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Thursday, June 20, 2019

My First Baby Registry Experience with buybuy BABY

This post is in collaboration with Buy Buy Baby. However all opinions and my experience are 100% my own and honest. 

I can't believe that I am just two months away from my baby shower! My pregnancy is just flying by! There is so many things to do but one thing I was putting off was a baby registry. Before I even thought to email buybuy BABY to collaborate I went on a Saturday with my baby sister with the intention to start my registry. We didn't book an appointment in the store and within 15 minutes in the feeding section I was overwhelmed and ready to walk out. I didn't even end up starting a registry and just walked around with my sister and she shopped for her baby boy. 

I don't know how many of you as a first time mom experienced the same thing walking into a baby store but I knew that it was something I needed to plan and experience with a store representative. I am so thankful that buybuy BABY gave me the opportunity to bring to you guys my experience and tips I received from baby registry consultant, the wonderful Lauren! Lauren made my experience easy, fun and relaxing. We had so much fun together that I didn't even notice we had spent 5 hours together! 

Tip: If you can I would recommend scheduling your appointment on a weekday. Weekends are incredibly busy for them and if you are first time mom it might be better to have this one on one experience during a quieter time. 

Click here for more information on scheduling your free appointment with Buy Buy Baby.

The day of your appointment with buybuy BABY, you must look for the Baby Registry section to check in and get paired with a registry consultant.

There you will create your registry (if you haven't done one online) and receive your registry guide.

This book includes a handy checklist that help you select items that are right for you and your family.

Since I have never been into a buybuy BABY before (surprisingly there wasn't one in Rhode Island) Lauren explained to me all of their store perks:

  • Free shipping: when your registry reaches $1500 (mine surpassed that!)
  • Price Match Promise (visit
  • Hassel-Free Returns
  • Free Registry Announcement Cards (see mine below) (I was so excited!)
  • Referral Rewards: $25 off of a $100 in-store purchase for every friend who registers with them

Birthing / Feeding Section

Sadly I actually needed a quick tutorial on how to use the scanner! LOL After that I was so excited to scan! Quick note: Lauren suggested I scan everything that peaked my interest in store because once I am home I can edit my registry any time online.

We spent the most time in the nursing/feeding section. It is the most informative section in my opinion and as a new mom the one that I really wanted to listen and get a lot of expert advice from Lauren. Since I plan on breast feeding my baby boy I wanted to learn about all the different breast pumps. Lauren is a mom of two so she had not only in store expertise but personal advice to share with me.

I couldn't believe how many different style of pacifiers and bottle nipples there are! LOL! Boy this section was a wake up call for me!

Oh my goodness I feel in love with this giraffe pacifier! I had to scan it but Im thinking of just buying sooner than the baby shower!

This was my face for every cute thing that Lauren showed me! HA! Which was basically everything!

Like I said this was the longest section on our store tour and when we crossed everything off  the nursing/feeding section we celebrated! LOL. I graduated nursing/feeding school guys! 

Bath/ Diapering/ Health & Safety Section 

Okay I have to admit I fan girled when I saw Jessica Alba's Honest products in store! I am so excited to try her products. Not only are the design of the products especially the diapers so cute but they are organic. Have you guys tried her products before? What are your favorites?

Baby Gear & Travel Section

The stroller section was my husband's favorite! This section is massive and the amount of different types of strollers was enough to make my big eyes open bigger. This is the perfect section for a registry expert. Lauren taught us so much about all the different brand of strollers and what makes each one unique. I am looking for a compact stroller with good wheels and simple fold ability. I don't want a stroller that is going to take me five minutes to fold up and put away. 

Of all the strollers shown to us and we tried out, I fell in love with the UppaBaby Cruz stroller. The top handle adjusts for a longer reach and the light grey colored areas show you where you need to press to fold up the stroller! The movability is as smooth as can be and I love how compact it is while still having a lot of space in the under basket for storage. 

Once I chose the stroller Lauren was so great to demonstrate for us how the Uppa Baby car seat works. I even liked how it wasn't overwhelming heavy without a baby in it. Some of them were so heavy I couldn't imagine how much heavier they would have been with a 20 pound baby in there! 

Nursery / Decor & Clothing Section

My eyes got so big when Lauren told me that you could custom create your recliner chair and they ship it! LOL!

There were so many swatches to chose from for each specific recliner. I liked the Swivel glider recliner by Best Chairs. It reclined, felt so soft and comfortable and at that point I could of toke a nap if they let me! LOL! I just imagine myself sitting in this chair while nursing my sweet baby and my heart just bursts with emotion.

Did you guys have a recliner chair in your nursery? What are your thoughts? Worth the splurge? 

 I had so much fun creating my registry that I didn't want it to end! I feel like I got a five hour crash course on first year motherhood thanks to Lauren! I was so impressed by how innovative some of these baby products are. I can't believe a little human being gets to have such cool gadgets!

Here are some of the benefits when creating your registry with Buy Buy Baby: 

  • A free goody Bag: When you register you can get free goody bag filled with free samples and coupons. 
  • Printed out registry announcement cards: Put these cards right into your baby shower invitations!
  • 15% Completion Discount: These exclusive coupons make it easier to buy any left over registry items 
Check out more baby registry information and their amazing benefits here.




  1. I have a rocking chair and I love it! ♡ and We use diapers from The honest Comoany we love them! ♡

    1. Thank you for sharing and reading the post! The Honest diapers are sooo cute too. I love the patterns on them. I am thinking of doing a diaper raffle at the shower so everyone can bring a pack of diapers and hopefully Im set for half the year! LOL
      Yeah the rocking chair sounds like a much needed item in a baby room. I just wish they weren't so expensive!
      Thanks again for taking the time to read and comment on the post! Hope you have a wonderful day! ~


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