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Monday, August 29, 2016

From Summer to Fall Style: Minimalistic Closet

Fall is here everyone! The stores have put the last remaining items of summer on sale/clearance racks and fall pieces are being rolled out. But who else is not in a rush to celebrate fall yet?! Summer days are still very humid and hot which means we can slowly transition our style from summer to fall. 
So don't rush to store away your summer favs just yet!

The key is to transition your summer pieces into fall style. Pick one summer piece and style it with  fall items or colors. This will help you wear your summer pieces longer!

I am wearing a sleeveless ruffle top from Zara and to transition it into fall Im wearing neutrals. 
Black ripped skinny jeans and a nude pump gives this look a fall feel and for a pop I added my leopard clutch!

Photo: AMB Photography

Top: Zara (similar one here)  Jeans: H&M (love these) /
Bag: Love Cortnie / Heels: Steve Madden (click here) /


Monday, August 22, 2016

How to Wear: Pinafore Dress | Fall Transition Piece

I never thought at 30 I could pull off a pinafore dress...but that just proves the versatility of this piece!
The pinafore dress was a trendy staple item last fall and I think it will be again this year. Its versatility comes into play by what you wear underneath (which can literally be anything!).

Its also a perfect piece for these early transition into fall months. A perfect way to pair the pinafore dress for fall is with a pair of ankle boots and a book bag (where was this cute look when I was in college?!).  To add a contrast to the denim dress I wore a bright orange turtle neck and a dark green Zara shoulder bag. 

Pinafore Dress: TopShop (click here) / Sweater: TopShop (click here) /
Boots: Steve Madden (click here) / Sunnies: Quay /


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Summer Camisole: How to Wear

Temperatures are rising and this month of August we have reached temperatures over 100 degrees. One of my favorite pieces to wear in these hot summer days is a lace camisole. Its light and airy but keeps my look stylish.

A lace camisole is a closet must have because of its versatility. It can be worn tucked into jeans or a skirt. Also take advantage of the exposed neckline and accessorize with a delicate necklace or choker. Even for colder weather it is great for layering with cardigans or cozy knitted sweaters.

One tip is to be careful of too much cleavage. I wore pasties with this top so I wasn't having nipple exposure but you can also wear a matching lace bra underneath and it looks classy and sexy.

Shorts: Forever 21 (love these)  / Top: Asos (click here)  /
Necklace: Windsor Store (click here)  / 


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer Reading + How to Make Time

Image via:

Summer is the best time for reading in my opinion.. Whether your going to the beach, hanging out by the pool or traveling you can find ways to make time to read. Its relaxing and calming and why I try to make time to do it.

Here are some of my suggestions on how to make time:

1. Create a Reading corner or nook
Whether is a small apartment corner or its own space creating a zen calming space to read is perfect to relax and pick up your book. In my apartment its small so I created a small corner with a ottoman and a faux fur stool by my window for a nice reading corner.

2. Write down what you want to Read
Write down a list of categories of what you want to read. Self motivation, autobiography, non-fiction or fiction write your list down This can help you figure out your reading list and make it easier to find the right books. 

3. Take a walk through a bookstore and create a Reading list
One of my favorite ways to get inspired to read is to walk through Barnes and Nobles and check out new books or their suggestion tables. Then I create a reading list. I'm a savvy shopper so once I have my list I compare prices on every website and then order my book. But having a Reading List will both motivate and excite you to pick up your new book.

4. Reading Schedule
I find that setting aside at least 15-30 minutes before I go to bed is my reading time. Before I go to bed if I read a little I just feel more productive and my mind is at ease. If at night doesn't work for you then figure out a time in your day to set aside, whether its first thing in the morning or setting that good book aside when your ready to travel to the beach. 

5. Fall back in love with Reading
Sometimes for some, trying to find time for reading can make you feel like its a chore. If your feeling this way then fall back in love with why you like to read in the first place. One of the reasons I love to read is that it takes me away from the everyday stresses in my life and distracts me in a positive way. I love that! 

5. Write down what you want to read
Write down a list of categories of what you want to read. Self motivation, autobiography, non-fiction or fiction write your list down This can help you figure out your reading list and make it easier to find the right books. 

