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Monday, February 20, 2017

Rose Spring Print

Nothing says 90s fashion like a denim skirt. The denim skirt like any fashion piece has evolved into different lengths and styles however the closet staple is a modern trend. One of my favorite stores is Urban Outfitters and when I saw this black mini skirt there on a recent shopping trip I had to buy it. I have to admit at first the length intimidated me. It is short for me but I figured with some tights and more intense leg workouts I should be able to rock this skirt confidently! 

With a skirt this short I want to keep the look trendy and stylish to avoid it looking too sexy. Since the skirt is high waisted I was able to wear it with this cropped long sleeve rose print Zara top. I added a western style belt to pull the two pieces together. Since it was so cold tights were a must and I wanted to play up print with this look so I wore these fun tights and studded mini bag. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I went back home to visit my family and on Sunday I went to church with my mother and sister. Lately I have been having trouble with anxiety and today's sermon was about dealing with anxiety. It couldn't have come at a better time. I don't know at what different levels some of you experience anxiety but it feels like an addiction sometimes. I am learning to focus my thoughts more on God and leaving it to God. I was remembered that Jesus overcame this world so my petty small problems are no match for his glory and power! I pray for any of you that suffer from anxiety and may you overcome and find peace. I am here with you! 

Skirt: Urban Outfitters (click here) (click here) / Top: Zara (love this) /
Bag: Zara / Belt: Asos /


Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Hello loves! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! My fiancĂ© and I spent the evening very simple....with some tacos! Oh Yeah Taco Tuesdays and Valentine's Day in the same day! Yup pretty awesome. 👅 With the wedding being about 2 months away we wanted to spend a low key day together. I thought it would be fun in honor of Valentines Day I share some random things that I love below...after some fashion talk of course!

Ruffles are such a feminine detail. I love this tiered ruffled sweater dress from Chicwish. I love the combination of long sweater dresses and over the knee high boots. To make the outfit more fun I wore some polka dot tights to peek through just a little bit 😉 

Random things I love:

1. Everything Harry Potter! If Harry Potter was a real person I would marry him..sorry babe

2. A warm cup of coffee on a relaxing Sunday morning 

3. When my fiancé tells me that I am beautiful

4. Books of all genres. I am a huge book worm

5. Facetiming my nephew everyday!

6. Singing in the car to Disney music

7. Avocados. I can eat them with all my meals everyday

8. Chip and Jo Gaines. They are couple goals!

9. Jeans. I am a jeans freak. I can't stop buying them LOL!

10. Hamburgers. My favorite cheat meal ever with avocado on it of course. 

Dress: Chicwish (click here) / Tights: Urban Outfitters /
Bag: Gucci (click here) /


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ways to make your Sunday Productive

Sunday is my favorite day of the week! But I also don't waste it be unproductive. I like to start my week but using Sunday to plan out the rest of my week. Whether it is cleaning my apartment and running errands, a productive Sunday helps organize the rest of the week. Here are some ways to make your Sundays productive:

1.  Church or Mediate
Church prepares me for my week both spiritually and mentally. When I hear God's word it refuels my spirit to have a good attitude and mindset for whatever obstacles may come my way that week. You can also meditate. Set aside some time in the morning and just relax your mind and think positive. Be thankful for another day and enjoy quiet time.

2. Plan your week
I have found that in order for me to have success in productivity I need to plan. Don't leave your planning for Monday! Utilize your Sunday to write in your planner or notebook your weekly personal/financial/work goals. Write down your to do lists and perhaps that are things on that list you can knock off on Sunday! 

3. Cook or meal Prep
Cooking a nice meal from scratch on a work day is hard. Your exhausted from your day and when you get home you just want to cook something fast. On Sunday you have the time to cook up a nice large meal and can pack up left overs for the week. If your health conscience you can cook all your meals for the rest of the week on Sunday. I have never meal prepped but I would love to try it! If you have any meal prep recipes leave me a comment below.

4. Quality ME time
Its okay to set aside an hour or so and catch up on shows or find some time to read. Its healthy and good to reset your mind. Remember to add meaning to your weekends. Being social on Sunday is good too! Catch up with friends or spend time with your significant other. Watch a good movie together or play a fun board game. 

There are many tips out there for a productive Sunday but the motto is to add meaning and to help yourself get inspired and refreshed to start your busy work week schedule. Its also good to get an early sleep as well. Reenergize your body and give yourself energy for your week!
I hope these tips help and you guys enjoyed this post! 


Friday, February 10, 2017

Tips on How to create a at Home Coffee Station

I love coffee! I first tried coffee in my late twenties and I will never forget the experience. It was at a local Starbucks and since Starbucks was a trendy place I wanted to fit in and try a cup of coffee. My first cup of coffee was a white chocolate mocha latte and it tasted like warm hugs and unicorns!!!!! I have been hooked ever since but going out to buy coffee or in my case Starbucks lattes all the time is costly. When I moved into our small space apartment I knew I wanted to create a space for coffee. I want to share with you guys tips on how to create your own coffee station!

1. Find your designated space 
The first step is to find a space in your kitchen to create your coffee station. Counter space is limited in my apartment so I bought this Ikea kitchen cart and built around it my station.

2. Place whatever coffee pot or machine you have in your coffee space 
This is your focal point. Now I clearly have too many (I went through a phase) but it looks good and my favorite one is the french press which by the way is the affordable one. 

3. Display your condiments
I actually don't use the milk cup but it looks nice! I found the sugar jar in the dollar section of Target. You can organize your condiment in a tray but since I don't have a lot of space I have mine just placed on the side. 

