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Monday, June 18, 2018

The Perfect Pant for Summer!!!

When I hit thirty for some reason I didn't feel as comfortable as I did in my twenties to wear short shorts in the summer time?! I don't know why but my age came with wardrobe maturity and growth instinctually. I noticed that most of my summer wardrobe is high waisted culottes pants. They have a well structured high fashion chic elegance to them. I am so attracted to this style pants that I am constantly looking for different colors and styles. Every time I wear a pair I feel put together, stylish and polished. The flowy bottom bring me all day comfort and can be paired with flat or high heeled sandals. 

In my opinion they are the perfect pant for summer. Make sure to find a pair that is light and a breezy material for hot summer days.  For those hot days the culottes can be paired with a cute crop top with some midriff showing (optional). I loved the way it looked with this black crop off the shoulder Bershka top. 

I was just telling my friend today that its the perfect pant because it accentuates your curves and hides your lower belly area. I love this because when I have a little food belly it hides it very well! I mean can I live if I wanna eat a chocolate chip cookie for lunch?! I can now! Yes I can LIVEEE!

Do you guys like wearing culottes? 


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Casual Spring Outfit Idea

Hello my lovies! Long time no talk! The past three weeks I have been busy going back to my hometown for family events! My baby sister had her baby shower May 6 and Antero's niece had her Quinceanera May 12. I did upload however my Puerto Rico VLOG onto my Youtube channel. Please check it out here:

But lets talk about spring fashion! I love wearing colorful prints and colors during the spring season. I found these white pants at H&M and wanted to style it as if I was going on vacation. To add some fun print I paired it with a yellow striped top from Forever 21. The top is a little long so I tied it and it worked perfectly with the pants. 

Every since I have came back from Puerto Rico I love scrunching my hair. When I was younger my hair was curlier but over time and countless blow outs and straightening I have changed and ruined the texture of my hair. I would like to begin the process of restoring the curls so we will see!

A lot of you always ask about my Cultgaia bag and it is linked below. It is the Gaia's Ark mini. Perfect size for me and for what I need it for. I hope you guys like this look and it inspires you to wear white pants! LOL! I love the clean crisp look of white pants. 


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spring Essentials

Hello bellas! Although I feel that spring went on vacation and hasn't returned to the east coast.... but the weather is slowing creeping into warmer temperatures. I have been in a style funk lately and I think its because of the snow and rain. Its one of the hardest parts of blogging while living on the east coast during the winter months. It can put you in a creative drought and the cold can take away your desire to shoot outside, so when a nice day shows up I rush to get some looks in for you guys. 

I am wearing some of my favorite clothing pieces that I will transition into spring:

1. Denim Jacket 
At the moment I love an oversized denim jacket. Its stylish and functional for colder spring nights. I love the way it look off of one shoulder. To add a sexier touch just add a choker.

2. Bodysuits
Bodysuits are affordable and easy to wear with any outfit. I like to own one if every basic look. They come in so many different styles from off the shoulder, prints, lace up and plunging neckline. The best part is that they can be worn with any body type and season.

3. Paper Bag Pants
Paper bag pants scrunch at the waist and tie with a belt. Their material is light so they are perfect to wear for warmer spring days. Their chic and can snatch any look together. You can pair them with a crop top or a bodysuit like I did.

4. Woven basket Bag
Probably one of my favorite spring/summer trends. These bags are so fun, chic and perfect for any spring/summer look. This year I was looking for a black colored bag and found this one at Zara. Its also enough space for your phone, credit cards, lipstick or lipgloss and sunnies. 

5. Nude Sandals
One of my favorite spring shoe colors is nude. Its the color that fits all! I love these strapped Tamara Mellon high heel sandals with plastic details. They are comfortable and will look nice with jeans or like they do with the paper bag pants. 



Tuesday, March 6, 2018

My New Spring Blazer

Hello my beauties! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I am so ready for warmer weather and I know I have said this now for about a month but I really am! I am so excited and can't wait to head back to Puerto Rico in April to enjoy some tropical weather and beachy relaxation. Do you guys have any upcoming vacation plans??

