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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wellness / Health Journey

Happy Wednesday friends! I have been drafting ways for a while to incorporate wellness and health style posts for the blog. When I turned 30 I decided to start a wellness journey! I was motivated to look and feel healthy before the wedding and it was really exciting.  I was hungry for new information and to learn and research as much as I can about food and its benefits to my body. When I start something I go all in and I can deep!!! I played around with different wellness lifestyle but the one that I enjoyed was Paleo. Going on the Paleo diet opened my palette to introducing me to new vegetables and dishes. I am coordinating a favorites Paleo recipes soon for you guys. Let me know in the comment section if you would be interested!!! 

I concentrated so much on what I was putting into my body that I naively ignored the other categories involved in wellness. In October I started to experience uncomfortable chest pains. It was a pain that hurt when I toke a deep breath and would affect my shoulders and elbows. I grew anxious and concerned about this foreign pain and I went the doctors. After months of continuous pain, EKG tests, ultra sounds and mammograms I found out today that I have chondrocostal junction syndrome. It is basically inflammation in the costal cartilages. 

I realized that I ignored my physical body and my mental health. When I stress I can very tense and anxious. I don't handle emotional stress too well and using up all this unnecessary energy has taken a toll on my body physically. As I am typing this post I have a notebook with ways that I plan to take better care of myself and implement self care. 

With this new series on the blog called Wellness journey I want to talk about wellness and incorporate eight (8) categories: Body / Mind / Career / Spiritual / Emotion / Social / Financial / Environment 

My next post will be about the Body and ways that I am trying to care for my body physically such as exercise, sleep and eating habits. I want you guys to do this wellness journey with me! I am no gym rat and I am not in love with the gym but I want to use this opportunity to encourage each other to just be great and live our best lives! 

Whether you have a family at home or your single you cant be your best for others if you are not taking care of yourself. I just saw a video tonight on twitter of a woman who has had her whole life cystic fibrosis and after surgery her fiancĂ© recorded her taking her first breath with her new lungs for the first time! Someone that we take for granted everyday! I hope you guys join me and we motivate each other because I am definitely someone that needs to be pushed and challenged! Lets use the hashtag #TSBSelfCareChallenge or comment below and let me know if you want to join. Also share any of your self care tips as well! 

Thanks guys <3


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Celebrating Love this Valentines Day

Love is in the air..... This will be my husband and I's first Valentine's Day as a married couple! 
My husband will be out of town for work since Valentine's day lands on a Wednesday so I will be binging on some Netflix movies! But Im not mad because thats life so we will be celebrating that Friday and catching Black Panther! I am so excited for that movie you guys and I can't wait to watch it. In the spirit of Valentine's Day I wanted to share with you guys things that I am currently loving! Most of these items are things that I use on a daily basis and a few are wish list items (like the cozy etsy blanket). 




I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Whether you are married or single Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love. That can be whatever you define it to be. It can be a day of self love, or going out with friends or a date night. Enjoy your day and let me know in the comments what your plans are?


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How to Live your Purposeful Life and Find your Passion

"If you can't figure out your purpose, 
figure out your passion.
For your passion will lead you
right into your purpose.- Bishop T.D. Jakes

Have you ever felt stuck in your journey? 

Like your not moving fast enough or you are starting to doubt yourself and your potential?

I am right here with you guys! I go through many seasons in my life or self doubt, second guessing myself and asking God what am I supposed to do in my life?

But I step back, reflect, pray, meditate and look for the gratitude in those times. I firmly believe that every season, every job, every moment, every obstacle is getting you ready and will lead you to your purpose. 

Every step in my journey towards blogging taught me something that I can implement into my business and grow my blog. In college I graduated with a bachelors in Journalism and toke writing, public speaking and tv production classes. After college I dabbled in free lance makeup and really practiced and tried to learn the craft. After that my husband got into photography because I needed him to take headshot for my models because at the time I had a lot of ambitions and goals to grow in the beauty industry. Around that time I wanted to start a blog so in 2014 I started blogging and my husband was taking my photos and grew a real passion and wanted to invest and upgrade his equipment. 

