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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Shopping Guide: Stylish Winter Coats

In the cold winter months the one item you can't leave your house without is a winter coat! Up here in upstate NY where the temperature can drop below zero a warm heavy winter coat is required. However that doesn't mean that it can't be stylish. I used to get so upset because I would have the cutest outfit underneath but because of the frigid temperatures all anyone sees is my unflattering coat. So I made a conscience effort to shop for functional but stylish coats. 

Also lets be honest when the weather is cold the one piece that is important to your entire wardrobe is a coat. There are so many options on the retail market and I wanted to shop some pieces for you guys.
Below are you will find some warm but also stylish coats that will amplify your look this winter.  

Coat: Chicwish (click here) | Hat: Urban Outfitters 


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Beauty Products I toke with into 2019!!

Hey babes! We made it! Its another year! I am so excited for this year. We ended the year with so many changes and I am happy to be back in my hometown with my family. I am also looking forward to working on my blog full time and see where this journey takes me. 

I was browsing on youtube and I saw a 2018 Beauty favorites video and I thought it would be fun to make a post about what products I brought with me into 2019! 

Okay I have a lot so jump down below and scroll through to see the products. 

I have included links to each one!


Friday, December 28, 2018

2018 Year in Review + NYE Outfits Round Up!

Another year almost over.. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. I am looking forward to another new year of lessons learned and accomplishments achieved. This week I am writing down in my notebook what goals I am setting for myself in 2019. 

December is a perfect time to evaluate what we have done this past year. But this time of reflection is not only for work results and what goals were met but I also like to reflect on the time that I gave to the Lord. Did I devote personal time with him and am I growing spiritually?  This is a great time to display gratitude and give thanks and praise to God. I give thanks to Him for the things and people he toke out of my life. The blessings He has blessed me and my family with. His presence and grace in the times of worry and anxiety. As I type this I feel emotional because just by taking a few minutes in my day to think about these things I give God all the glory and praise for His presence in it all. 

For me this year was a challenging year of anxiety. I had a lot of anxiety, fear and worry about my health. I started to feel sharp pains in my chest and the worst case scenario thoughts was what was running through my head. I then started experiencing neck pains and the worst case scenario thoughts were frightening and panicking me. I didn't allow God to be present with me to calm me. I was too in my head and suffered from many anxiety attacks that left me not sleeping. 

My husband and I ended the year with the decision to come back to our hometown. We left Rhode Island and have moved back to Rochester, NY. I knew God was in this decision because for the first time in months I felt such a sense of calm about it. I knew this move what our next chapter. 

Professionally this is the first time that I have free time to concentrate on my blog, youtube and brand to really pursue this career full force and give it my best effort. If its for me I will praise Him and if it is not I will still praise Him because I know He has something better for me. 

This was also my first year of marriage and it was blissful. I look forward to 2019 and our journey of trying to start a family. I have had the biggest baby fever ever this past year and my husband has caught me so many times staring and adoring other people's babies on IG stories! I just can't help it! In this season of my life babies make me so happy <3

I have had high and lows this year and I look forward to correcting the things that I did wrong this year and growing in the ways that I did right. 

I also want to take time to talk those that have suffered a true hardship this year. Losing a loved one. Battling a disease. Experiencing a break up or divorce. I pray for you. I can't tell you how to feel or say I understand but my heart goes out to you. If you have never been close to God or prayed to Him I ask that you just give it a try. Theres nothing to lose from doing it but only to gain. 

When I was researching end of year quotes for this blog post I found this one and I love it so much. It is "Looking Back helps us Move Forward with New Purpose." 

Looking back helps us see a clearer path in whatever our journey is. In a spiritual sense it gives us a clear picture of what God has been doing in our life!

So if its helpful for me because this is always helpful for me, take some quiet time out and write down some questions of reflection.
Write down the following if you need some help:

- 5 accomplishments 
- 5 missed opportunities 
- 5 things you put most of your time on
- 5 things you left out or didn't get around to do

I hope this post provides some helpful guidance for you guys. I truly am so thankful to each and every one of you that have taken the time to visit my blog and read a post. Thank you for your comments! If you haven't yet please sign up to my newsletter so you can get early access to giveaway and post notifications in the upcoming year. 

