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Monday, December 14, 2020

Preparing our Homes this Christmas - Finding Joy


 Last post we talked about preparing our hearts for the Christmas season. This week I want to touch on preparing our homes. This year many of us will be celebrating Christmas in our homes in a quieter setting and less family members. 

This moment will be a time that we will look back on. I've been thinking about this and intentionally including this thought as I am prepping for Christmas. 

When I look back at this year's Christmas, what do I want to feel? 

This week as I prepare a holiday meal plan and some DIY Christmas gifts for family and friends, I want to be intentionally in these decisions. 

 What are my intentions for Christmas this year? 

For me is JOY. 

I want joy to fill our home and hearts. I want to look back and remember that with little or less than we leaned into joyful celebration for the birth of Christ. I will miss some wonderful family traditions and celebration however I want to push through and look forward to new traditions and finding joy in new and simplier Christmas elements such as DIY decorations, homemade Christmas gifts, enjoying seasonal treats and savoring less hectic moments.

Do It Yourself Decorations

I have been enjoying the creativity and money saving elements of DIY decorating. My eyes have been opened from seeing such inventive and earthy ideas of how to decorate your home using natural elements. 

I asked my mother to bring me a bunch of pine cones that are near her job and have used them all around my home for winter decor. You can take cedar or spruce that you either have in your backyard or a nearby park and incorporate them in your home. If you live in a city where parks are not an option, places like Trader Joe's has beautiful bundles of fresh greenery for an affordable price.

One new decor idea I got last week from Pinterest is using dried oranges and tying them as garland! It adds a pop of color to your home. I am so looking forward to giving this a try this week and adding it to our fireplace. 

Pictured here: The two tree stocking holders were repurposed from thrifting. Both were .99 cents!


DIY snow globe from faux trees found at Dollar Tree and an old glass jar I already had. 

Home made Christmas gifts 

My immediate family has grown so much the past year, lots of nephews so us adults have decided to just focus on gifts for the kids. I do however want to gift them with a simple yet personalized gift. So I am having fun planning out home made items for each of them. Its not luxurious or glamorous but I think edible gifts are perfect for anyone! It adds a personal touch to your gift and may find special. 


Here are some ideas:

- Home made candle
- hand made soap
- dessert baking jar + recipe
- assorted Christmas cookies
- homemade granola or nut butter
- if your Latino, a beautiful bottle of coquito! 
 Seasonal Treats 
The smell of Christmas baking brings me so much joy. The aromas of sugar cookies, ginger bread and hot chocolate makes me smile and warms my heart. There is a joy and calm that comes with baking. Baking a is a wonderful way to share food and relive memorable traditions with alive and deceased loved ones.
You can begin your baking early and freeze your dough! I know! I just learned that this was possible. You can store the dough in the freezer as dough balls ready to bake or in a small batch container. 

Bringing Joy to Others
There will be many lonely and in need this Christmas in our local communities. Let our hearts turn towards gratitude and serving others. Many have endured loss, change and financial burdens and are looking for a light of hope. Let's be that thrill of hope for others. 
Check with your local church for volunteers needed or food/clothing drop offs
Find a local toys for tots drop off location or donate online here 
Adopt a local family through your local organizations/non profits
Donate food or your time at your local food banks
Give a charitable donation to a local organizations
Deliver a Christmas meal to someone who you know is alone or in need
“At this Christmas when Christ comes, will He find a warm heart? Mark the season of Advent by loving and serving the others with God’s own love and concern.”
Mother Teresa





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