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Friday, October 21, 2016

Falls Must Have Boot: Midi Boots

Boots: H&M (click here

Cheers to the weekend! Happy Friday guys! I am home sick today with a stuffy nose and an annoying cold! Its also raining out here so its a nice night to stay in and watch Hocus Pocus tonight with a bowl of hot chili! Yup I'm excited to make chili now...

Anyways since I am staying in tonight, I wanted to share a new post with you guys. Booties are one of my favorite shoes for the fall/early winter and this fall one of my favorite trends is the midi boot. The midi boot looks great with cropped jeans or rolled up high waisted vintage jeans. If you live in warmer climate then you can style it with a pair of denim cut offs. I just received these today (friday) in the mail from H&M and I love them! 

The shiny patent leather and buckle adds edge and turns your outfit into a statement. Plus the stretchy side panels makes it easy to put the boots on and take them off. I can't wait to style these for the blog. I think a statement pair of black booties is nice to have in your closet for those adventurous stylish days! 

I not only posted a direct link for these but I also (below) posted some other hot midi boots picks!


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Fall Must Haves

Since fall is my favorite season then it would make sense that I would share my fall must haves with you guys! Right now on the east coast we are having a great fall month because the temperature is warm and in the 70s! No coats or scarves necessary yet so in this post Im sharing some of my fall favorite closet pieces.

Boots or ankle boots are my number one! You can wear a basic top with jeans and your footwear will change the dynamic of your look instantly. These Sam Edelman fringe boots are not only filled with fringey fun (fringey is not a really word I don't think) but are comfortable as well. They look great against dark colors because the camel color pops more. 

Leather jacket are a definitely must have whether its a suede one, pop of color or good ole fashion black its a must have for fall. I have had this one from Zara for 2 years now and I love it. I love jacket with strong details such as the details of this jacket on the arms. Leather jackets go with anything blue jeans, black jeans, skirts or even over a dress. Whether its hanging on top of your shoulders or your wearing it, the leather jacket is a great item for fall.

Dark colored aviators are a new item in my closet and I love! Since fall sometimes call for darker colors I love the look aviators have with fall clothing. I am really feeling these black Quay Australia ones from the Desi Perkins collection. They work perfectly with fall items such as sweaters, leather jacket and boots. 

Flannels are just the best print ever! Well not ever but close right?! I just love flannels of all colors and prints for fall time. Its like the mantra for fall, fall leaves and you wear a flannel. I like to incorporate my flannels differently whether its tied around my waist or a print on a scarf they are comfortable and a fall must have.

Top: Urban Outfitters (click here) / Jeans: H&M (love these) / 
Flannel: Sheinside (click here) / Boots: Sam Edelman (similar one) /
Jacket: Zara (love this one) / Sunnies: Quay Australia (click here) /
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (click here


Sunday, October 16, 2016

My Favorite Instagram Photo Editing Apps

Photo: AMB Photography

Although I am no master of Instagram.. I have found a great routine of editing apps for my photos. For me Instagram is my main social media platform to promote my blog. A single photo can say so much more than a tweet or a Facebook post. A photo can tell a story or express an emotion way better than words.. well at least in my opinion :) 
The social media app is a platform that motivates me to create quality content for my followers and readers. To edit my photos I love using photo editing apps. On my laptop I only edit my pictures using iPhoto and I am not too crazy about it. 
I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite Instagram editing apps:


1. VSCOcam
This is my first step in editing my photos. VSCO offers amazing high quality filters that will help you  achieve a cohesive feed. Its by far one of my favorites! Some of my favorites filters are: HB1 / A5/ A9 / F2 /  VSCOcam allows you to adjust the intensity of your filters and use basic editing tools. 


2. Facetune
After I choose a filter I then enter my photo into Facetune. Usually in Facetune I use detail to intensify the details of certain photo elements such as a purse, belt or shoes. I also use the whiten to brighten up any white backgrounds or items. This is helpful when I shot a flat lay to brighten up my white rug or white background.

3. Instagram
When Instagram updated its application and added editing tools it was over! This is usually my finally step in editing my photos. I love their brightness feature along with contrast and sharpen. I don't use their filters too much but occasionally and in the past I used Clarendon / Juno / Valencia.


4. Boomerang
This is a new app for me and so far I really like it! This app allotters users to create GIF like videos. Boomerang takes a burst of about 10 photos and then loops them into an HD video! Its the coolest thing and I have used it a few times and posted my pictures on Instagram but I am still trying to get more creative with it. 


