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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Controlling your Sweet Tooth Cravings

Before the wedding I went on a very strict diet of no carbs or processed sugars such as cakes, cookies, doughnuts etc. I lost 7 pounds, toned up and felt amazing. However after the wedding I celebrated, had some fun and have eaten properly lately. My husband and I have sweet tooths. We love sweets and I have been researching ways to control my cravings and find healthier alternatives. So far I am loving making healthier desserts and snacks that give me my craving but don't make me feel lousy and tired after a few hours. 

Make At Home Snacks
One of my favorites to make at home is an acai bowl. I found some packets at both Trader Joes and Whole Foods. I mix the acai with half a banana, chia seeds and water. For my toppings I don't want to add too much sugar so I add organic granola, unsweetened coconut flakes and almond butter or blue berries. Right now its one of my favorite summer snacks to make and I always feel refreshed and energized afterwards.

Natural Sweeteners
Adding honey to my coffee was a big change for me. I was for the longest time using brown sugar however to cut back I purchased organic are honey and add very little unsweetened coconut milk and a dash of cinnamon on it. I found that it taste so yummy and my stomach is agitated a few hours afterwards. I am also cutting back on my coffee intake though. Every other day I try to drink green tea and I find that I am not obsessively craving coffee as much. Not gonna lie though on the weekends it is coffee all day! 

Drink Agua!
Drinking 6-8 glasses of water is so important to cut back on unhealthy cravings. I find that when I think that I am hungry I drink a glass of water and I'm actually dehydrated. Drinking water has decreased the un wanting craving feeling and plus my skin looks so much better :)

Grab a cookbook
I went to Barnes and Nobles the other day and find in their sale section a Paleo diet book. There were so many healthier dessert recipes that I am so excited to try it. Expand your palette and knowledge and do research on healthier food recipes. I saw one on a health banana bread recipe that I am dying to try out! I love banana bread!!! So yummy. If you don't want to spend the money create a Pinterest Board and save some health snack recipes. You will feel so inspired by some of these recipes out here that you will gain more motivation to eat healthy.

Treat yourself once a week
I don't want to live a militant diet. So once in a while I treat myself and eat a piece of dark chocolate or have one cookie. It is all about moderation and self control. When you treat reduce your portion size and maybe skip the sugary drink with your treat and have a glass of water with it or grab your favorite frappaccino but skip the whipped cream on top :) Don't be too hard on yourself and enjoy good times with your loved ones.

What are some of your tips and or secrets to control your sweet tooth? please share your knowledge or what works for you down below :) 


Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Maxi Dress

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! My husband has been on a business trip to Vegas so this wife has been solo dolo this weekend. On the bright side you can get a lot done when the hubby is away. LOL! I went to IKEA on Sunday and I found the most gorgeous rattan chair that I think would look so stylish in our bedroom however I couldn't fit it in my car! It was hysterical and I had to return it. I told my husband though when he returns that needs to be his duty! HA!
On another note I had to share this beautiful floral off the shoulder maxi dress that I found on ASOS. It has a beautiful flow to it when you walk. I can't wait to wear it out on date night. I shared a few other beautiful maxi dresses for you guys. 

Dress: ASOS (click here) / Bag: Zara


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How to Wear Gingham this Spring/Summer 17

Hello my fashionistas! I know you dolls notice that gingham is the hottest print right now. I really love the print incorporated in the large sleeve wrap top. I need this style top in every color and.... I am already on the hunt! The preppy style can be worn in multiple ways from dresses, pants and even heels. You can edge up the preppy look by adding a leather jacket or mirrored sunnies. Have you ladies tried the trend yet?
 If not I got you girllllll! I posted some tops down below for your shopping needs. 