If you need some NYE outfit inspo then scroll down to some sparkly fun pieces I picked out while online shopping. I wish you all a safe and blessed NYE. I pray that God leads each of you in the New Year to your purpose. May God open doors where they need to be opened and closed the doors that are not for us. I pray for protection for you and your families. I pray for peace for those that suffer from anxiety and worry and may the love of God comfort those that are heartbroken. In Jesus name Amen. 

Finish the year strong guys and start the New Year stronger and better than ever! 


Top: ASOS / Pants: Zara /
Boots: Aldo (click here) / 
Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk (click here) |


Monday, December 10, 2018

Must Have Holiday Sweaters + Move Update

Babes we have moved!!!!!!!!!!! 

The past week has been so crazy and overwhelming that I am finally slowly getting settled in so I can get back on track with my blog and social media channels. 
Alright guys so lets chat! For about a couple months now when my husband and I were living in Rhode Island my heart was feeling very unsettled. My husband was traveling a lot for work and for the majority of the work week I was alone. The loneliness began to take a toll on me emotionally and I was really missing my family. After many discussions we finally decided to move back to our hometown of Rochester, NY. 

We had been in Rhode Island for about 8 years and felt that we did our time there and it was time to move back home with our family. My husband's mother was dealing with a lot of health issues this past year and we received a few worrisome phone calls this past year. After a couple of talks we felt in our hearts that it was best to move in with her and be there to take care of her, help her around the house and help her financially. We both love our families so much and once the idea was brought up we both felt it in our hearts that this was the right thing to do. 
We officially moved to Rochester, Saturday, December 1! Moving everything in, cleaning, organizing and making space has been tiresome and quite the undertaking but its been so rewarding to help our family and be around them. 

The other big change was leaving my full time job and moving to Rochester with no job lined up. This has the scariest decision for me because I am the type of person that needs stability and security. I am not much of a risk taker so this has left me feeling unsettled this week. 
I have been praying about this new chapter of our lives and remaining faithful that God will steer us into our purpose. I am going to use this time to really enjoy working on my blog and youtube full time. I have always worked on my blog and youtube while maintaining a full time job and now I have the freedom to really work on a lot of different ideas that I had before but struggled to find the time to execute them. I love the holidays so I plan on pushing out new content all this month for you guys. 

I don't know whats to come in the New Year but I can going to take the month of December day by day and not get too ahead of myself. There are other business opportunities my husband and I are looking into as well that are nerve wrecking but exhilarating at the same time. This is unchartered territory for me and I am working on remaining positive. 

So that is a quick recap of what is going on with me this past week and why I have been so MIA. I am a one woman blog crew (at the moment) and the move has been the cause of the absence of new content. I thank you guys in advance for understanding and hopefully (fingers crossed) this platform grows and I can add staff! 


Fashion Time!

Holiday sweaters are a must for holiday parties and festivities. I am always on the hunt for a cute and unique holiday sweater. I found this one on and I loved it because of the bows on the back. It adds the prettiest girly touch to the striped sweater and would love so cute for a casual holiday party. Its really soft and comfortable and a nice medium length for leaving it out or tucking it in. I paired the sweater with a high waisted jeans so not too much of my back would show. 

Finding this sweater inspired me to shop around and look for similar girly sweaters for you guys (see below)!! Please let me know if you guys have any other holiday content requests! 


What I'm wearing:

Sweater: Vici (click here) | Jeans: Vici |
Sunnies: Ray Ban | 
Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk (click here


Friday, November 23, 2018


Gratitude is like gravy, 
put it on everything.

Gratitude is the secret sauce to life. But I know for many of you the holiday season is a time of grief and sadness. I don't know what you are going through and I won't claim to either. I will do send you encouragement and love. I pray for you all and that the Lord heals your heart and comforts you during these hard times. 
I really felt compelled in my spirit today to reach out to someone with this message <3

Today is the day after Thanksgiving (aka Black Friday). One of the biggest shopping days of the year. I don't do store shopping anymore. As I have gotten older the crowds and lines actually give me anxiety. I prefer staying home cozy and shopping online!! 