4. Organize your coffee mugs
I wanted to use the entire wall for my coffee station so my fiancé built a wooden shelf and nailed hooks under the wood to hang my mugs. I I hung all my black and white decorated mugs and tried to keep the style on top white and gold. I love the way it turned out. Other options are placing your trays on a plate or tray.

5. Wall Art
Wall art adds a personalized touch and a feeling of coziness to your space. I found all of mine at Hobby Lobby but I posted some similar links down below. 

I hope you guys enjoy this post and it inspired you all! 
I am going to post these images on Pinterest for those interested! 


Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Perfect Spring Top

Hello loves! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! You guys do anything fun to watch the Super Bowl?! I just stayed home and cooked some fun food goodies for my fiancĂ© and I. Nothing special. 
I am such a home body! What brings me joy is to work on a blog post for you guys on quiet Sunday night! I just love the feeling of bringing you guys new content when I can. This blog is my outlet. Saturday we shot 3 looks for the blog and it was probably the most fun I had all weekend because of how much I come alive when I am doing this! My mind is constantly working on ideas and dreaming of the possibilities of one day having enough time to accomplish all my content ideas. I pray that one day I get do this full time but for now I work hard to use my extra time wisely to work hard and bring you guys quality content. I would rather post once a week and post a look that I am proud of then 3-4 times a week and bring you 20-30% quality work..... Okay enough of my blogger life rant! 

Lets talk about this off the shoulder and bell sleeves top?!!! The perfect all in one fun combination! I love this top from Asos. Its flirty, fun and stylish. I find so many affordable trendy quality pieces from Asos! Its probably one of my favorite online retailers. The top is cropped so I paired it with high waisted mom jeans. Mom jeans have to be right now my favorite style of jeans. I love the fit and the silhouette that it gives my body. I added this leopard clutch for a pop of print and I really like the way it stands out with this look! I posted some links down below for anyone intrested in shopping this look! Enjoy dolls!

Top: Asos (click here) /Jeans: Asos (click here) /
Heels: Steve Madden (old) / Sunnies: Quay Australia /


Friday, February 3, 2017

How to Style Oversized Sweater

Hello dolls! New outfit post on a Friday! YES! Fashion posts give me life on my blog! I get so excited to share outfit looks and shopping links for you guys. It feels like I am with my girlfriends offering advice and picking outfits together. That honestly makes me so happy! Okay I almost cried! 
There are so many different layers to this look. I love wearing off the shoulder oversized sweater with a lace tank underneath. That delicate peek a boo adds simplicity and femininity. How cool are these studded boots?!! Adding a statement pair of boots added pop and I received so many compliments on them. Best part....they were affordable! Score! Fashion means something different to everyone. To me it is expression, being daring (at times) and feeling confident in my own skin. 

Sweater: Boohoo (click here) / Boots: MissGuided (click here) /
Purse: Gucci (click here) /


Monday, January 30, 2017

Coffee Date: Social Stress

Hello dolls! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Btw when I say this I truly do mean it. These past two weeks have been tough for all of us in the U.S. of A. Whether you are in tune to the news or just reading your feed on social media its been an emotional two weeks.  For some of us it has affected our mood, concentration and motivation in different aspects of our lives. I write this post in hopes of providing comfort and ways to not allow issues of the world or our own personal life affect our goals or take you off course. Being in tune with media is both a good and bad thing. It is good to be informed of what is going on in your communities, the nation and internationally and get involved but also there is a time when you need a mental break. I know I do! 

For me I allowed the past two weeks of media coverage, twitter and other social media channels  to consume my attention and free time so much that it has caused me to lose focus on my priorities and my passions (such as my blog). This past Sunday I went to church and made a priority to make the day about silencing the noise, my thoughts and feelings and to relax a bit. After church I went to Barnes and Nobles and walked around aisle by aisle for about an hour looking for a book to grab my attention. I found myself in the autobiography and fiction literature aisles. 
I ended up purchasing The Autobiography of Malcolm X and Pride and Prejudice. Quite the choices huh?! Oh...side note: one of my life goals is to have a library in my home. I am a book nerd!

I spent my day reading and rearranging my room and I felt myself again.  Rejuvenated and ready to get back to business. I wanted to share a post that if your feeling down, find yourself procrastinating or having a lack of motivation for whatever reason, I want to help motivate you to get back on track.

There will come a point when you realize that you have to allow yourself a break. Whatever is stressing you out and has taken a negative backwards effect in your daily life you must stop in your tracks and say enough. Realization can happen at different moments whether it was discovered in a few short hours, days, weeks or more try to find that voice in you that is telling you "hey gurl snap out of it" (well thats how my voice sounds!)

If it helps find a quiet space and meditate. For me quiet time is early in the morning. I love to make a cup of coffee and just sit in my bed or on my couch with no background noise and either read a little or just sit quietly. Meditation is great to center your mind and focus on the right things for the day. It can be for 5 minutes or an hour but allow your mind to start your day on a clean positive slate. 

Most importantly turn off your phone, electronic device or television. All it takes is one pic or tweet to catch our attention and the next thing you know we are falling deep into the social media rabbit hole. Its so healthy to disconnect from social media for a little bit and just spend time with loved ones and enjoy time. Time is precious and we do not get it back. I am a firm advocate of uplifting others and I am slowly allowing myself to open up and be vulnerable because this form of "nakedness" can touch someone in a positive relatable way. 

I hope I was able to ramble in a way that was comprehendible and helpful to you guys. 

Inhale love
Exhale hate

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