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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

How to Use Light Room Presets to Edit your Instagram Photos | Presets I use!

If you don't have Adobe Pro software don't run away because the good news is there is a mobile version called ADOBE Lightroom CC.  Lightroom CC allows you to edit your photos like a pro on your mobile device. This is what I use. 

Before presets I used the amazing app VSCO, which I still use but I am leaving loving the opportunity to use some of the option of presets available now. 
Now this market was started by a chosen few and like everything in life it quickly toke sight by many and now everyone and their grandmother is selling presets. 

As a tip I suggest doing your research before purchasing presets because most of them don't give refunds. 

In this post I am sharing the presets that I have purchased and loved and others that have received great reviews!

LightRoom Presets are a one click copy and paste away from transforming your photos. I don't have time at the moment to learn ADOBE Lightroom on the desktop so right now LightRoom mobile is perfect! It is a quick and user friendly way to bring life to your photos. 

Presets are offered in different packages. Some can be purchased individually and some come in a collection pack. The collection pack come with a few different filters that allow you to create and maintain a cohesive feed. 

There is a combination of presets being sold by photographers and popular instagrammers. Some Instragrammers have maintained a consistent look to their feed are have now packaged it into a collection of presets. I have purchased presets from both photographer and instagrammers. 

How to get started?

First make sure to download the ADOBE LightRoom CC app. 

Create a folder in LightRoom titled Presets.

Once you have purchased your first preset you will download the file. Open it and AirDrop it to your mobile phone. Make sure to accept the AirDrop file into your photo album. 

Then open LightRoom app and go into the Presets folder. You want to import the Preset photo and press okay. 

To use the preset open the photo and on the top right hand corner will be a circle with three dots. Click that and click "copy settings" and then click ok. 

Now you have the preset settings to copy and paste onto your photo. Once you upload a photo onto your LightRoom app --> click the three dots again found in the top right corner and click paste settings. 

The presets are now applied to your photo. More than likely you will have to make some tweaks to the photo. So play around with the Light, Color, Effects and Detail until you get the look that you want. 

Now you have a beautifully edited photo to add to your feed or blog posts. If you want to see how the photo will look on your feed before posting, an organizing app like Planoly can help you manage the look of your feed. 

The Lightroom presets that I use are:

1.)  Chasing Denisse Presets
Denise is a photographer who has established a distinct look and mood to her photos. Not mention if your not following her on IG you should because of her charm and wit. I have purchased almost all her presets and for the exampled photo used for this post I used "in the know" preset. 

(Mercer preset for this photo)

2.) Tezza App
Tezza is one of the hottest Instagrammers at the moment. However if you follow her story she was actually a photographer. She has a beautifully curated feed along with some of the most creative high fashion photos on the gram. She launched an app for a small monthly fee and has about 16 presets available along with templates for Insta-story.

3.) Emily V Presets
Emily Vartanian is an Instagrammer who incorporates an array of warm and cool tone colors into her feed. It changes but mood board has a story or theme and I really like her look. She created several different mobile preset packs all themed to a look that you are going for. 

Learning how to use presets can really take your Instagram to the next level. You can attract new followers, get the attention of brands, establish a particular look that can set you apart, and improve your editing skills! I found that through presets I have really loved the editing process and found a new passion for it. 

I know there are so many presets out there and if you have a favorite please share it below! 


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