deem daunting to find a job during the corona virus pandemic but I have found that there is a need for an increase workflow for some of the essentials work places that are being overworked during this period. If you have lost a steady income during the coronavirus outbreak there are some companies that are looking to increase workflow production due to a higher demand. 

Here are a list of companies that I have researched that are currently promoting new hires:

Walmart (hiring or temporary workers)
Pizza Hut

Quick Tips on job interviewing during these times: 

- Be prepared for possible video interviews 
For video interviews make sure to keep your space neutral and a quiet space with natural light

- Be prepared
treat it like a normal in person interview

- Activate a LinkedIn account if you do not have one already and start connecting 

I pray for all of you during this historic moment in our country. I pray that you are safe, healthy and may God protect and heal our land. 

Be safe everyone! 


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