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Friday, September 1, 2017

Embracing my thirties and Transitioning my Closet

How should a thirty something year old woman dress? I don’t think there is a definite answer. I don't feel that your age strictly defines you and who you are. On the contrary, you dress for you. For me this question meant letting go of part of me. The girl I was and the woman that I am now. 

When I hit 30, organically my thought process began to change on its own. Guess we can call it growth. On a Saturday morning, I was cleaning out my closet space and I came across a blazer that I forgot I even had. It was my first blazer and I went down memory lane. I had a job interview the next day and in total Alana fashion I left shopping for an interview outfit for the last minute. I went to H&M and purchased the cheapest blazer I found that day. It was a short black blazer with pretend pockets on each side. I told myself this will do! 

In that moment, that blazer told a story of a girl that once was. In my early twenties I bought the first thing that I saw. No outfit aligned in my head, no plan of action, I just saw something I liked and if it was affordable I bought it. I was more about quantity over quality. If I went out that night with my friends I had to have a new outfit and it was usually from Charlotte Russe and under $50.

Your twenties are about scrabbling to find yourself and learning life lessons through both irresponsible and na├»ve experiences. Your twenties mature you, mold you and get you ready for the rest of your life. It’s an age that matters a lot more than we realize.

Having turned 31 I am in a more professional work setting. I am also married now. I want to give a more powerful statement about myself to the those around me and my blog readers. Clothes have a different meaning to me now. They must have a purpose beyond the print and color. I was desiring to redefine myself beyond just cutting my hair or losing weight.

However, it’s not easy letting go of your old self. It’s not as easy as some articles write that “you need to get rid of that” and “pieces you shouldn’t be wearing in your 30s”. For me it was not about the clothes, it was about letting go of the wanna be sexy girly girl whose style was all over the place and impulsively shopped with no care in the world. Now I have a “Wonder Woman” like vision in my head! I want to look confident, smart and fearless. But what does that look like?

My blog is a great catalog album that shows my transition. If you’re a blogger I suggest going through your blog and study your photos and appreciate your change. When I was ready on that Saturday morning I cleaned my closet and got rid of  garbage bags full of clothes, hats, shoes and handbags. Part of me felt great and part of me felt sad. I am a deep meaning kind of hoarder. I didn’t come from money and started working at the age of 14. My parents worked really hard to put my sisters and I in Catholic school but didn’t leave much money for clothes. In college I worked three jobs at once at one time. I worked at Champs Sports, CVS and bartending at night. Every piece of clothing that I bought I worked hard for.

In the same way that we go through an old photo album to laugh and reminisce at memories so should a closet “cleanse” be. I pulled out a off the shoulder cream American Apparel dress and grabbed my husband as we laughed and recanted the night of my 24th birthday. That was such a fun night. I also blurted out loud an “oh gosh” when I found a pair of jeans during my Britney Spears phase of low ride jeans and Piercing Pagoda jeweled belly button studs. The cleanse turned out fun.

Once I was done of what I was able to let go (don’t get me wrong my HS cheerleading jacket stays for life) I felt empowered. My closet was cut in half and there was new space for new pieces for the new me. I delicately and respectfully let go of my old me and felt at ease of letting go of my old clothes. What was left in my closet were sophisticated timeless pieces that I could wear multiple times in different ways. Eagerly I researched pieces to invest in: mid-rise to mom jeans in different colors, lace camisoles in white and black, sleek pointy pumps and knee length dresses. The first piece I carefully purchased was a Zara high waisted black tailored dress pant. Every time I wear them I feel smart and classy. The pant has pockets and I realize too now how much I love pockets!

I am also being more conscious of my body and what flatters me. I am petite and some trends don’t suite me like they would someone else and I am okay with that. I am 5’2 and baggy boyfriend jeans can shrink me at times or thick ankle strap heels make my legs look shorter. Each piece costs more money and I purposely buy pieces that I can wear with multiple looks. Some use “the rule of three” (can you wear that piece three different ways) and it works.

Am I going to make mistakes? Ahh duh! I am no Anna Wintour or a fashion stylist that has studied fashion for all its beauty and art. I am sure that this is just the first of many closet purges as I enter the next decades of my life. But like my first one, I will enjoy and appreciate the story that the pieces will tell of my old self.



  1. I really enjoyed this piece. I can envision everything you're writing about (very descriptive) and it's even more enjoyable because it reads like something out of Cosmo or Elle. You nailed it!

    1. Thank you hun for taking the time to read my post and leave a comment. I really appreciate your kind words and its so encouraging to me. xoxo


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