All those things cost money and I was still working full time but I was making little money. I landed a new job that made way better and although I am not fulfilled with this job the extra money helps me  invest in my blog, my equipment and my investments. It is helping me pay off my debt and create a financial plan that so when that season comes that I quit my full time to blog I will have a plan and savings. 

These experiences in my life have taught me valuable lessons and tools to prepare me for this industry. I find gratitude for these seasons because although I don't want these jobs  but they will be the things that will lead me to my purpose. Gratitude! 

We all have the ability to live a purposeful life because we all have gifts. Our gifts are unique to us because we are all made unique in the eyes of God. You have to see it and use it. Since I was little I was always into the arts and literature. I loved plays, acting, makeup, drawing, reading, tv production and creating. My brain and spirit was always stimulated by these things. 
Now sometimes we might get it wrong! You might at some point that you want to be an actor but those acting classes and plays might be preparing you for another career but I will touch more on this below.

Here are some tips to find your passion:

1. Reflect
Life gets busy and tough times can throw our world upside down. But in these moments find a quiet moment and a quiet room to reflect. Close your eyes and think about the things that made you happy in life. Maybe you are overthinking too much. Don't put too much pressure on yourself that you need to find your passion right away. You have to find your way to it but the key is to take action and work towards it. 

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." - Oprah Winfrey

2. Act Today Not Tomorrow
Kick those fearful and shy thoughts out the window because it is the enemy filling your head with thoughts to block you from fulfilling your purpose. If you want to start a blog start it today and jump on Blogger or WordPress and post your first blog post. If you want to start a business, open your phone or computer browser and type this in the url GOOGLE! We are a blessed generation that we have the greatest resource: The Internet! Once you make that first step you will begin to feel motivate and watch how you will quickly get the ball rollin and your spirit will feel ambitious. 

3. Create a Vision Board
Your vision needs clarity, goal settings and visualization. By creating this you are setting your plan in motion and you are implementing the direction that you want to go. Pray about these thoughts and images and send these requests into the universe. Put them on display!

"Your time is limited,
so don't waste it living someone else's life." - Steve Jobs

4. Research
I love to fill my mind with resourceful books and podcasts. I am constantly listening to educational and motivational podcasts and reading positive uplifting books to inspire me. This will help you fight negative thoughts of comparison, losing focus and self doubt creeping back in. You are what you fill your mind and thoughts with. Fill your tank with positive, constructive information and find rescues that will help you learn and grow in your passion. 

5. Don't Put your Eggs in ONE Basket
Don't be surprised or defensive if something might not turn out the way you thought or desired. When you finally take action towards your passion you might discover through engagement that this is not your passion. The best part is that is okay! That is part of finding your passion. Being proactive brings clarity and direction towards your passion. For some they find their passion right away but that's not the journey for all. Some of us have to find our way but embrace each moment and learn from it. Be in the moment and be a sponge and learn all that you can in that moment. 

"Start embracing the life that is calling you. Find your calling, know what sparks the light in you so you - in your own way - can illuminate the world." - Oprah Winfrey

This is a reflective process and will be a story of growth and change in your life. Most important you are not alone in this process. I go through it and many of us do. Collaborating and cultivating a community is important to push and encourage one another. I hope these tools help those of you struggling to find your passion. If you have any other tips please share them below for others. I want to see you all succeed and live your best LIFE!


Thursday, January 25, 2018

How to: Wear Athleisure in the Winter

The athleisure trend was one of my favorites last year and I still can't seem to let it go. The tomboy in me is so super excited to wear chic and stylish sporty wear. Growing up I was a tomboy and it was really into sports especially baseball and softball. When I entered high school my style became more girly and feminine but I loved owning active wear pieces from Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirts to Apple Bottom track suits (yes apple bottom was a big deal back then!).

