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Monday, July 27, 2020

8 months of Motherhood

Another month has gone by and I can't believe my little guy has now entered into 9 months of age! Its so cliche to say but it really flies by within a blink of an eye, even in the midst of a global pandemic. Motherhood is a complicated and beautiful journey under normal circumstances. Motherhood during a global pandemic has added multiple roller coaster like obstacles to face and conquer. 

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I have shared some of my early struggles with new motherhood. A plethora of insecurities were my new challenges. From postpartum, breastfeeding, adjusting to a complete new body, mood swings and trying to find space for me was what I was quietly navigating through. 

Our New Normal

>>>>  Fast forward to March of 2020 and now COVID has added on all of our busy lives the fear of contagion and sickness for our little ones. Like I wasn't already paranoid enough of someone passing a cold to my baby I now have to quickly adjust and become more vigilant of an invisible lethal enemy. 

But through it all we keep pushing forward. A new day starts, a new morning routine begins and we just keep going. I have discovered strength, residency and man my protective instincts are on 1,000! 
Through it all Mateo has been the light that keeps me sane and full of ambition and joy. His personality is shining through more and more as each day passes. He is happy and playful but also strong willed. 

There are so many new updates with him now. He is learned to independently sleep. He likes his nap routine and is upset when it is adjusted! LOL! He loves experimenting with different foods and tastes. The only food he didn't seem to enjoy much are blueberries and bananas. YES bananas! The one food most babies early on enjoy not Mateo. By the way he looked it mushed in his fingers he looked disgusted! It was so funny to watch. 

He is scooting all over the place. Not officially crawling yet but from his scoot I could guess it will start soon. He has a thing for tv remotes and ceiling fans! When he enters a room the first place is eyes go is to the ceiling to look for a ceiling fan! House hunting has been fun with him because he gets happy when he sees a ceiling fan.

He puts his pacifier in and out of his mouth when he's getting ready to go to sleep. It is just the sweetest thing. He likes Daniel the Tiger but only in Spanish! HA! So per his preference he's called Daniel El Tigere. He loves to dance and sing. Loves music and making bubbles with his mouth. He is just a joy!

Here are some things we (our family) are loving right now:

Gerber White onesies: Since we are on lockdown, he's not dressing up wearing outfits so comfort is what I prefer to put on him. Our house doesn't have central air, only our room ( his crib is in our room) so I like to put on him light weight bodysuits to keep comfortable. I have been loving these Gerber ones. They are affordable and you can find them anywhere. I have purchased mine from Target. 

Uppa Baby Stroller: Since we aren't going to restaurants or parks with the baby, we do family walks in our neighborhood. I have been getting so much use out of our Uppa Baby stroller it has been a saving grace for us for entertainment as a family. Mateo loves the stroller and I love the smooth mobility of using it. Whats also been great about it is when the sun is in his eyes we can adjust the seat and continue on with our walks. He can face forward (which is his favorite way) or face us. 

White Noise machine: This thing is a must have for us since he's been a newborn. It blocks out all of the outside noise and really saved us during the constant nights of fireworks everywhere. 

SkipHop activity center: Mateo absolutely adores his activity mat. I like it because he's stationery so I don't have to worry about him walking and falling or getting into something. The platform is adjustable as he grows and he just loves all the toys that it comes with. 

Halo sleep sack: He's not using it anymore but I was just raving to our real estate agent how amazing it was for us and I wanted to share it here for any new moms or expecting. When Mateo was 1 month he was already slowly getting himself out of his swaddles. Once we introduced the sleep sack he slept so well from 1 month - 6 months old. It was a blessing. He loved his sleep sack. It keeps them so nice and snug and its so easy to put them in after a night feeding. 

My Health

My hair is slowlyyyyy but finally growing back! I didn't know that I was going to lose so much hair around the crown of my head. Its a new insecurity I am working to get past. But good news is I am finally getting a hair cut in August so I am looking forward to a new look! 
The two months I have been air drying my hair and applying no heat to it. I am refreshing my natural hair and experimenting with curl products to see if my hair can get back to its original texture. 

My menstraul cycle returned quickly after I stopped breast feeding and it has been so painful. It has been every month on time and consistent! My craps have been painful and tiring the first two days of my cycle. No new updates beside the fact that I am just dealing with it.😬

Other updates

We are still looking for a house. Its been 3 months so far and the market is WILD! Its very competitive and we have lost on 5 offers so far. However our faith is in God and his timing. I do anxiously await to see the house that HE has for our family 💛

I have been behind the scenes investing in education for my business/brand. I want to pivot from posts that inspire women to posts that provide INFORMATION to women! This is the year to educate and help other women thrive! I feel it in my soul that I want to teach, coach and serve! 

Thats about sums up ME these past couple months! This was FUN! I enjoyed writing this post and updating you guys! I have been filming our house hunting journey and look forward to sharing that on my Youtube channel when we find our home. 

I pray that everyone that reads this post is doing well. 

Stay safe guys and God bless. 


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