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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

3 Ways to Grow your Blog in 2020


Is blogging dead in 2020?? I've been seeing this headline going around all year long. In my opinion definitely not. One thing 2020 has unveiled is that corporate 9-5 jobs are not steady incomes and we all need to start finding multiple streams of income via the digital world. 

Whether you are in the beginning stages of embarking on a blogging journey or already have one but are struggling to gain traffic, amiga this post is for you! Based on many case studies I read on how bloggers have made blogging their full time jobs along with learning from live workshops and trainings, I have narrowed it down to 3 key strategies I think will help you grow your blogging audience and increase your blog traffic going forward.

This post is here to help you experiment and implement some of these strategies into your own blog and grow your traffic and community in a quick amount of time!

Amiga, if you are interested in growing your blog, keep on reading! xoxo


1. Approach your content strategically

When I first started my blog it was filled with posts all about my personal journey. The posts were random and honestly all over the place. I didn't particularly focus on providing much value to my audience nor did I even understand how to maximize my impact on my site. As I have grown, my vision has shifted. I treat every post with intention and mission driven content. You want every post to attract new people to your site that are interested in a specific topic. You want to treat every post from a place of service and also invite them to take ACTION!  

We live in an Information Age. With an average of 3.5 million Google searches a day, people are looking for information and answers to their problems or how we like to call them in marketing "pain points."

There is room and space for your expertise, gifts and talents in blogging. There is a need for your expertise, personal knowledge, your story and the voice and writing style in which you deliver your information. 

No matter what your topic or topics are, strategize your content with intention and deliver it jam packed with value that will drive results that will drive growth into your bigger goals. 

Here are some tips on how to strategize your content:

  • Establish your core topics. You can start around 3-5 but this number is up to you and your interests. When coming up with the core topics you want to write about, make sure they are topics that you are passionate about. Topics that excite you or make you angry. 
  •  What are people looking for. Do some market research and a deep dive on Pinterest on some of your core topics. Research what other people are talking about. Type in the search bar in Pinterest and type in a topic and see what automates after it. 
  • Content Calendar. Look at the bigger picture when strategically planning out your content. A content calendar can help you plan out so far in advance that you can plan out 6 months in advance. This helps you organize and schedule your blog shoots, batch writing your content, editing, post dates and social media promotional posts. 

Here is a post that might help with this topic:

2.  Utilize Pinterest

I learned this year why Pinterest is better than social media for growing your blog traffic and audience. If you are not familiar with Pinterest, it is a search engine and it is not controlled by algorithms. 

On Pinterest keywords and descriptions help people find your content and click through to your site to get questions answered. Pinterest can also still drive traffic to your site from a post that is years old. It can extend your post's life cycle. Pinterest algorithm prioritizes newly added content which means that new graphics and titles count as new content no matter how old you blog post link is! This is amazing!  

3. Invest in Blogging Education 

Since lock down started this year I have used this slow down time to really invest both my money and time into webinars and online courses. Learning strategies and information on how to grow my blog, business and so much more. This business is a huge umbrella of information and no one is in expert in all things involved in blogging. 

Take courses and free webinars, watch YouTube videos and talk with other people in your niche and retain as much valuable information as possible to then put back into your blog. Like any business you don't stop growing and nurturing your business. You have to keep building on to it and its the same with blogging. 

Now it can get overwhelming because there are so many ways to grow your blog into a business and monetize it so I suggest take one topic at a time. If I could suggest one that you haven't mastered yet;  building your email list.  

Investing in your education is never wasted time and always a win win! Learning new information helps you develop and/or refine skills that you can now implement and apply into the growth of your blog to get you closer to your bigger business vision!  

Did you enjoy this post amiga!? 

I hope it was informational and helpful. Remember the world needs the God given gifts, talents, and potential that are planted inside of you!  You are LOADED! 

"For I know the plan I have for you," says the Lord...  
Jeremiah 29:11 


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