5. Picframe
Before Instagram updated its app where you couldn't adjust your photo I used Picframe to fit my photo and create a mirror effect for my ootd(s). Once in a while if one of my photos don't fit well into the Instagram frame I will go back to my Picframe days and create a mirror effect to display my look. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this kind of post. 

My next one will be on editing Instagram makeup photos!


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cozy Fall Layers with Gap Factory

Temperatures are falling, daylight is changing and fall is here and winter is approaching already. Fall season is my favorite time of year: apple picking, hayrides, Starbucks coffee and fall fashion. Time to bring out into my closet sweaters, jackets and puffy coats/vests. Although the weather is colder I still like to look and feel fashionable, trust me the cold weather can be a mood killer...

I have partnered with Gap Factory to bring you some cozy fashionable finds at an affordable price! In this post both the puffy vest and striped turtle neck sweater are from Gap Factory. The vest has a fur hood and is a versatile piece that will look great with anything. 

Gap Factory offers cozy and stylish fall essentials at an affordable price! Check out Gap Factory online or in store and tag me on Instagram on your finds! 

Happy shopping guys! 

Gap Factory Puffer Vest (click here) / Gap Factory Sweater (click here) /
Gucci Bag (click here) / Jeans: H&M

* This post is a collaboration with Gap Factory. 
However all views and opinions are 100% mine and honest. *


Monday, October 10, 2016

Who What Wear x Target's Collection: Fall Fashion

I love a fashion partnership and Target is one of my favorites! Target's new partnership with fashion resource website Who What Wear is filled with street style trends. The affordably priced collection features blouses, leather jackets, dresses, skirts and accessories. What I love the most about the collection is the versatile prints and colors such as florals, stripes (seen in this post) and bold layers. 
I will be featuring more looks from this collection because I a
m really obsessed! 

Dress: Target WhoWhatWear collection (click here) / Handbag: Gucci (click here) /
Booties: Lulus (click here) / 



Thursday, October 6, 2016

How to fill your creativity tank

Photo: Me

Whether your a blogger or not if your job entails using your right side of the brain (creative side) you have experienced creative block. As a blogger there are many times where I feel uninspired and have a lack of creative ideas. 
It varies in different aspects such as fashion inspiration, blog posts ideas, flat lay frustrations and etc. The blogging industry is a fast paced environment. People are posting new content quickly and daily and its hard to catch up when your a one woman show. 
In my life blogging is my ambition and passion. It is what I most look forward to when my work day is over. I am currently working a full time and trying to balance time to work on my blog full time as well. My days are super long and usually go to bed around 12 am to wake up at 6 for work. My weekends are for shooting content and youtube videos so to sum it all up....
 I have no life! LOL
But when life is going fast and your mind is constantly in overdrive its easy at times to feel flat and uninspired. I wanted to share with you guys some tips on how to stimulate your creativity:

1. Stop what your doing and change scenery
When your feeling stuck or in a creative block you have to learn to give in and get out. Take a walk outside, grab a cup of coffee or take some time to read a book. This can stimulate your brain and get those creative juices flowing.

2. Keep a notepad or journal
If your like me creative ideas come in spurts and spontaneously and if I don't write them down they can be gone and gone forever. Carry a notebook or journal with you and constantly write down your ideas or thoughts. Keeping track of your thoughts can help you in the future to develop a bigger idea or plan!

3. Create an inspiration wall
If you are a visual person like myself it can be helpful to cut out magazines pictures and create an inspiration wall. If your a technical person create a iphoto folder in either your phone or iPad and save online photos that inspire you. When you feel your creative tank is low tap into these options for a quick creative remedy.

4. Unplug from your phone
For me my iPhone is completely distracting when I am trying to think and search for an idea. The worst thing for me to do is to pick up my phone and check out my social media accounts. It is the wrong kind of break and it provides me with no inspiration and only puts me more off track.

5. Get more sleep
This is one I have to work on but articles say that lack of sleep can affect your thought process. So try to get more sleep and re-energize your brain. Give yourself some rest and know when to quit. Start the next day positive and a with a fresh start!

I hope you guys enjoyed this week's lifestyle post! I really miss doing these! 
Let me know down below your tips when you feel the creativity block!


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Shirt under a dress trend

I love how effortlessly chic and cool wearing a shirt under a dress looks. I don't know if this 90's trend will stick around but in the meantime lets enjoy it and have fun! I like the look paired with a pair of sneakers, flats or boots. Keeping the look casual but fresh.
Also lets shout out to the good ole t-shirt that never goes out of style and always comes in handy!

Photo: AMB Photography

Dress: Lulus (similar ones below) / Sneakers: Adidas (click here) /
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (click here) /

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