Top: Asos / Heels: Marc Fisher /


Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer Trend: Off the Shoulder

No matter what my online shopping cart always has an off the shoulder top in it. I am obsessed! I just can't get enough of this trend. Off the shoulder tops are so flattering on every different woman body types. Whether the top is ruffled or lace (like mine) its feminine and sexy. A little shoulder action never hurt nobody! 😉 A makeup tip: If you want a little bit of a glow just add some highlight onto your shoulders and along your collar bone. 
I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to our brave men and women for their sacrifice and our freedom. Antero and I went to Connecticut for the weekend to visit his family. It is always a relaxing and peaceful time there. 
Side note: I just started getting into Podcasts and I am interested in subscribing to some channels. If you guys have any suggestions please share down below! 

Top: Chicwish (click here) / Sandals: Zara /


Monday, May 22, 2017

Spring Retro Vibes

Happy Monday guys! I hope you guys have a great start to your week. New week new start new attitude. If you read my last post about overcoming fear, you know that I am motivated to leave my 9 to 5 and pursue my blog full time. My work days now have a higher purpose and I feel motivated again! I hope I am able to inspire some of you and I look forward to sharing my journey! Okay lets get to the fashion! Lately I have been drawn to girly and feminine looks. Maybe its the new bridal glow I have. I love this two piece outfit from Chicwish. It gives me retro 60s vibes! Perfect look for a weekend beachy getaway or boardwalk and lunch kinda day.


Monday, May 15, 2017

Spring Trend: Two Piece Sets

A current spring trend favorite of mine right now is the two piece set. The matchy matchy sets appeared in the runways in 2016 and have made their way down to retail stores everywhere this year. This set I found at Forever 21 and I love it! The plaid print is perfect for spring and I love the youthful and fun ruffled crop top. Perfect comfy look for brunch or late lunch date with your hubby or girlfriends. Great thing about matchy sets is you can recycle your pieces and wear them separately. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Happy Mothers day to all the beautiful strong fearless mothers out there! 


Thursday, May 11, 2017

How to Overcome Fear & Pursue your Dreams | LifeStyle Thursday

How to overcome fear? It is a question I have asked myself since I was a little girl. I look back on multiple occasions in my life where I have allowed fear to win. I am now 31 and I still trying to figure out the answer to this question. I like security and safety. Spontaneity at times scares me because I need control and planning. All these things at times I used as excuses to not pursue something. My biggest battle is getting over fear to pursue my dreams. I love my blog and being creative. I want to do this full time but unfortunately at the moment I still work a 9 to 5. I dream of quitting and pursuing my blog full time but again that hating a%& fear comes around and creates doubt and worry in my mind. For me I need a plan! I told myself this year that I am doing this. I want to share with you guys my plan and hopefully this will resonate and help some of you as well. 

1. You need Perspective
Take some time out and really think about this passion that you have. Make sure that this is really what you want and what makes you happy. Think about the situation that your in right now and if you are really happy. 

2. Believe In Yourself
Trust in your vision, your talent and your abilities. Train your mind that you will work hard and make your dreams come true. And hey believe in yourself also that if it doesn't work out you will find another job! Have self confident and build up your strength and resiliency. 

3. Create a Plan
In order to just quit your 9 to 5 you need a plan and this calls for a financial one. To satisfy my crave for security I need to save money. Create a savings account if you don't have and start putting money aside for the day that you quit. I have read countless blog posts and how much to save and what is the appropriate amount etc. What I have gathered is this: write down all your monthly bills (bills, groceries, gas etc) and then times that by 3. Right there you have calculated how much money you might need a month and times that by 6 or 12. Blogging money is not always guaranteed. Some months are good and some are sloowwwww! To avoid panic or worse make sure you have enough money saved and this will help with you with worry, confidence and to have the time to pursue your dreams. 

4. No More Procrastination
Create your plan and do it! This goes for me too! You will always find an excuse to push your date further and further away. Set a date and make it happen. I can't wait for the day that I can announce that I finally did it! Lets not let fear or worry stop us!

I hope this post was helpful for you all because it is definitely helpful for me. I love reading stories from entrepreneurs that recant the moment of when they finally quit their job. I want to be in that same space and feel what that feels like. If you have done this please share below. Let this post be a positive one of motivating one another! 

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