I have been updating my wardrobe with some spring ready pieces and I love this green blazer that I found via Bershka website. I was hesitant for a while to purchase from Bershka because of being an international retailer and I was worried about the fit. But I toke the risk and ordered some pieces and lately I have loved them all especially this blazer. I love nothing more than a blazer paired with boyfriend ripped jeans and a classic heel. I added a pop of print with my go to favorite leopard clutch. 
I really love this look! If you have  a laid back offie this would be so cute for work or a night out for dinner and drinks. 

What are some of your favorite classic spring staples? I really like blazers, ripped jeans, floral maxi dresses and slit cut skirts. I am really excited to style this year's newest spring trend: the fanny pack. I just ordered a cute one via Topshop and I can't wait to wear it for the blog!

Blazer: Bershka (click here) / Jeans: American Eagle


Friday, February 23, 2018

My Introverted Blogging Experience

 I realized through blogging that I am an introvert and I have always thought of myself as an extrovert. I can socialize in a large group and make new friends but I have realized through networking events and conferences I feel extremely uncomfortable when I have to talk about myself. I wrote a blog post about it but last year I attended a networking event in New York City and at that event I felt anxious. I felt uncomfortable trying to spark a conversation or sell myself as a blogger. It didn’t feel natural to me and the more I was in my head the more I feel out of place and disengaged.

However, blogging allows me to talk about myself and share my experiences in a setting that I am comfortable with. While I may not feel comfortable speaking out loud about my feelings and thoughts in person blogging t gives me the opportunity to talk about my passions, insecurities and personal stories in a space that I am comfortable with. 

In a controlled environment introverts can thrive and build a successful blog and community. Introverts thrive in settings where they have choice and control of where they work. Introverts enjoy quiet spaces of solitude.

If you’re an  introvert like me don’t feel bad about being one. If you research it there are some amazing people that are introverts as well. Some examples are Albert Einstein, Barack Obama, JK Rowling and Rosa Parks. Introverts don’t require energy or inspiration from others but rather find it within themselves. 

If you are an introvert like me and want to pursue your dreams I want to encourage you to do so. If blogging is something that you are interested in here are some inspiring reasons that you should:

1. Show the World your Passion
Blogging will allow you to break out of your shy shell and communicate with the internet world. You can show people who are you and how unique and special you are. You can use this internet platform to show others a skill, teach, inspire or even change the world. The sky is really the limit because it is the internet.

2. You meet like-minded People
Before I was blogging I had a very small group of close friends. I have a hard time trusting people and letting my walls down and that can turn some people off. But in the social media community you can expand your tribe or aka squad and align yourself with people that think like you and have the same interests. 

3. Build Up your Confidence
Blogging can help you become more self aware of your insecurities and flaws. But the first step is knowing and the next is building on improving these areas of self improvement. When you open up in your blog about your vulnerabilities you are gaining confidence in who you are. You are practicing how to express yourself to others through your writing. This is also thereauptic and as an introvert I find that before blogging I harbored a lot of feelings inside. We are conducting therapy on our terms where we can control how much we discuss or not and at the same time communicating with others how we feel.

4. You are a Leader
Social Media and blogging opens up the opportunity for introverts to tap into their leadership qualities to help others. Introverts are listeners and that is a good quality to have when it comes to analyzing your audience and understanding what your followers like and don't like. You an the authority in charge of your blog and your readers will look to you to provide resources and guidance on topics that you are share. This opportunity will help you build your confidence!

5. Tap into your Creativity
Introverts are creative beings. Creativity is a foundation for successful blogging. Deep thinking and reflection helps with content creating and brainstorming new ideas for your blog. You can explore so many creative possibilities to tap into. Blogging has opened my mind to video, photography, writing and web design. I always gravitated to anything related to the arts and now my mind is stimulated by the endless possibilities associated with the internet and blogging.

Blogging is a great outlet tool for introverts. I encourage any of you that are holding back or afraid to let that go! Remember the following:

  • Embrace who you are and be yourself!
  • Build connections. Once you open up you will realize that there are way more people like you then you think. I have met and connected with some amazing women through this community and I accredit that to starting my blog. 
  • You have control! You are in charge and create parameters that you are comfortable with. Blogging comes with a lot of work and tasks but prioritize whats important to you and focus on that. 
  • Empowerment. Opening up in a safe way is so empowering for someone who doesn't like to talk about themselves in a face to face interaction. Writing can help develop a sense of empowerment as well as build self awareness. This will help with communication skills and you will begin to get better in social settings.

