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Friday, October 18, 2019

Our Nursery Nook + Organization Ideas!

I truly love interior design and designing my first child's special little nest has been nothing but pure joy and love. I wanted his space to feel adventurous, fun and a bit masculine. I found a lot of inspiration from Pinterest with searches such as "boy nursery" "boho nursery" and "minimalist nursery". The first purchase I made for this room was the rug. I loved this boho inspired black and white rug and I decorated the rug around it. Since his nursery is placed in a corner in our master bedroom and only has one small window I needed to brighten it up. 

The first thing we did was paint the bedroom Snowbound by Sherwin Williams. Painting the room white brightened up this little corner and I noticed such a difference in lighting when the morning light enters the room. I also wanted to place some white furniture in the bedroom to keep the room airy and light. We didn't have a lot of room for a big dresser so this three drawer IKEA one worked perfectly in our space. The Delta Children mini crib was the most perfect size for the opposite wall. 

Functionality was a must in this space. So the dresser had to play the role of storing clothes and becoming a changing area. I bought a changing pad from Amazon and decorated it with a grey cover to match the grey knobs of the dresser. In the drawers my husband picked up the SKUBB drawer organizers from IKEA. If you have an IKEA near you I highly suggest picking these up. Each package comes with 6 different sized organizers and it only costs $5.99! Best price I have seen around. His clothes, accessories, diapers and etc fit perfectly in each drawer and I just love how organized the drawers look! Organization brings me a lot of peace. 

After we got all the big furniture small details were next. This is personally my favorite part. I love adding the smaller accent pieces to really bring a room together. I received a lot of books for the baby at our baby shower. Since space is limited I had to utilize the walls. We picked up these spice racks from IKEA and all his books fit perfectly in it. They were the perfect size as well for the available wall space. 

My favorite part of the room is the triangle decal. I found this decal off of Amazon and for such a good price! it really added a fun art element above his crib and played off really well with his desert vibe frames. To match the wall I found a black and white arrow print mattress cover from Target. 

I truly love my son's space and every time I look over at it I get teary eyed. It's so sweet to know that soon he will be sleeping in that crib and I will be rocking him in the glider...My heart just melts. 

I hope you guys enjoy this post and links with be posted down below if you guys want to check out any products featured in our nursery. 


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