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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How to Become a Morning Person in 5 Ways

Hola chicas! I want to incorporate more lifestyle type videos on my blog. I wanted my first post to be a personal one. I am currently trying to become a morning person and girl let me tell you that it is a struggle! I am a night owl and I love to sleep but I find that rushing in the morning and starting my morning off wrong can end my day horribly. Here are my steps that I am trying and even though it is an everyday struggle its worth it! 

1.) Eat your Protein

“Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.” I know for a lot of people breakfast is a struggle for them. My fiancĂ© is a perfect example. He does not enjoy eating breakfast. After sleeping all night, our metabolism and blood sugar are low so its important to eat protein. My breakfast varies but on those busy Monday through Friday days I like to eat a hard boiled egg with one piece of wheat toast and a cup of coffee. Another great idea is greek yogurt, with your fruit of choice, granola and flax or chia seeds. 


2.) Sleep Earlier - But baby Steps

I am definitely a night owl and I still suffer from that. Its a struggle but honestly to wake up and have a productive morning really makes my day so much better. So what I try to do baby steps. Every night try to sleep at least a half an hour earlier. Then try an hour earlier. You will slowly adjust your biological clock and getting up in the morning will slowly get easier. 

3.) Give yourself a positive start

I find that your mental psyche is just as important as your physical. So in the morning instead of grabbing my phone (which is hard not to do) I try to do something positive. I like to read something religious and positive but you can do whatever makes you happy. Right now I am reading…. 

Another good way is to relax for a few minutes and tell yourself that “today I am going to have an amazing day.” Make your first thought a positive one and tell yourself all the positive things that you can do today. I honestly feel that if you put positivity out there you will make it happen!


4.) Break a little sweat

A little morning workout can do some good to the mind, body and soul. Any early morning workout can really boost our energy and kick us into high gear for our day. If you can’t get a workout in then just do a quick stretch. I actually like to stretch or do leg exercising while I am brushing my teeth and washing my face. A couple little squats ain’t never hurt nobody! LOL


5.) Lemon Water

I love the change that I have seen just adding this into my routine. Some people like to drink water with lemon warm or cold and you can even add some ginger for more of a kick! In the winter I like to drink my lemon water warm. Drinking any water, especially warm helps flush your digestion system and rehydrates the body. Not only is water first thing in the morning good of your body but also your skin and your weight! Too many benefits to pass up!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and please leave me a comment below if you have any tips or advice on how to become a morning person!



  1. This I can relate to. It has been a struggle for majority of my life. I hear multiple times to read something positive or pray and that is what I need to consistently incorporate in my routine.

    1. Hey doll! Yes it hard to remember but honestly if you try to make it a routine what a difference it makes in your life with something so small. Even if you close your eyes and meditate for 2 seconds and say Today is going to be a great day! xo

  2. This I can relate to. It has been a struggle for majority of my life. I hear multiple times to read something positive or pray and that is what I need to consistently incorporate in my routine.

  3. it's hard to me to wake up for my job on the morning! thanks for these advice! I also follow site for some additional tips!

    1. Ughh me too!! I still struggle but its a work in progress! We are just not morning people! LOL!

      Thanks for visiting the blog and commenting!



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