I hope this post helped you guys!

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My New 2018 Reading List + New Books!

Settling after a long day of work I love the time spent to read a good book. Putting on my comfiest pajamas and socks,  settling in my favorite chair or spot on the couch, and sipping on a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate is my favorite cozy way to read. Since a young girl I have always loved to read. My elementary school had a tiny library and I remember going in almost everyday and spending time reading in there. Bookstores and libraries are peaceful and quiet and can allow you to shut the world out for a moment and dive into a new kind of world in a book. If you know me then you know my dream is to have a library like section in my future home! I just love collecting books. Right now I am sharing with you all some of my new book purchases for 2018 and this year's reading list. Some old and some new! If you guys have read any of these books please share your opinions down below and if you have any good book recommendations please share as well.

Below are my Reading List so far and I am sure that I am going to add more and buy more! I have no chill when it comes to books.... But I can't wait to dive into these books. At the moment I am reading Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes and I am loving it so far!

1. Year of Yes - Shonda Rhimes: Creator of How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal and more Shonda shares how saying YES changed her life and career.

2. Wild - Cheryl Strayed: A story of self discovery, Cheryl Strayed hiked more than one thousand miles of the Pacific Crest Trail and she did it alone. 

3. Sun and her flowers - Rupi Kaur: NY Times Best selling author Rupi shares her second collection of poetry that takes us through heartbreak and hurt to joy and strength.

4. Me before You - Jojo Moyes: A romantic novel turned into a movie of love and heartbreak. 

5. Trevor Noah - Born a Crime: An autobiography comedy of Trevor Noah South African childhood.

6. Little Fires Everywhere - Celeste Ng: A physiological mystery about the Richardson family in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wellness / Health Journey

Happy Wednesday friends! I have been drafting ways for a while to incorporate wellness and health style posts for the blog. When I turned 30 I decided to start a wellness journey! I was motivated to look and feel healthy before the wedding and it was really exciting.  I was hungry for new information and to learn and research as much as I can about food and its benefits to my body. When I start something I go all in and I can deep!!! I played around with different wellness lifestyle but the one that I enjoyed was Paleo. Going on the Paleo diet opened my palette to introducing me to new vegetables and dishes. I am coordinating a favorites Paleo recipes soon for you guys. Let me know in the comment section if you would be interested!!! 

I concentrated so much on what I was putting into my body that I naively ignored the other categories involved in wellness. In October I started to experience uncomfortable chest pains. It was a pain that hurt when I toke a deep breath and would affect my shoulders and elbows. I grew anxious and concerned about this foreign pain and I went the doctors. After months of continuous pain, EKG tests, ultra sounds and mammograms I found out today that I have chondrocostal junction syndrome. It is basically inflammation in the costal cartilages. 

I realized that I ignored my physical body and my mental health. When I stress I can very tense and anxious. I don't handle emotional stress too well and using up all this unnecessary energy has taken a toll on my body physically. As I am typing this post I have a notebook with ways that I plan to take better care of myself and implement self care. 

With this new series on the blog called Wellness journey I want to talk about wellness and incorporate eight (8) categories: Body / Mind / Career / Spiritual / Emotion / Social / Financial / Environment 

My next post will be about the Body and ways that I am trying to care for my body physically such as exercise, sleep and eating habits. I want you guys to do this wellness journey with me! I am no gym rat and I am not in love with the gym but I want to use this opportunity to encourage each other to just be great and live our best lives! 

Whether you have a family at home or your single you cant be your best for others if you are not taking care of yourself. I just saw a video tonight on twitter of a woman who has had her whole life cystic fibrosis and after surgery her fiancĂ© recorded her taking her first breath with her new lungs for the first time! Someone that we take for granted everyday! I hope you guys join me and we motivate each other because I am definitely someone that needs to be pushed and challenged! Lets use the hashtag #TSBSelfCareChallenge or comment below and let me know if you want to join. Also share any of your self care tips as well! 

Thanks guys <3

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