I love to be comfortable but also look put together but this trend can be tricky in the winter months. I find that layering and mixing around textures works when incorporating athleisure pieces into your winter style. I found these leggings at Zara recently and I loved them! The pattern is fun and the stripe on the side adds a sporty vibe. It reminds me of Sporty Spice in a way doesn't it?!!

To stay warm I have a long sleeve white t-shirt underneath and a chunky roll over sweater. I was warm and super comfortable wearing this look. But of course but this is a blog look and I am obsessed with my new booties from Zara that I had to glam up the whole look and wear the boots. They are so comfortable too! Warning I will be wearing them a lot!!!!!

What do you guys think about wearing athleisure pieces into your winter look? Are you still in the trend or so over it? Let me know in the comments and have a blessed day!


Monday, January 22, 2018

Winter Style: Plaid Wrap Coat

Hello loves! 

I can't believe the weekend is over! I have a love/hate relationship with Monday buttt I am trying to change my attitude when Monday comes around and start my week off with a positive mind. Anyone else have a hard time welcoming Monday back into their life?

Winter has been bipolar this month so far. One week we experience snow storms and the next high 40 degree weather. I never know how to plan my looks anymore. However living on the east coast an array of coats is a closet must have. I love to have different style coats in my closet especially some printed pieces. I love this checkered print wrap coat. The fit is flattering for all cleavage sizes because of the adjustable belt. It was a little chilly out this day so I wore a chunky knit turtleneck sweater to keep my neck and chest covered and warm. This would love really nice with a scarf as well. 
When your petite like me coat sizing can be tricky so I am happy when I find one that fits my arms and my small frame. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this week's fashion post and thank you for the love on my recent micro-influencers post! You guys make these long nights and early morning hustle days worth it!
Have a great start to your week!

*This coat was gifted to me by Chicwish. However all opinions are 100% honest and mine*


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

My 2018 Goals as a Micro Influencer

According to a article 2018 will be the year of the micro-influencer! According to the article, brands will be focusing on the kind of return that will get and not on the followers of an influencer. According to an article Millennial lifestyle expert Chelsea Krost states "We've gotten more savvy to really understand that you can have 100,000 followers and not really generate , but then someone can have 10,000 followers and generate phenomenal engagement" said Krost. "So the power isn't necessarily so much behind follower count anymore, it's really how much engagement and how much traction can you really get in the social media landscape."

Micro-influencers seem to have various different definitions. Some state that anyone under the follower count of 50,000 is a micro-influencer. Last year I made the common mistake of comparing myself to other influencers and focusing on numbers. However my mind was changed after listening to some great podcasts and having supportive friends that my perspective shifted. 

This year (2018) I have a new outlook and a new set of goals. I want to share my goals with you guys as a resource of encouragement. There has already been a lot of buzz in the influencer space of your worth based on follower number. This space has no blueprint or clear cut path to success. I have listened to many different podcasts with influencers and you tubers as guests and every single person's story is different. There is no x, y and z and da da your successful formula. This space doesn't work that way and brands and marketers are in the same boat as US! They too are trying to figure out this space and what works and doesn't. 

Our social media handle is our brand along with our blog and youtube etc. I am shifting my mind to a business and marketing stand point and focusing on the behind the scene numbers and where my influence packs a powerful punch as oppose to just the number that you see next to my main profile picture that I change by the way every other month :) 

Here are my Three (3) Goals this year:

1. Engagement
This is my top priority. I am not worrying about numbers too much but I can't say I never will because that will be a lie! Lol! I plan on really working on establishing an engagement rate of 3% and over. My main social media platform is Instagram and Instagram has a baseline engagement rate of 3%-6%. Instagram has done a lot of the heavy lifting for us because they installed the Analytics section on business accounts. This is the best tool you have and at the moment (crossing my fingers IG never changes it) it is FREE! 
How you calculate your engagement rate: 
Take the number of likes and the number of comments your post received and add those two numbers together.
Then you take that number and divide it by your number of followers and times that by 100. 
This is your engagement rate! 
I want to build this rate to over 3% because it gives me strong data to bring to a brand and say look my followers love this product and this was the engagement rate. BAM! 

