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Monday, October 16, 2017

How to Wear a Pleated Skirt for Fall

Im late to the game y'all but I really love the pleated skirt. I love the whimsical movement the skirt gives while walking and when you twirl.....yasssss!!!! LOL! The pleated skirt is a piece that is versatile for both spring and fall. For the fall you can pair your skirt with ankle booties (like pictured)  or over the knee boots. 

When I was figuring out how to style the skirt for this post I felt inspired to play around and mix and match. I wanted to come out of my comfort zone and play with color and style. I love the contrast of wearing a slogan sweatshirt with a feminine skirt and a pair of white ankle booties. Have you noticed that I can't stop wearing these ankle boots? I probably won't all season long :) I was telling my husband when we finished taking pictures that in my early twenties I would have never worn an outfit like this. I was very safe and trendy and matchy matchy. I know it seems small but when I take risks in fashion I feel fearless. 

I am soft spoken and timid to be up for myself but we all have our little ways to make our voices heard and to be empowered. Fashion is my outlet for empowerment. One outfit can energize me with confidence and self assurance. Its like my super hero cape. 

Find that thing in your life that brings out your sparkle and share it with the world. Whats yours? Share it with me below! 

Skirt/Falda: H&M (click here) / Sweater/Sueter: Zara /
Boots/Zapatos: Zara / Sunnies/Gafas: Ray Bans ( click here) /


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Puerto Rico Crisis & Seeing God's Work

Its been three weeks since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Three weeks later much of Puerto Rico is without electricity, very little water and food. The death toll is now reported to have risen to 45. For the past three weeks I have had a hard time focusing and have felt anxious, helpless and unmotivated. During this time, God has shown me and my family his work and I feel moved to share it with you all.

My parents were born and raised in Puerto Rico and both came to the United States after high school. My mother is from Juana Diaz and my father is from Caguas. Many of our family members still reside in the island including my last living grandparent, Aunts and cousins. It toke almost a week to hear any news from my mother's side of the family. Our family quickly received news that my Aunt on my father's side, who suffers from lung failure ran out of her last oxygen tank and was currently using a portable rechargeable tank. We quickly began looking for assistance in PR for help. My baby sister tried to contact FEMA, the PR government, the Red Cross etc and every strand of hope turned into a dead end. We all grew desperate and anxious on how to help my Aunt. 

This is when through dark times and suffering God shines his light. In order to articulate my story let  me break it down. A couple of years ago my baby sister started to attend a Calvary Chapel Church back in my hometown where she married her husband who is their pastor's brother. That church years ago helped start the Calvary Chapel in Guaynabo Puerto Rico. My mother received word of a new Calvary Chapel location near her home. One weekend that I was visiting my mother asked me to accompany her to visit this church. She instantly felt home there. Pastor Crespo was from Puerto Rico and his son in law, Jason Dennett was the pastor of Calvary Chapel in Puerto Rico. It just so happens that Pastor Dennett was the pastor that married Antero and I in Puerto Rico! To connect the bond even further I connected with Pastor Crespo daughter, who resides in Puerto Rico via social media and we quickly grew a friendship. We all found our connection wild but none of us could have ever imagined what God had in store for us!!

After many failed attempts with finding help for my Aunt, my mother asked her pastor's family if they could by any chance help my Aunt in her situation. A oxygen tank was hard to come by but a generator could at least help in her situation. A few days went by it just seemed that more obstacles were happening and the island was still in devastation. However the Crespo family reassured us that they were working on getting my Aunt her needs and that they wouldn't forget about her. 

Last week I received a message from Pastor Crespo's daughter that the church was able to find a generator for my Aunt and a volunteer was going on Monday to deliver it to her along with water and food. The next day we received a photo of my Aunt with the woman who delivered it to her along with a photo of the generator. I immediately feel to my knees in worship. I sobbed and cried out to God giving thanks and praise. In this moment I realized that this was God's plan all along. I started to go back and realize that all these dots connected for this reason. If none of these dots connected I don't know how we would have gotten that generator to my Aunt. God put these pieces together years ago masterfully to develop friendship and connect us all together. Every piece played a key role to the blessing that my Aunt received. My Aunt didn't know this church or any of these Samaritans but because we knew them and developed a friendship with each connected party it all tied together. 
This blessing is beyond my comprehension. I know that God works in mysterious and beautiful ways but I haven't personally seen it until this moment. I did not want to miss this blessing and miss out on the opportunity to praise God and give him all the glory. I also wanted to share this testimony with you all! 

