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Monday, December 21, 2020


Here we are, the week of Christmas. I have had mixed feelings when I think of Christmas this year. Some days I lack on loving this Christmas. This Christmas. I have placed an specific, glamorous identity onto Christmas based on my experiences and desires. The thought of dismantling it, is sad. 
And friends, this week take time to feel. It matters. Jesus says come to me all that are weary and its been that kind of year right?! Where we are vulnerable, tired, at our weakest point it is there in that space that Jesus is longing to comfort us. It is where we find Him. 
It happened for me. This year I had my first child and experienced postpartum. Emotionally and hormonally I was all over the place. When sadness overwhelmed me I couldn't defeat it. When anxiety stirred up I couldn't shake it. While I was slowly working on improving my mental health, COVID lock downs began and I felt like I was thrown back again. I was scared, anxious, paranoid, distrusting, and consumed with protecting my family members. When my mental health started to effect my physical health is when I received my intervention. I called to Jesus. I gave Him all my worries and concerns. I prayed to Him. I told Him that I will do my part to be responsible and vigilant but my worries I bring to Him and ask Him to cover us. I gave Him control. 
As the days went by I slowly did less and let go of trying to aggressively control the situation. As long as we do our best, God's got the rest. As corny as that sounds, it brought my mind so much peace. I felt the Spirit shift my focus back to nurturing my spirit. Fruit was beginning to blossom from this root of nurturing; patience, kindness, peace and self control. 

We are entering a week of longing for a big, grand and traditional Christmas. And yes I feel you friends. I do have moments of missing my family. Past Christmases. Thoughts of what could this Christmas could of looked like.... Jesus won't condemn you for feeling these things. However like I do with myself, don't allow those thoughts to negatively consume you.

Let's together step into loving this Christmas. 
Love as a noun is defined as an intense feeling or deep affection, a great interest and pleasure in something. On Christmas day entered into the world the Savior was born in Bethlehem, in the city of David. Why did God give the world his one and only son? Love.
God so loved the world. US.

So as all of our Christmas traditions, festivities, shopping, travels, and general doing has been stripped from many of us let's settle into love. Love comes in many tangible forms. Showing gratitude for what we still have. Displaying affection to the family members and people right in front of us. To take a quiet moment and sit in God's presence to feel His love. Shift our focus from crossing off our To Do lists and focusing on enjoying this season.

I've learned that it is not healthy for me to focus on what I do not have and/or can not have. It stirs up resentment, jealousy and depressive thoughts. Instead I want to focus on the gifts that are all around me and how God has shown me love throughout my life and this year. 

The Christmas story is an act of love from our Father. It is a celebration and we all love to celebrate it. But its an act of love planned out and put into action by our Father to redeem us and give us the gift of eternal life! Thank you Jesus! 

I pray my friends that this post blesses your heart. I pray that it was comforting and helpful to anyone that is having a hard time preparing for Christmas this week. I am with you. I hope that this approach this Christmas season settles your anxious hearts a bit and provides a sliver of hope for you to implement into your day to day this week.


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