2. Trust
Trust is earned in any relationship and the same philosophy goes with social media. It takes time and has to be nurtured. I know its cliche but it is incredibly true in influence and blogging, you must be AUTHENTIC! Authenticity builds like-ability which then develops into liking a person/brand and blossoms into trust. I want to open myself up more to you guys and push out valuable meaningful call to action content. This requires more ,interaction, IG stories, IG LIVE and more. This in turn in the long run will build a genuine relationship with you guys where we connect on a intimate level and not a surface one. I alwayssss have told my friends that when I die I want to be known for the girl that was kind, thoughtful and compassionate and not for my looks or outward compliments.

3. Long Lasting Brand Relationships
This year brands will be looking more to establish long lasting relationships with influencers than ever before. Brands are catching on to the trends of fake follower numbers, spam/bot accounts, and fake comments on posts. They are becoming more savvy and will be focusing on accounts that can increase a brand's presence online and effectiveness. Last year I dropped the ball on this and would work with a great brand on a campaign and then not follow up. Its almost like I went on a great date and never called or texted the guy back! I am going to focus on strategizing ways to promote a brand that I love by telling a unique story that is my own. I love being creative and I want to tap into that more this year and try to deliver content that is different, personal and that will set me apart. 

These are my three goals that I have written down in my 2018 planner and now my blog for you all. But I really like to share these kinds of posts with you all to share that we are all trying to figure out this space. There are so many areas to learn and everyday its trial and error and experimenting with what works and what doesn't but thats what drives me so much to this world. I love that its like a rubik cube that I can't figure out. I hope that by opening this conversation that we can share ideas and help each other in areas that we need it. 

I open this post as a space that you leave a comment below of what your blogging struggles are. I hope that we can answer and help each other out. This is the year of the WOMAN huni and we all need to stick together and no longer look at each other as competition but as sisters! 


Monday, January 15, 2018

Look Street Style Chic this Winter

Winter on the east coast can making dressing up tricky. But my motto is to not let the winter temperatures and snow stop me from putting together a good outfit. It is all about layers and having fun with winter accessories. Here are my favorite winter styling tips:

1. Beanies
I love beanies especially pom pom ones. Besides there basic main function of keeping our heads warm it also gives out outfit an effortless look. An added bonus: camouflages those bad hair days. 

 2. Scarves
I like a big warm scarf. It not only keeps me warm but adds pattern and color to your winter look. Big blanket scarves can be tricky to style so check out my post on how to wear a scarf (click here).

3. Boots
Your winter boots don't have to be boring. You can find sturdy winter appropriate boots that are fashionable as well. Since there was no snow on the ground I wore my studded high heels booties. I love the stud details and the fun edge it gives my outfit. These are perfect for your dressed up winter look on a night out or event. 

4. Sunglasses
Sunglasses always add cool points to your look. No matter what season you are in sunglasses give you the model off duty look. With little effort the lift your outfit to next level. Play around with some fun and unique colors and shapes this season. 

5. Trends
Rocking a trend piece in your winter outfit could help you look street style polished. I wore the side stripe pants and it added a fashion forward element to my look. Winter tip: thermals are a great staple to wear under your clothes. Under these side stripe pants are thermal leggings to keep my legs warm since the pants are a thin material and would allow cold air to come through. 

Scarves, boots and hats are all small styling tips that will elevate your outfit to look street style chic! One are some of your favorite fashion winter pieces?? Please leave your comments below!

Pants: Zara / Boots: ASOS
Hat: ASOS /
Scarf: Zara / Sunnies: Quay Australia /

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