My family and I were beginning to grow weary and I was consumed with watching and looking for social media posts that were devastating and heart breaking. I grew angry with government and frustrated with feeling powerless. I forgot to trust God and like he always does he gracefully reminds us all that he is sovereign and faithful. He shined a light so bright that I needed shades! It is amazing. 
So I share this testimony in hopes that it creates a ripple effect. I pray that my story brings you hope in your dark moments. The enemy challenges us with obstacles and heartbreak but I put this bible passage as my screensaver to remind me of this: "God can restore what is broken and change it into something amazing. All you need is FAITH" Joel 2:25

Im here for you guys and and pray that this post brings you hope in your life....

Puerto Rico se Levantara!


Monday, October 2, 2017

The Blazer to Own this Fall

The blazer is the best investment piece in your closet for fall. This year look out for bold patterns such as plaid and checkered print patterns or boxy shoulders. The Anine Bing blazer has been seen all over our favorite bloggers thus far however it is sold out everywhere and if you find it is $349. I was searching the internet for a more affordable version and I found this Free People plaid blazer with velvet details at Macys for $168. I was able to use a Macys coupon and I scored it for $108. 

A great transition piece that can be dressed up with trousers or casually worn with shorts or jeans.
I wanted to keep the look simple for you guys and I love wearing basic t-shirts under a dressed up blazer. I dressed up my casual look with some statement earrings and my gucci bag. 
I have to make a funny and laugh at my ankles! I really didn't get any color this summer on my legs. LOL! I found some great blazers below for you to check out! 

Blazer: Free People (click here) / Jeans: H&M (click here) /


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Denim Skirt for Fall

Denim is a year round fashion staple and I love to wear denim in the fall. If styled correctly it can be a great transition piece in your closet. A denim skirt can be great for dressing up a fall look or being casual on a warm crisp fall day. I love wearing denim skirt with black tights and cute ankle boots on those colder autumn days. Lately the weather has been very warm in the 80's so I have been holding off on those tights. I paired this Urban Outfitters skirt with this feminine striped bell sleeve top from Chicwish. This top is so cute and I will definitely be wearing it again on the blog for you guys. 
Since this was a casual dressed kind of day I wore my white stan smith adidas. I really like the classic  sneaker look with my denim pieces. I just have to get better at keeping them clean! I am currently on the hunt for a jean denim high waisted skirt. So if you guys have any recommendations please leave me a link below and thank you in advance. 
If you don't follow me on Instagram I wanted to apologize to you guys for not delivering content. There are still family members in Puerto Rico that we haven't heard of since Hurricane Maria and we have been tirelessly searching for answers both over the phone and social media. I haven't been myself for the past week now and my mind and heart are in Puerto Rico. 
I plan on dedicating a blog post for ways that anyone interested can donate and give back. They are experiencing a humanitarian crisis right now and I am holding on to prayer, faith and positivity right now. Thank you guys in advance for your prayers, well wishes, positive thoughts and donations. <3

Skirt: Urban Outfitters (click here) / Top: Chicwish (click here) /
Sneakers: Adidas (click here) / Sunnies: Ray Bans (click here) /
Purse: Gucci (click here) /


Monday, September 18, 2017

How to Wear: Varsity Jacket in Fall

Athleisure wear is one of the hottest trends out right now. Whether it is track pants, hoodies, sneakers or a varsity jacket everybody can rock this comfy cool look. I haven't been able to find a pair of track pants that I love in my size anywhere so I opted for the varsity jacket look. Who What Wear dropped their fall Target line last month and I really like what they did this season. The collection is filled with looks for every type of woman. One of my favorite pieces was this varsity jacket and lace t-shirt. It looks cool and edgy and to dress the look up I wore black heels. One of my favorite ways to dress up tom boy pieces are with high heels. I love the contrast of mixing tom boy with feminine details. Its  fun and comfortable. 