AS for my outfit in today's post I am playing around again with mixing patterns. I love this plaid printed River Island blazer paired with these sexy leopard print booties. When I mix prints like these I love to wear boyfriend jeans. I used to be scared of wearing outfits like this but now I am so attracted to it. I used to be so concerned of what others would think that I put myself in a small box. For all my followers that are younger than me or worry about what others think, take it from me and stop please! You are not allowing yourself to sow your harvest. I recently learned that there will always be someone that will have something negative to say so its out of my control and I just have to stay on my path. Listen to God's voice and he will lead you to your destiny. 

 I truly hope you all are having a great day! Have fun this weekend with your loved ones. If you can pass along some words of encouragement to someone else who needs it please do. You never know the impact it can have on someone. 

love you guys xoxo

BlazerRiver Island | BootiesAldo (click here) |
JeansAmerican Eagle (old) |  


Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Who's ready for Thanksgiving??!! Can you believe it is next week?? I have so much to be thankful for this year. This year was probably the worst time with dealing with my anxiety. I really had a hard time catching it before it got bad. The past month I have really incorporated gratitude into my every day routine. I have found that every time I feel anxiety coming on I quickly say out loud or right down what I am thankful for. Lately it has helped so much!! Its an everyday battle but I feel like I am getting better and better with it. I will continue to share my journey with you all because not only does it help me but I want you all to feel that you are not alone. 

So lets make this post about fashion and gratitude. At the moment my husband and I are going through some changes and next week I will share it with you guys. No Im not pregnant! LOL! I wish but its not my time yet. But I am thankful for my Lord and Savior who saves me everyday from myself. I am thankful for my health. I am thankful for my husband who uplifts me and supports me in everything that I do. I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for my church for feeding my soul every week and providing me peace and wisdom. I am thankful for my followers for their friendship and support throughout the years! Just typing this made me feel so good and I am literally smiling from ear to ear. Try it guys. It feels so good to write down what your thankful for. 

Jacket: Zara (click here) | Jeans: H&M |
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff (click here) | 

What are you guys thankful for? With all the sad and horrific news lately lets pray for strength and healing for those going through hard times and find ways to support them. I have posted some links below how we can support those that are suffering from the California wild fires. 

"Rejoice always,
Pray continually,
Give thanks in all circumstances"

1 Thes 5:16-18


Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Hey chicas! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I went to NYC over the weekend to celebrate my 33rd birthday. On Saturday my husband and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the first time and I was remarkable. It is a very large museum and after being there for almost 6 hours we discovered that it takes more than one visit to see all the exhibits. The most crowded area was the Anna Wintour Met Gala Collection: Heavenly Bodies. It was beautiful and I was mesmerized by some of my favorite designers innovative interpretations of fashion and faith. If you are to visit this exhibit, you have to check this out. 
Sunday was our last day but I really wanted to shoot a look in the city. We toke a Lyfte to the west village and grabbed brunch at The Butcher's Daughter. This area is so pretty we found a cute hidden street where we toke some nice photos. 
I have always wanted to live in the city. There is something about the industrial yet quaint spots of NYC that really stimulate my creativity. The energy of the city is infectious. 
It kind of ties of themed appropriate to wear sneakers and animal print in NYC. Its a place where you feel freedom to place around with different elements because of the city's individualistic ideology. Everyone beats to their own drum here. 
I felt so good in this outfit guys. I loved the play on feminine on top with tom girl vibes on my feet. This skirt is from the Target WhoWhatWear collection and it is a steal for both the price and the material. It would look great with a pair of sock boots or midi length boots as well. 
This Zara sweater is so soft and cozy. Its probably one of the softest sweaters I own. The color is great for fall and winter and I just love the fit of it. Its gong to be easy to pair with high waisted jeans as well. The belt bag just tied the sweater and skirt together nicely. Belt bags are a great accessory to your casual look and can really tie your look together. 

Skirt: Target (click here) | Top: Zara |
Bag: TopShop | Sneakers: Adidas (click here) | 

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