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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Shows to watch while you are social distancing

If there is one and one tiny thing that I like doing social distancing (which I prefer to call physical distancing) is binging on new shows. When I get hooked on a show I am a frequent binger. I have already binged on a few shows and already looking for some new ones. 
So today post is a list of some popular and unrated shows online:


I died laughing when I watched this show but also cried during some scenes. There is something special as a Latina to see a show that is representative of Hispanic cultures even if it isn't your specifically you are still proud of the representation. This show is about family dynamics, young millennial latinos navigating between both Hispanic and American culture and how gentrification affects small minority communities and businesses. 

 Little Fires Everywhere

This show is based on the book titled Little Fires Everyhwhere. I am embarrassed to admit that I purchased this book last year and its one I didnt not finish and stored in my my collection of not read books! It stars Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington who are both amazing! The show is available on Hulu and premiered March 17. 

Love is Blind

This Netflix reality series was trending #1 for weeks! It was all over my social media for weeks until I finally gave in and watched it... I wish I didn't! LOL! I binged the series because I wanted to know each couples ending and I look back and wish I got that time back. The only couple I grew to like was Lauren and Cameron! 


This show is so freaky but exhilarating. Penn Badgley does an amazing job with this character. He is dark, complex but also funny and at times likable. There are two seasons of this show and although I did prefer Season One, Season Two was good too! 


I actually just found out that Amazon Prime offered shows! This show stars the talented Al Pacino in a chess like game of Jews tracking and murdering German Nazis during the Holocaust. It will have you hooked from the first episode. Jordan Peele was the Executive Producer so you know its going to be awesome! I havent finished it yet but we are half way through and hooked. Great show for couples to watch.

Locke and Key

This is a family friendly show I think if you have young teenagers. It is a supernatural horror drama that premiered in February on Netflix. Following their father's murder, the Locke family move to their father's childhood family home and that is where the adventure begins. 

Narcos Mexico Season 2

My husband got me into this show and its engaging to watch. Narcos is a show based on true events on different drug cartels through Latin America. The Mexico series is based on Felix Gallardo. Based in 1980s this series focuses on the rise of the illegal drug trade in Mexico and the fall of Gallardo.

Schitt's Creek

This comedy is based on a wealthy couple who finds themselves broke! I havant watched the series yet but people are constantly posting about it and recommended it on Instagram. So its on my watch list! 


Whether you like her or not this docuseries was pretty well made. It is 4 episode Hulu docu-series that for each episode smoothly goes back and forth from the beginning of Hillary's life to the 2016 Democratic primary and national election. I will say the series showed a side of Hillary that the public doesn't see which is a fun and playful side. If you are a fan of history its a well directed watch.

I hope this list helps you with a new show idea during social distancing. if you have nay recommendations please share them with everyone below in the comments. 

Stay safe everyone and God bless!


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