The varsity jacket can be worn for casual, work or evening wear and here are some ways you can wear the look:

Office Chic:
The varsity jacket would add edgy and chic to your work style. To push the envelope pair your jacket with a smudged eyeliner look, statement necklace, pencil skirt, high heels and a blouse. For a chic look wear high waisted trousers and a plain white t-shirt with basic heels. If its a warm day you can wear a maxi midi skirt and wear your jacket over your shoulders. 

Sporty Style:
For a simple look wear your jacket with track pants, jeans, leggings and a formal t-shirt. For fall/winter pair your jacket with a fun beanie for that extra sporty look. Don't forget to wear your favorite pair of sneakers and a cool pair of sunnies. I like the Ray Ban Wayfarer for this kind of look. 

Glam Wear:
One of my favorite street style looks are varsity jackets paired with dressier pieces. You can wear your jacket with a slip dress or the classic little black dress (LBD). You can also try to find a jacket with a feminine touch like lace detail or a longer length jacket. Pair this look with an evening bag and polished hair and you look street style chic.

Fashion is a repeating cycle of out with the old, in with the new and back with the old again. The 90's trend made an appearance in 2014 and its back for fall 2017. Sometimes its a good idea to keep some pieces because it always comes back! Like the moto jacket and trench coat for fall the varsity jacket is making its name to the fall staple outwear piece. I personally love the plaid look or the letterman jacket. For me I want my jacket to be my statement piece and it needs to pop. Plus its so easy to wear and comfortable! My two favorite adjectives. 

Jacket: Target Who What Wear (click here) / Top: Target WWW (click here) /
Purse: Gucci (click here) / Sunnies: RayBans (click here) /


Friday, September 15, 2017

Warm Weather in Fall

Sooo lets talk about this weather guys!!! I planned on giving you guys fall content this month but honestly this weather has been so warm that I have to dress according to the temperature. I am not complaining though. This is my kind of weather especially since it is my birthday month!!!! Whoop Whoop! Anyone else a Libra?!

My husband and I went to Boston on a beautiful day to explore and kind the gorgeous streets of Beacon Hill. The weather was so hot there was no way I was going to overheat and wear a sweater and boots. So I opted for this fun ruffle skirt from Chicwish and a feminine detailed bodysuit from Abercrombie and its on sale for $8!!!

Its so weird that we live so close to Boston and yet don't even visit that often. I forgot how beautiful and charming the city is. We walked so much from Beacon Hill to Newbury Street. Of course I shopped on Newbury Street and had a delicious cup of coffee at the Thinking Cup. I have always wanted to live in a big city. Its something about the energy that is infectious and my soul feels alive and happy. The best part is the walking! I love to walk around and see people and just be in the moment. I honestly have grown to despise driving. Its lonely to me and isolating. But hey that is me:)

The next post will be fun fall looks that I know you guys will love! I am always welcome to hear your feedback / comments / ideas guys! Please share them in the comment section or you can send me an email. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Skirt: Chicwish (click here) / Top: Abercrombie (click here) /
Heels: Lulus (similar one) / Sunnies: Nordstrom  / Bag: Cult Gaia (click here) /


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

NYFW Recap: Honest Story

Hey loves! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. My husband and I left NY Sunday evening and we were exhausted. I actually felt really sick Sunday with painful cramps. This year I went through a roller coaster of emotions during Fashion Week. It takes a lot of strategizing  and planning for Fashion Week. Its also an expensive investment for your career and can bring great connections. Paying for your stay, subway rides/ fare rides and food. We rented a Homeaway apartment in Washington Heights and it was really cute and conveniently close to the subway station. It was very far uptown from a lot of my events that were located downtown so in hindsight I should have gotten something closer. 

