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Friday, February 10, 2017

Tips on How to create a at Home Coffee Station

I love coffee! I first tried coffee in my late twenties and I will never forget the experience. It was at a local Starbucks and since Starbucks was a trendy place I wanted to fit in and try a cup of coffee. My first cup of coffee was a white chocolate mocha latte and it tasted like warm hugs and unicorns!!!!! I have been hooked ever since but going out to buy coffee or in my case Starbucks lattes all the time is costly. When I moved into our small space apartment I knew I wanted to create a space for coffee. I want to share with you guys tips on how to create your own coffee station!

1. Find your designated space 
The first step is to find a space in your kitchen to create your coffee station. Counter space is limited in my apartment so I bought this Ikea kitchen cart and built around it my station.

2. Place whatever coffee pot or machine you have in your coffee space 
This is your focal point. Now I clearly have too many (I went through a phase) but it looks good and my favorite one is the french press which by the way is the affordable one. 

3. Display your condiments
I actually don't use the milk cup but it looks nice! I found the sugar jar in the dollar section of Target. You can organize your condiment in a tray but since I don't have a lot of space I have mine just placed on the side. 

4. Organize your coffee mugs
I wanted to use the entire wall for my coffee station so my fiancé built a wooden shelf and nailed hooks under the wood to hang my mugs. I I hung all my black and white decorated mugs and tried to keep the style on top white and gold. I love the way it turned out. Other options are placing your trays on a plate or tray.

5. Wall Art
Wall art adds a personalized touch and a feeling of coziness to your space. I found all of mine at Hobby Lobby but I posted some similar links down below. 

I hope you guys enjoy this post and it inspired you all! 
I am going to post these images on Pinterest for those interested! 


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