My Summer Reading List:

1. The Nest by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney
2. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling
3. The Weekenders by Mary Kary Andrews
4. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
5. The Career Code by Hillary Kerr

I hope you guys enjoy this post and my suggestions on how to make time for some Summer Reading!! 
If you have a summer reading list please share! I would love to see :) 


Monday, August 8, 2016

How to Wear: A Maxi Skirt

Hands down a maxi skirt has to be one of the comfiest style in my closet! The maxi skirt can be worn many different ways from casual to chic to formal. You can pair it with a classic button up or a crop top like I did. 

Maxi Skirts come in so many different fabrics, colors and styles but on one of my many online shopping nights (pretty much every night) I instantly fell in love with this bohemian style skirt from Asos.

Although I reside in the New England area I wanted my skirt to have a bohemian California vibe so I wore a western style large buckle belt on top and kept the look casual with a TopShop crop top.

Skirt: Asos (here) / Belt: Asos (here) /
Top: Topshop / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (click here) /
Choker: Asos (similar one


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

How to Wear: A Shirt Dress

A Shirt Dress. Definition of a shirt dress is basically self explanatory; a shirt that is long enough to be a dress. This Runway Trend is a closet staple for me. It is chic and stylish. 
You can get many different wears out of a shirt dress. 

Both girly girls and tom boys can wear the trend to their own esthetic. If your a tom boy you can dress down a shirt dress with sneakers and a top tied around the waist. 
For a minimalistic look find a crisp white shirt dress and pair with a pair of black heels. 

To give the illusion of a smaller waist pair your shirt dress with a belt and for pop add a funky statement belt or a pop of color. I like a monochromatic look so I kept my look black  and white but added touches of different elements. Wearing a western style belt and western choker added more edge and fun to the look. 

Photo: AMB Photography

Dress: Boohoo (sold out) (similar one) (love this one) / Heels: Zara
Belt: Asos (click here) / Choker: Asos (similar one) /


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Keeping Up With The Ever- Evolving Blog Industry

Thank you everyone that joined me Thursday, July 27th on FB Live courtesy of Latina Bloggers Connect. It was so much fun and you guys were all great. 
Thank you again to Latina Bloggers Connect for the opportunity!
I wanted to share my conversation here on my blog on the topic for anyone that missed it!
Enjoy :) 


Compared to 3-5 years ago the blogging world has evolved and has grown with new channels, platforms and a large number of influencers.
The term "blogger" I feel outdated because we are all so much more than that. When I first started my blog it was treated as an online outfit diary. But over the years as blogging has evolved you wear many more hats such as: social media manager, buyer, marketing reps, advertising rep, accountant etc. The term blogger is evolved to a more appropriate term of "influencer." 

I want to share with you quickly my evolution & tips to evolve your site and brand. I started my blog in 2012 and it was named Alana Marie Style. I didn't dedicate much time or money into my blog until 2014. This year I knew that in order to be taken serious I needed to make big girl moves. 
First I knew I needed a name change so after weeks of notebook writing & asking close friends and family and finally I chose The Style Brunch. I then purchased the domain name so that my blog went from to a .com. I then hired a designer to revamp my blog so visually it was more appealing & easier to navigate my last step was hiring my baby sister to revamp my media kit. 
Those were steps of evolving my blog to stand out & have a chance to become successful in this industry. 

Here are my suggestions to stay on trends & evolve:

1.) Increase your blog content

I encourage bloggers to increase their content and the number of posts uploaded a week. I used to post only once a week but to evolve my blog I now post 2-3 times a week. However with this in mind remember: Quality over Quantity. Post quality content and this will allow your mind and ideas to grow and expand to write about other areas that interest you. I now post beauty/fashion trends, 
advice , self-help articles and food. You are opening possibilities of reader relate ability and engagement.

2.) Content Value

Content nowadays is competing with social media platforms and Snapchat so in order to attract readers to your site there has to be value. Your content has to inspire, motivate, and educate them. 
I suggest for an example a fashion post to include affiliate links in the outfit details and in the same post a visual product collage and add comments to each item so that your readers understand why to purchase the items. Suggest styling tips, affordable alternate items, or what wear with this items.

3.) Social Media

We are a visual culture which explains the growing popularity of social media platforms in particular Instagram. It requires its own focus and strategy plan. Readers attention spans have gotten shorter and instead of writing a comment under a blog post we show support by liking someone's picture, retweet a tweet, or Pinning. You can strengthen your social media by getting to know your audience and uploading engaging compelling content. Using analytics to get to know your audience is a great resource tool for your Instagram to build and promote your site. 

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