Saturday was my busiest day. I attended TAORAY WANG show at 11 am and it was my first time. The collection was stunning and there were a lot of big names in the fashion industry there. After that I went to the Banana Republic x Olivia Palermo collection presentation. The line was so long and at the point we were so hungry. Finding food can be frustrating especially for out of towners. I relied on Yelp to guide me on what restaurants were near us wherever we were. 

Because we were so hungry we decided to run and grab a quick bite to eat before the Banana Republic show. When we came back to the line it had doubled! We waited over an hour and I never got to meet Olivia Palermo which was a bummer because she is one of my favorite fashion influencers. The event ended and the store opened its door to the public for shopping. I was already in line for almost 2 hours at that point and figured to just check out the collection. It was beautiful. The collection is filled with military inspired jackets, feminine detailed sweaters and sportswear trousers. I wanted every piece but I held back because I had already spent a lot of money on our trip. I am currently eyeing this navy blue and red military jacket and hoping they still have my size in a few weeks. After that my husband and I were exhausted and we found a restaurant near by called Burger & Lobster. My husband ordered the burger and I ordered the lobster roll. It was my first time trying a lobster roll and it was amazing!!!!!!!! 

I was slowly getting in a bad mood so we decided to head back to the apartment. A much needed nap was necessary at that point. I was feeling sad that evening and I didn't know why. I felt ironically lonely in a city surrounded by millions of people. I went to the TAORAY WANG show alone and I kept finding myself feeling insecure again and comparing myself to others. It honestly is really hard not to. You are surrounded by beautiful woman from all over the world who come from different backgrounds and social economic status. Many are stunningly wearing head to toe designer pieces and just look amazing. I felt small next to them. At the moment, I can't afford designer pieces and its hard not to compare yourself during Fashion Week to women that can. I love and appreciate fashion so much and I felt insecure attending a show with those that have it because I felt that by not having those items I wasn't showing my love for fashion like them.

After a pep talk from my amazing husband I got a text from my friend Johnny Bell (NY Trendy Moms) to come to the Lulus Style Studio event as her plus one. It was the cure that I needed, some girl time with my favorite lovies. I went to the event and felt so much better. I have really grown a great friendship with my NYC/NJ friends. We had a great time and I even got to meet Michael Costello! He was so nice and down to earth! 
After that night I was smiling from ear to ear. Part of my desire to go to NY is to spend time with my friends. I see them for sometimes once a year but when we see each other we just picked up where we left off. I feel really grateful for our friendship. 

Sunday I attended Nina Tiari show and after that had brunch with Johnny Bell and Maria (CityLaundry) at a beautiful Thai Cuisine spot. It looked delicious but I couldn't eat it because of my stomach feeling weak and nausea. It was bittersweet saying goodbye to the girls but I was grateful for their company and time. I ended my trip in a better mood. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make the most of my time in NY for FW. Pressure to wear the perfect outfit to get photographed, pressure to take perfect pictures for my blog with my husband, pressure to make the right connections etc. By doing this I missed out in being in the moment and being grateful for the small milestones. My first time attending FW 3 years I didn't go to any shows and now I went to two. Its not a lot and Im not a big blogger but its progress and looking back I wish I wasn't in that mind state. I could blame it on my period hormones but I need to take accountability for allowing myself to fall into that funk. 
Im so thankful for the brands that believe in me and if this career is meant for me and I continue to work hard it will happen. Not overnight but when its my time. I believe in God's timing and need to have faith and appreciate my accomplishments. 

I wanted to share my experience with you guys because a photo on Instagram doesn't show it all and I want to be transparent and honest with you guys. I want to inspire you guys through my experiences and journey. If you guys ever need FW tips please send me an email or DM. If you have FW tips girl share the love please! LOL! I truly believe that when one blogger succeeds we all do! There is room for everyone in this industry so lets support one another. Thank you guys for your time to read this long post and listen to my rant! Its therapeutic and feels good to put it out there. 

Hope you all have a blessed day! 

Jacket: ASOS / Pants: H&M (click here) /
Boots: Zara / Sunnies: Nordstrom (click here) /
Hat: Top Shop (click here) / Lipstick: Bobbi Brown Rich Red /

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