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Monday, June 10, 2019

Tips on How to Plan a Babymoon

What's a baby moon you might be asking yourself?

According to my definition of the word, a baby moon is a romantic getaway for expectant (usually first time) parents. Since this is my first child I am looking forward to squeezing in as many baby like moons I can! LOL

I wanted to take a trip to somewhere warm and relaxing. Since the CDC still warns against places like  Puerto Rico, staying in the United States was safer. I have only been to Florida once and that was in the Disney theme park area so I had to do a little bit of research on suggested places. 

My husband and I ended up choosing Sarasota, Florida. It is a perfect baby moon place; relaxing, low tourism, good food and plenty of beautiful beaches. If your interested I shared a glimpse into our baby moon here for my youtube channel.

I wanted to make a post for all you soon to be Mom's out here on my top baby moon tips:

1. Timing is Everything (second trimester)

My first trimester I was exhausted all the time! Some of you are probably experiencing nausea and vomiting. I suggest planning to go on your baby moon when your in your second trimester. Your energy is coming back, nausea usually goes away and your medically safe to fly in this trimester!

2. Research pregnancy safe places

Make sure to check out the CDC website for travel advisories and safe places to book a flight/stay. Plan out for those area's months of high temperature and mosquito season. Mosquitos can carry diseases such as Zika and you want to make sure you are safe from contracting any of these carrying diseases. 

3. Notify your doctor

Talk to your doctor either via a scheduled appointment or on the phone to discuss your plans on traveling. It's important to keep your OBGYN in the loop and make sure to have their phone numher handy in case of an emergency.

4. Pick a low key travel destination

Many stages of pregancy are stressful and there will be way more ahead once the baby comes so I suggest you plan for a stress free vacation. I just wanted beach and relaxation for our baby moon. Check out low tourist seasons and comfortable temperatures. 

Also make your flight comfortable. For this trip I packed plenty of snacks for the plane ride and made sure to book a window seat. I prefer to sit by the window but being pregnant an aisle seat will be a great choice as well. 

5. Know the medical centers in the area

God forbid something happens and in the frenzy of the situation no one knows where the nearest urgent care is. Mark out the local pharmacies and urgent/hospital care for your knowledge. 

You could also bring a copy of your  birth certificate with you in a sealed envelope for extra identification purposes. It is also a good idea to try to get your flu vaccine before your trip. 

6. Check out the local eats

This was a big one for me! One thing you can not have is seafood and not only do I LOVE seafood but also every restaurant area had a seafood dominant menu! Make sure while checking out local restaurants that you also read the reviews. I always use Yelp when I travel and like always it was a great resource. 

In addition to seafood you also have to be mindful of deli meats and lightly cooked eggs. It was hard for me at least in Florida to find restaurants but I managed to find some chicken on the menus! I also avoided drinking any tap water from restaurants. Just simply inform your server you are pregnant and prefer bottle water. 

Check out our VLOG for the restaurants I went to that had pregnancy friendly food items! 

7. Connect with your partner

This is what the baby moon is all about. Make this trip about the two of you and not just you! Compromise on things that he may want to do. Look into your hotel or near by spas for a romantic couples package or plan out places for romantic dinners. 

Parenting is about two people and making sure you are in a healthy relationship is important when raising your baby together. Also take advantage of as much romance time as you can before the baby comes and its limited!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you have any questions please let me know below!  


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