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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Ways to steward all things for busy Moms

Attempting to steward all things well in 2021....

We as women live such full lives! 

We manage the day to day tasks, up keep and set the tone in our home, nurture and care for our children, a partner and encourager to our spouse, work hard outside the home either starting or running a business or in a career, planning investments and managing finances for the future of our family and there's so much more… am I right ladies?!!!

And as we individually enter different seasons of our life we have to see and recognize that certain ones will have its limitations. Productivity may look different. Old ways of getting things done no longer serve you well. But all seasons can still be beautiful in its own way. 

I want to create a space this year for women who are searching to create a legacy of starting a business and being a homemaker. 

We can incorporate our passions into our family life with a little bit of flexibility and some creativity.

Be mindful that to pursue our passions and experience success doesn’t have to be defined as you need to go hard, increase ambition, sell more, create more, push harder, build higher, rest less... 

I was reminded this week that It all belongs to God because life is a gift. Everything you got going on... you got this mama! Why? Because He already wrote your story!!! 

He has equipped you with the skills and the ability required to steward all things of God!


Before I give you some practical tips lets answer what is the definition of stewardship. 


It means to manage something on someone's behalf. The word "steward" is rooted in the Greek word "oikonomos", which means "the manager of a household."

Here are some practical ways to steward your everyday life: 

Recognize what season you are in. This will define for us what limitations are in this season.


Use your time well. Time is a resource and should be spent wisely and purposefully. Well spent time is best spent when we invest into things that have eternal impact on ourselves and others. What you are investing your time in will determine whether or not you reap a good or bad harvest.


 Planning. Planning makes a huge difference in making your current situation work for you and your family’s needs. This includes: weekly meal prep, blocking out time in your day for tasks, maintaining a manageable morning routine, and clocking out of work/social media etc for family time. 

Be present. If you are at the office be present. If your home with the kids be present. If you are on date night with your spouse be present. This provides balance and prevents feeling overwhelmed. 


Bless others. If we are stewarding all things well, then we are in a position to help and give back to others. God calls us to be cheerful givers, to give back to those in need. So when we can let's give back to not only our church but also others. If you aren't sure where to begin or to who, seek the Lord's counsel.

This is a loving reminder to myself and you mama that you and I can steward ALL THE THINGS and ITS OKAY if it looks a little different and slower paced than others because we aren’t choosing between our home + passions. 


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